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Heyyyyyy Friends and Family, it's me H. Susan Mangatal, and I must share with you how very ecstatic I am having this great opportunity to connect with you today.  Hum, this thing called the "INTERNET...the world wide web" is truly wonderful; and for many years it has afforded me the unique opportunity to reach out to you via my Arious Entertainment Group Blog.  May I say though, this melancholy feeling I have had NOT being able to "vibe" and connect with you as often as I used to, never cease to exist; in fact I feel as if something great is constantly missing in my life. I however will make some changes so that I can get back to doing what I enjoy...what I LOVE, and more importantly what overall brings happiness to my life.


Life has been quite different for a number of years; as a matter of fact it has been unbelievably crazy specifically regarding these United States of America, and its state of affairs. Wow...my goodness the chaos, bizarre, and unethical behavior which is the norm with the leader of this country and his administration is disturbing, sickening, and exhausting.  So much so that I have found myself doing everything in my power to "tune out" of the incredible madness that has been transpiring.  The unprofessional, bullying type, reckless, heartless, dictator type, in fact "Hitler" type actions that are boldly being displayed are extremely worrisome; and it bothers me that the people we have elected/placed in positions to work for us are doing very little to eliminate the problem. Anyway, enough said, and life goes on...right?????


Moving on to happier matters, and in fact to the initial reason for my reaching out to you: is to share the final details of the Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival  (as I have done in past years.)  If you are our "Friend" and/or follow me/us on social media; then you must have noticed on our various Business, Personal, and Group pages that the exciting Cultural extravaganza takes place in a few short days.  Over the past weeks our digital marketing began, and we shared as much information as we received on our various social media outlets (groups and pages).  I must say it has been extremely pleasing to witness many in our community also taking the time to share the details of the carnival on our "group" pages; not to mention the individual Leaders of "Mas" bands that are participating in the Carnival Parade sharing details of their "Mas" and how one can participate with their band in the parade. Additionally, I am happy to see so many "band leaders", promoters, DJs, lovers of our culture and Carnival, etc. actively sharing their functions, events, concerts, and "fetes"/parties on our Caribbean Cooperative Group Page and Arious Entertainment Group Page. Please know that we sincerely appreciate your continued support in helping us build a communication tool to sharing information and messages from our community; moreover Thanks for frequently using our means of connecting with the community.


This year as this special event approached, I found myself reminiscing of my years serving on the Executive Board of the DC Caribbean Carnival . Although it was very hard work throughout the entire year; being a part of this management team tirelessly working on producing this awesome event was truly rewarding when it all came together on Carnival day and throughout the entire weekend; especially seeing our culture being exposed to the masses in such a large scale.  Additionally, I couldn't help but smile as I traveled back in my mind of actually placing a "Mas" band in the parade for a number of years. My goodness...coming up with our concept, portrayal, and designing/creating/producing our costumes were exhausting; but it was joyous exhaustion (if there is such a thing); and absolutely worthwhile.  Hahaha, I remember one of those exciting years us placing the 1st Reggae Band in the DC Carnival (Presentation: It's a Dancehall Thing for the New Millennium". The whispers, frowns, looks, and even open comments ["what goin on in this Trini mind working on bringing a Reggae Band in the parade"] LOL it was all hilarious; but we pulled it off THANKS to a few local promoters, sponsors, DJs, and even upcoming designers in our community. BIG UP to our partner on this project/presentation: Teddy J. Atkins-Teddy Bear Promotions, as well as DJ Jason Steele and his DJ colleagues, designer Narda, and all our gracious sponsors. 


As I bring my thoughts to a close, I must take a few moments to CONGRATULATE the President & CEO of CACAB-Ms. Simon [Dr. Simon], Executive Director of DCCC-Mr. Sargeant, and committed Board Members of both Baltimore Caribbean Carnival and the DC Caribbean Carnival on their years of successfully collaborating [together] as "ONE" on the organizing of this awesome event. More importantly, their hard work and commitment to our culture have resulted in making their Baltimore/Washington ONE Caribbean Carnival a resounding success!  Therefore, I SALUTE THEM!!!! 

It has been truly wonderful witnessing the growth of this event over the years; and observing the teamwork, the increase of individual "Mas" bands and their participants in the parade, plus the increase of spectators that line the streets to observe the spectacular parade, as well as the increase of attendees on both days as they patiently stand in long lines excited about entering the park to enjoy the Festival [filled with Caribbean entertainers, great food and drinks.]  It all has been overwhelming wonderful and motivating. What's amazing to us is the large increase of individual events, concerts, and fetes/parties taking place in and around the Carnival specifically in the Baltimore area. To learn of the many events log into our Caribbean Cooperative Group page on Facebook to obtain the details.


HAPPY CARNIVAL, and I extend wishes of GOOD LUCK to all the BANDLEADERS who are busy making their last minute costumes for their masqueraders; as well as assuring that all the details regarding their truck are set (the building of the truck, the sound equipment ready to be loaded on to the truck; as well as their DJs being prepared for supplying the music on their truck in the parade), and not forgetting all their preparations for the parade regarding their masqueraders...specifically providing all their masqueraders needs while in the parade.  As for the VENDORS; I know you are also busy "running around" purchasing and preparing  the array of delicious food items, and/or purchasing/organizing your products for the big day.  And I must mention the VENDING COORDINATOR...and the huge responsibility he/she undertakes as  he/she organize and prepare everything for each vendor; as well as the park.  LOL, a responsibility I am proud to have been assigned; and have assisted with managing fully and successfully for many years during my time serving on the DC Carnival Executive Board. 


Needless to say, the International Artist have begun their travel to Baltimore to perform their "hits"; and the local artists and bands are super excited and rehearsing for their performances.  Finally, the DJs who are assigned to the park --- be assured they are organizing their music and intensely  "prepping"; in an effort to entertain everyone in the  attendance on the big days.  I know all parties involved in this cultural event are ready and set to make this the best Carnival ever.


Wow, what I mentioned above is just a small aspect of the Carnival; their are so many other important areas that members of the various committees are responsible for, and work tirelessly managing.  I say today to all of them: "GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU; and on PRODUCING A FUN, SAFE, AND SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL this weekend."


Do check out as many events, and parties, "fetes" as you can that are taking place in and around Baltimore celebrating Carnival.  Now count down with me to the start of this spectacular extravaganza...the "Greatest Show On Earth.


The Countdown begins to Baltimore MD/Washington DC One Caribbean Carnival

    (Today, Thursday)        (Tomorrow, Friday)     (Saturday, Carnival Day)


Yup, just a few more Days



Baltimore/Washington"One Caribbean Carnival"

 THIS WEEKEND - Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14, 2019

@ Clifton Park - Hartford Road and St. Lo Drive: 2701 St. Lo Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21213


The Cultural extravaganza begins on Saturday, July 13th with the vibrant and festive multicultural parade that kicks off at the 900 block of East 33rd Street (Baltimore) at 12:00 Noon.  This extremely significant and pleasurable aspect of the Caribbean Carnival is sure to be spectacular due to the fascinating presentations of the Masquerade bands with their masqueraders displaying merrily the elaborate and colorful costumes to the sweet rhythmic and pulsating sounds of Caribbean Music played by some of the best DJs across the Maryland/Washington DC Metropolitan areas.  The parade commences at Clifton Park where the fun continues until 10:00 pm with live entertainment from a variety of International Caribbean artists, as well as local Caribbean bands, and performers.  Of course the park will be filled with a variety of vendors selling an array of tasty and rich Caribbean cuisine and drinks; as well as beautiful arts and crafts.  Get your tickets in advance to enter the park to experience the exciting festival by CLICKING HERE.

  • Parade: Saturday, July 13th, 2019 From 12:00 Noon

  • Starting at: 900 Block of East 33rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Concert In The Park until 10:00 pm: Clifton Park, 2701 St. Lo Drive, Baltimore Md.
  • Featuring Live Entertainment provided by International artist Shurwayne Winchester & Local Artistes
  • DJs
  • Vendors: Food, plus Arts and Crafts
  • Price $15.00 (Tickets can be purchased on line by CLICKING HERE)



The Carnival festivities continues the very next day Sunday July 14th at Clifton Park beginning @ 12:00 Noon with a day full of entertainment from various international artists, as well as performances from many of our local artists and bands.  Food, along with arts and crafts will be on sale.  Get your tickets in advance to enter the park to experience this exciting festival by CLICKING HERE.

  • Sunday, July 14th, 2019 - Concert & Family Day In The Park from 12:00 Noon until 10:00 pm

  • Featuring Live Entertainment provided by International Artist Nadia Batson and Super Blue,Sophia Brown, plus many Local Artistes and Bands
  • DJs
  • Vendors: Food, plus Arts and Crafts
  • Price $20.00 (Tickets can be purchased on line by CLICKING HERE)


Your attendance is a MUST this weekend; so  make arrangements to be in Baltimore---Maryland, and  get ready to enjoy all the festivities of this wonderful...fun-filled cultural event. If you wish to obtain additional details about any aspect of the Carnival, the following are all the contact information:

 410-362-2957 & 301-346-9635 

Log on to: http://www.baltimorecarnival.com * www.dccarnival.org

Email: baltimorewashingtoncarnival@gmail.com  *  dccaribbeancarnival@gmail.com  


We at The Arious Group are pleased to be a sponsor of Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival-2019


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