A Message from

Todd Mangatal, CEO

Arious Entertainment Group


We at the Arious Entertainment Group would like to take a moment to share something exciting with you. 

For the last 5 months we have been testing a new technology; that's truly INCREDIBLE!

  • Are you tired of paying that monthly Cable Bill?

  • Are you tired of Cable TV Contracts?

Well, the next big thing is "IPTV" (Internet Protocol TV); where Television services are delivered using the internet; and "VOD" (Video On Demand); where one can browse a catalog of programming and choose what to watch, when you want to watch! 

To take advantage of this new technology; all you need is a good Internet connection, and either a Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or a Smartphone, and the "know how".

We would like to introduce you to ARIOUS TV

Television For the 21st Century

Log on to our site for a short Webinar describing this exciting piece of technology.


It will change your life, and the way you view Television and Movies.





We have created an online training portal that will get you started, and provide you with the "KNOW HOW"


The portal will keep you constantly updated with all the new information that are being released daily.


  • I will personally teach you how to install this technology on you device/s.

  • I will Provide you with regular updates, and information to keep you on the cutting edge of television's future.


The most exciting factor is:




Let's start this 21st Century Journey together; therefore

I would like to invite you to join me as we learn about the future of Television


Log On Now:




"When something is new the best way to take advantage of it is to learn all you can about it."


Arious TV - www.arioustv.us

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