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Hello to all of you our dearest Online Family and Friends, gosh we hope all of you are good and things are superb in your lives.  We also hope you are enjoying this beautiful change of season; with its crisp, sunny, and super refreshing days.

Yup, gone are the days of Summer because Fall (Autumn) is here and the leaves on the trees have absolutely taken on brilliant colors of gold, scarlet, brown, burgundy, as well as purple; and the many that have fallen off the trees are making a gorgeous haven of color along the roadways and on properties. Wow, the beauty that surrounds me due to this harvest season is truly inspiring. 

Fascinatingly, just as the leaves flutter to the ground during this season I am reminded that nature's cycles are mirrored in our lives.  Therefore, this gorgeous season is (1) a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a Burdon.  In fact, it's (2) a time for reinventing oneself, and (3 ) making particular changes in our lives.  It is also (4) a time for thinking new thoughts and (5) formulating new theories that we intend to implement.  Indeed it is the right time to practice getting out of the way and letting the Spirit take charge of your lives.  Yes, lovely autumn; as well as the harvest season are upon us!!! 

October is not only the sweetest and loveliest month of Autumn~~~full of beauty and change; it is also inspiring and motivating due to it being used to emphasize, and raise utmost awareness to several important...heartfelt issues here in America and around the world.  Notice I have shared with you a few that is dear to my heart (below)!

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~~~ A health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  Additionally; this is a time to celebrate survivors, give support and information to those who are affected by the disease, and honor those who have died from the disease.) 


Just recently sadly I learned about a dear, sweet, adorable, and beautiful woman...a friend had been diagnosed a few months ago with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, and she is fighting it all the way.  She is a winner, and we know she will beat this horrid disease.  

Anyway, let's remember this special month by joining the RACES taking place across the nation; as well as purchasing a pink bracelet or even a pink ribbon Let's do as much as we can to truly support the fight of breast cancer.  Remember National Breast Cancer Awareness Month celebrates 33 years of awareness, education and empowerment.






  •  National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ~~~ During this month of raising awareness; we must pledge to acknowledge the intimate partner violence occurring around us whether it be physical, emotional, psychological or sexual; and we promise to do something about it.  

Fundamentally, it is about power and control...experts believe it is a pattern of abusive and controlling behavior that one partner uses against another in an intimate relationship.  [Behaviors such as physical abuse (battering/family violence), sexual and verbal abuse, economic coercion and other intimidating behaviors.]  

We must find a way to stop Domestic Violence.  In fact, I urge you to wear purple to bring awareness; and to really help with stopping domestic violence.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE.






 I am certain many of you are aware of the overwhelming amounts of rain in Trinidad and Tobago that have consistently been coming down causing massive flooding in many cities on the Island.  Horribly many, including hard working and honest citizens have lost just about everything they owned due to this flooding. Sadly many are affected, and their lives and livelihood have been turned upside down.

Even though it is difficult during this devastating time in Trinidad,  I know many of you still have faith and absolutely have the strength and capacity to deal with any difficulty.   I know this faith, as well as prayer will keep you strong and united;  and will carry you through this painful time.   I strongly feel it is important that us...the citizens work together NOW to rebuild the lives and homes for the many that have lost everything in our country…we can overcome any task or difficulty that is placed before us UNITED.

I pray that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are given the strength to overcome the hardships they are experiencing during this devastating flood.  That they become each other’s keeper.  That they work hand in hand in peace, love and harmony with their fellow men as they recover and rebuild!

Please note many in our Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas are collecting items for the people of my country.  I have observed on Social Media quite a few "drives" scheduled, or announcements of places to drop off items for the people who are in need; and I have been sharing all of them in our "Caribbean Cooperative" Facebook Group;.  Check our page to get all the information and details for different "drives" that are taking place currently.

I came across a good article about this disaster written by Janine Mendes-Franco entitled "Heavy Rains and Flooding Turned part of Trinidad & Tobago into disaster zones".  Courtesy of "Skribds".  Click the following link to read: https://www.scribd.com/article/391322868/How-Heavy-Rains-And-Flooding-Turned-Parts-Of-Trinidad-Tobago-Into-Disaster-Zones

One Flag,  One Land,  One heart,  One mind,  One hand placed together as one…”TOGETHER WE ASPIRE…TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE!”  

I pray that the dreams of a new tomorrow come true for all citizens of my great country of my birth.  Trinidad and Tobago.





October is designated Calypso History Month in Trinidad and Tobago...in recognition of calypso's incomparable contribution to Trinidad & Tobago's life, culture and identity.

Winston_Blake-ShadowHowever, as Calypso is being recognized and celebrated; we have been saddened by the loss of one of our legendary, outstanding and truly talented Calypsonians "The Mighty Shadow" Winston McGarland Blake, passed on earlier this week (October 23, 2018)  He was 77 years old, and I understand he was ailing for some time.  He however, died several days after suffering a stroke.

Oh dear, I loved Shadows songs/Calypsos, and the lyrics are so meaningful and thought provoking...full of social commentaries.  Some of my favorites were "Bassman", "Feeling The Feeling", "Dingolay", "Pay The Devil", "Yuh Looking for Horn", and "Domestic Violence",  just to name a few. 

"Shadow" received the Hummingbird Medal in 2003 for contribution to the arts (one of T & T's highest civilian honors); and he was days from receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of West Indies (He would have received it during this upcoming weekend: October 26-28, 2018).  I read the wonderful words Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley stated about Shadow as he paid tribute to him.

..."he'd revolutionized the calypso world with his haunting sound and unique delivery which he crafted and perfected in an impressive catalogue of work spanning several decades."

"He was an original in all his various musical creations. His music told us stories about ourselves through poignant social commentary which was often fused wit wry humour. Over he years his contribution tot he development of our local music earned him regional and international acclaim."...

Our condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Calypsonian "The Mighty Shadow".  To read Shadow's full bio CLICK HERE to log into Wikipedia, and I came across a good article that delves deep into "Shadow's" early years; which is worth a read; (although it was written many years ago) by Debbie Jacob and published by Caribbean Beat: https://www.caribbean-beat.com/issue-16/shadow-uncrowned-king#axzz5Uum4bQfR.  We have shared lots of interviews, and information regarding Shadow on our "Caribbean Cooperative" Facebook Group; therefore log on to view and read.



The roots of calypso is traced to the 1800’s when the African slaves kept abreast of the happenings of the day as well as sought to preserve their identity as Africans through music and songs they sometimes composed on the cuff.

"Calypso, along with the steelpan, is probably Trinidad & Tobago's greatest cultural export. More than the catchy rhythms that took North America and Europe by storm (particularly in the 30s, 40s and 50s), the art form is a chronicle of Trinbagonian life and culture. It is also the progenitor of numerous other local musical art forms – soca, rapso, and fusions with rock, chutney, gospel music, and almost every musical style imaginable.

Calypso History Month was launched by The Trinidad & Tobago Unified Calypsonians Organization (TUCO), under President Lutalo 'Brother Resistance' Masimba.

  [Courtesy of National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago.]





We lost a truly wonderful gentleman, who was a husband, father, and an upstanding member of our community recently.  Hugh Clarke "Bajeman" was one of our Condolences-HCB-1soutstanding DJs, who contributed to our Caribbean Community and culture by his dedication and willingness to exposing our CULTURE through his music. Hum, the one memory that is in my mind about Hugh is that smile he always had when I saw him.  Gosh, I also remember while being a part of the DC Caribbean Carnival Board of Directors the many times throughout the years "Bajeman" entertained the people who attended our events; along with his partner DJ Shiloh. Many of you must be aware that "Bajeman" was a part of our local DC Carnival Mud Mas Band "DC Mud Mas", where he did a super job entertaining the people at their events, as well as on their "Music Truck" in the Carnival Parade throughout the many years.  Recently the "DCMUDMAS" family expressed their deep  condolences via social media; and I will be remised if I do not share these heartfelt words with you.  We share their sentiments; and I'm sure many in our community will as well. (See Below).


"We at DCMUDMAS are profoundly saddened at the sudden passing of our Mud Family Member, Hugh "Bajeman" Clarke.  Bejeman had an immediate positive impact when he joined our group as one of our road DJs.  He gave his time in such an unselfish way and was always ready to support us in any way we needed him.

His humility, passion and talent were always on display.

We will forever miss his smile, personality, and huge sense of humor.  We are forever grateful for the times we shared.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.  May his soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father.

RIM Bajeman.

From Andymixx and the Mudfamily"


As I began sharing about the loss of Bajeman I remembered I had captured a picture of him on the DC Mud Mas "Music Truck" this year during Baltimore/Washington DC One Caribbean Carnival in Mid-July.  I did find that picture; but it is not as clear as I wished it would be (Click on the picture to enlargen).  However, it is of Bajeman and DJ Andy Mixx.  Although many of you are already aware of Bajeman's Funeral Arrangements, I went ahead and posted what was shared by DC Mud Mas via Social Media; just in-case some of you did not notice it, and wish to attend during the early hours of today (October 25, 2018).

Bajeman&AndyMixx-Carnival2018-BALWASOne     HughFuneralService-10.25.18



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November 17th, 2018




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