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Dearest Online Family and Friends: 

We hope you and your loved ones are fantastic, and are doing great!  We also hope you enjoy the rest of this amazingly shocking, and heartbreaking July.  In fact, it is a month that WILL absolutely be acknowledged in the history books; and will forever stay in our minds and in our hearts!  

NO JUSTICE huh?????  What an insult to a race of people; and such blatant disregard for the precious life of a human being; (one who is of color.)  An innocent unarmed young man "minding his own business", profiled, stalked, accosted, attacked, violently gunned down/KILLED for no reason...AND NO JUSTICEEEEE!!!!  What????  I have to agree with famous Radio Talk show Host/personality "The Black Eagle" - Mr. Joe Madison that "...this is a modern day lynching..."  [The Black Eagle- Sirius XM Satellite Radio Show "The Power' Channel 128 Weekdays 6am-10am.]

Although, I already knew what the outcome of the late Young Trayvon Martin's Murder trial would be; the pain I am currently feeling is unbelievable.  And it simply WILL not subside, nor will it even go away.  [See my thoughts written and shared with you from a previous eNewsletter some time ago by CLICKING HERE]  Plus that message received 13 days ago due to this appalling verdict was loud and clear!  Indeed our lives are absolutely meaningless in this country; as a people we are simply hated, disrespected, totally despised, and is obviously thought of as less than nothing...less than a human being!  Wow, over these few days we came full circle with the "bigger picture"... that very much alive, devastating, and agonizing problem with our society regarding race in these United States of America.   As much as I have been trying to tune out of all the negative talk; I couldn't help but hear quite a bit of it.  And I am baffled that a large number of America cannot see that this young man's life was taken selfishly and violently by someone who took one glance at him and concluded that he was a threat; due to his clothing, as well as due to the color of his skin ( obviously,) and just decided to eliminate him from the face of this earth. 


My husband Todd and I do not have children; but we share the fear our friends, family, associates, and colleagues feel for their own sons lives; because it is clearly not safe in this country to be a young man of color.  He may be deemed dangerous, accosted, and killed...just because!  

Perhaps, there is a reason for all this madness; that I simply cannot digest or understand at this time.  Anyway, on a more positive note I am tremendously thankful that President Barack Obama took the time to address the nation on Trayvon Martin, his murder, and the Not Guilty Verdict of Zimmerman.  It was commendable and courageous!  

This remarkable leader deeply FELT the importance of this issue; and took the time to share with all in America and across the nation what the African-American community is feeling, and going through due this verdict.  (Quite clearly I might add.)  His address was eloquent, concise, and his words were understandable; and it was delivered with deep conviction and sincerity.  THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT, we all so needed to hear you...to hear from you.   What an admirable move you made!  "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago." says the President!   CLICK THE BELOW PICTURE TO VIEW THE VIDEO OF THIS IMPORTANT ADDRESS!  AND CLICK HERE TO READ THE TRANSCRIPT!  [Courtesy of The White House.]

I think I have said ENOUGH about this crazy issue.  I've got to stop and try to heal; I've got to regain my composure from the insane verdict.  And try hard to get over the devastating blow, and disappointment brought down on a large portion of America and the nation 13 days ago!  This is an emotional issues; and if I continue I know I will say the wrong things.  Therefore, I will reserve all my additional comments for a later time; a time when things become clear again, when the pain, hurt, and disgust subsides.   

Despite all the madness currently happening in America; life itself has been joyous.  Lovely changes are taking place in my world, which both Todd and I are enjoying immensely.  We do want to say a big "WELCOME BACK TO AMERICA" to a beautiful lady in our life.  After several number of decades my Mom is visiting from Trinidad; and we are delighted to have her share our life (for the many months she has allotted to stay with us; before heading back to her homeland [Trinidad.])  

So far it has been truly awesome!  From that special day/night-[the 4th of July] I (all by my lonesome) traveled to Miami Florida to pick up Mom [I just wanted my face to be the first familiar face she saw after getting off her long flight from Trinidad;] --- Then ON with our journey back to Maryland --- and ON to all the exceptional fun things we have been experiencing together; as well as the laughs, talks, foods, drinks, events, explorations, etc. 

Indeed, we have been enjoying every moment together since she arrived!  Currently, her entire summer is planned out perfectly; and it seems she will be here, there, and everywhere locally, as well as on the East Coast, with my home being the center of it all!  Again, Todd and I are so happy to have her spending this lengthy time with us.

Another beautiful thing happened this past weekend, and we feel it is important to share it with you.  First off, we at Arious Entertainment Group would like to congratulate Teleza_Pantin-1.JPG (22568 bytes) Teleza Pantin for winning the title of Ms. Caribbean Metro USA this past Saturday-July 20th.  Ms. Pantin represented Trinidad and Tobago in this competition, and from all accounts she competed strongly against 8 other beautiful young ladies who were also representing various islands.  Gosh, folks have been "raving" about her performance during the talent segment of the competition; we understand she played the violin, and did an awesome job.

We don't know what led us to a local spot this past Sunday (maybe faith,) but soon after finishing up with an important business meeting we decided to explore the area a bit with Mom.  During our time laughing and chatting as we explored; we remembered that a local Caribbean Carnival group "Jab Jab Posse" on a weekly basis hold outdoor cookouts to raise funds for their group (at their headquarters in Maryland.)  So we decided to stop and have some drinks with our associates and friends in the community.  We did notice Ms. Pantin's dad was chilling at the spot; and congratulated him.  A short time later; someone shared with us that Ms. Pantin is expected to be in our midst. 

My Mom was very pleased to meet this lovely young woman, and I too was thrilled to have an opportunity to talk with her regarding various issues.  This impressive young lady shared her joy regarding her win, and expressed her pride about representing Trinidad and Tobago in this competition.  She shared with us that she was extremely pleased with her performance during the talent segment of the competition, and she talked at great lengths about her platform "Autism".  Incidentally, I am very passionate about "Autism" due to my late brother living with this brain disorder throughout his entire life, and up until his passing some years ago.  Therefore, we spent some time talking fervently about her advocacy, and how she feels she can help bring awareness, as well as help with raising funds for extensive research of this brain disorder.  Most importantly, I learned during our conversation what her goals are, and what her plans are for the future.  And one interesting factor we learned as well, is that she was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader.

Ms. Pantin is NOT ONLY extremely gorgeous, she is truly brilliant, talented, fascinating; and I see great things in the future for her.  We do share her joy, as well as her family's regarding this important accomplishment in her life; and we wish her the very best as she embark on an exciting and exhilarating journey as Ms. Caribbean Metro USA, and in her LIFE overall.

Alright friends and family I'm sure you will agree that it's enough with my "yapping and yapping;" and therefore at this juncture I will proceed with my initial intention.  Which is to: (1) Invite you to support a worthy cause this weekend; and (2) Invite you to join an interesting social network.  


One of the most popular form of communication today is social networking!  Indeed Social networks are the new trend, and have changed the way we communicate in a very short time.  Social networks have only become extremely popular in the last few years, and they have become essential for business and pleasure.  I'm sure many of you are members of some of the more popular social networks such as: "Facebook", "Twitter", "Linkedin", and "MySpace", etc.  A lot of people say they are addicted to their social networks, and we agree.  One can certainly become addicted; but they can also be a great tool.

After dealing with "Facebook", "Twitter", "Linkedin", and "MySpace"; which are large communities filled with a broad range of people from all walks of life.  We thought a targeted network for the Caribbean would be very exciting and useful in uplifting and educating.  Therefore, a few short years ago we set out on a venture to create the ultimate Caribbean Social Network, and today we are proud of its growth and are totally ready to take it to the next level.

On Behalf of Arious Entertainment Group, we cordially invite you to join our  http://www.mycaribbean.usAn exciting Social Network especially for the Caribbean and for those who are interested in, and love everything Caribbean!  http://www.mycaribbean.us!

An exciting Social Network especially for the Caribbean 

For those who are interested in, and love everything Caribbean!  

M y   C a r I b b e a n


M y   C a r I b b e a n

  • M y   C a r I b b e a n  is a social network all about everything Caribbean.  We believe this will be a great tool to link up the Caribbean community, people, lovers of everything Caribbean, and those who would like to learn about other cultures. The possibilities are endless of what we can achieve as a team at http://www.mycaribbean.us 

  • M y   C a r I b b e a n  has everything that the other networks offer, except our target is the Caribbean.  In addition to this being a great tool in promoting and exposing the vast cultures and traditions of the various Caribbean countries; this will be a place to meet new friends, and link up with old ones.  

  • Being that My Caribbean  is a community, this means everyone are invited.  

  • We currently have close to 1,450 members from around the world who represent the English, Spanish, and French speaking Caribbean, which is really exciting!  We currently have over 732 videos, and over 5,240 pictures. 

  •  My Caribbean starts with "your spot", everyone gets their own personal page that they can design the way they like.  It is a place to express and promote you. 

    • Build your own page "Your Spot" on the network and build a network of friends! 

Since this is a social network, there are many ways to be social, especially for those who like to express themselves.  There are: 

  1. "On-line CHAT" feature.  Immediately and instantly you can chat with anyone on the network worldwide publicly or privately.  Of course, this is a great way to save on long distance charges.  

  2. A "Blog" section is included in your network.  Therefore, you can proceed with writing you thoughts, speaking your mind, and sharing it with the entire network.

  3. An "Event" Section is where you can list your events and invite your friends and family to attend, as well as track your RSVP's.  

  4. For those of you who like to have discussions, we have a "Forum" section where you can start your discussions and others can comment.  Of course you are able to participate fully in all "Forums"  

  5. You can post your photos.  

  6. You can add you favorite music.  

  7. You can Upload you favorite videos.  And 

  8. You can Start Groups on subjects that interest you.  

Plus Much...Much More!

The best part of this...IT's FREE!  Yup, just like all the other social networks...IT IS ALL FREE!  So, If you have a "Facebook" page, or a "Linkedin"  or even "Twitter" page & you are interested in things Caribbean, you will love MyCaribbean. So LOG on & check out some of the hottest Caribbean Music, hottest Videos & lots of beautiful photos.

Join us by Logging on and Making it yours, plus help make MyCaribbean all it can be!

Again, we at Arious Entertainment Group personally invite you to come on over to:

M y   C a r I b b e a n

http://www.mycaribbean.us and "MAKE IT YOURS".  See you there, and hit us up so we can become friends!

Let us know if you like it: tmangatal@gmail.com or smangatal@gmail.com

M y   C a r I b b e a n

~Make It Yours~


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