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We at Arious Entertainment Group wish for you joy, peace, happiness and gratitude in response to all things in 2018. Additionally, we wish you good Health, wealth, Love of friends and family, and Blessings for this New Year. Yes, we wish you the best of everything... that you so well deserve, and May this New Year open up for you new horizons, fill your heart with new hopes and bring for you Promises of brighter tomorrows! Here’s wishing you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!”

Additionally, we take this special opportunity to say thanks to you for your business and support over the years, as well as your light, love and guidance. We further look forward to continuing our progress TOGETHER WITH YOU this year (2018)!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Gelukkige nuwe jaar - Xin Nian Kuai Le - RUHUS HADUSH AMET - Bonne Annee - Feliz Ano ~Nuevo!!! OUR BELOVED ON-LINE FRIENDS AND FAMILY


HelloWell Hello To All of you our friends and family:  Yes…Yes…Yes, it’s your friend H. Susan Mangatal who has become a stranger to you (regrettably).  

My gosh, it has been a super long time since I connected; and I simply can’t even find the proper words to express how much I’ve missed you all (my dear friends and family). For the lengthy time I personally have been “off the scene”; I really was not all gone because I stepped in from time to time to share important information, functions, and events with you; many of which my company sponsored. You see although it’s superb to be a business owner; without it being fully financially FIRM, supporting it is the only option to “stay afloat”; and therefore our occupations had to remain in our lives. For me though, my profession took some weird turns and I was tested and tested along the way. My faith though, led me to believe that I needed to follow the “professional” path; and I must say I did achieved quite a bit by doing so.  Including the disposable income that afforded me the opportunity to maintain the stability of my business. However, I sacrificed a lot; my time, my “piece of mind”, my business, writing, creating, and all the things I hold dear to me that made me extremely happy. 

What have I gained you may ask? Honestly, absolutely nothing; except disenchantment and sadness!!!! That path that I choose to follow (due to all the signs that appeared before me…false signs); was not the correct path. It was only a hindrance (to me) regarding obtaining my dreams and goals. Unfortunately, I encountered actual psychopathic...evil people who only was placed to be overly critical and create havoc, stress, negativity, and destruction in my life/world. I am one who always say: “let’s go along with the program”; but I was seriously mistaken this time…sadly. And due to my drive of “NEVER GIVING UP” I didn’t walk away. I ignored the overwhelming stress, worrisome illness, deep depression, and most importantly hateful people; and continued on that extremely toxic path I was on. 

All of it ended in the worst way possible, and it certainly took a lot out of me; but by the grace of the most high a chance to live happy again opened up for me. I am slowly getting back to my normal mindset…I am beginning to breathe again, noticeably becoming rejuvenated, positive; and quite anxious to begin rebuilding. Yes, although my life was sidetracked due to following the incorrect path for several years; I have accepted my losses, as well as mistakes; and now look at life differently. I now know that I must live like there is no tomorrow [“tomorrow is not promised to any of us”]. In fact, that is what my husband Todd tried to make me understand over this past year. Just insisting that I drop everything, stop worrying, stop being conventional; and begin visiting places we have never seen before. Hahaha, he had me “trekking” across this beautiful United States of America; and through it all he tried to keep me “up” and smiling (as we explored and trekked through many extremely beautiful states.) 

I now feel “whatever is to be, will be”; and this major “setback must be a setup for a comeback”. As a matter of fact I believe the path I took, as well as what I endured is what I was supposed toin order to gain some valuable experiences, and perhaps educate myself. In truth, I’ve got to live my life to the fullest happily and just let everything go; even let go the need for maintaining that financial blanket from “a daily grind” to support things [to have…to fall back on], while I grow my business. My thoughts now are “whateverrrr mannnnnn”…forget about all the crazy things that I think I need to make that path smooth while obtaining success. Undeniably, I am ready to just live, tackle the world, pick up from where I left off with my business and continue building it to what we dreamed it to be. Plus continue dreaming big, and continue working hard to obtaining all our goals and dreams.


I’m not sure if many of you know, or fully understand the principles of Kwanzaa “A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture” that was celebrated on December 26th-January 1st; but these principles are a good example to live by; and if followed will surely result in success for those who practice them throughout their life/growth. For us personally, due to our mission and goals in our business and life; every principle reflects a positive way of life; and all that we wish to accomplish. Therefore, we will completely follow all 7 of them (See all 7 listed Below).

  • ⦁ UNITY: "To Strive For and maintain unity in Family, Community, Nation, and Race" ...This principle instructs that each member of the family and by extension the community is constituted by a web of interpersonal relationships. The health and possibilities of the family and community, therefore, is dependent upon the quality of relationship within the family and community.

  • ⦁ SELF DETERMINATION: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. This principle states: African American, like all people, need shared cultural values, symbols, rituals, and practices; in order to give their families and children meaning, value, identity, and community.

  • ⦁ COLLECTIVE WORK AND RESPONSIBILITY: To build and maintain our community together, and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems; and to solve them together. This principle teaches each family member to recognize that their own well-being is derived from their family and community’s well-being, and that they must be concern with the overall health of their family and community; and that the lives of each family member and that of the community are bound together.

  • ⦁ COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS: To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses; and to profit from them together. This principle empowers families and communities to come together around their collective economic interest and to see their economic strength in co-opt owing and buying as in employee owned credit unions.”

  • ⦁ PURPOSE: To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.” This principle instructs each family member to see him or herself as linked to the larger project of nation building.

  • ⦁ CREATIVITY: To do always as much as we can, in the way we can; in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. This principle demands continuous improvement in personal and family and social matters.

  • ⦁ FAITH: This must be practiced throughout the year; and become a constant part of your life. ("To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders; and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.”) This principle teaches personal and collective efficacy.

*  H. Susan Mangatal  *  smangatal@gmail.com      

Ingrid_O-Smith-1As we close, we want to send our sincerest condolences to our friend Jeffrey Smith on the sad and sudden loss of his dear wife Ingrid Ollivierre-Smith.

It’s obvious and understandable how much sorrow Jeff and his family are enduring; and it’s beyond words to express. The community too are feeling her loss deeply. She was a special person who was loved by everyone; and this was certainly displayed by the large amount of people who celebrated her life at her “home going” service this past weekend (12/30/2017).

Ingrid's service was absolutely heartfelt and extremely beautiful, and the attendance was outstanding; so much so that I remember the pastor stating that the church reception hall/facility could not accommodate the very large amount of people who were in attendance; and fearing that the Fire Marshall may step in to regulate the amount of people who could safely remain in the hall for her repast. YES, Ingrid was truly loved.

Without a doubt we will miss this beautiful, hard-working, loving compassionate woman who cared deeply for; and loved her family dearly. This special woman who absolutely loved her heritage and enjoyed every aspect of it to the max, we will certainly miss!!!!

Upon talking with her husband Jeff, and listening to his words; the sorrow visibly out-poured from him. Additionally, he stressed that he appreciated us being at his wife's service. He further asked that we let everyone among our Family and Friends (who are a part of our community) know how much he deeply appreciated their sympathies, condolences, love, support, and kind words. He especially appreciated the large attendance, and seeing the dignitaries at his wife's service; including our Ambassador the Honorable Brigadier General Anthony Phillips-Spencer (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to the US)

We pray for peace and strength for Jeff and his entire family.




Dane_Phillips-1Condolences to the family and friends of another beloved member of our community, who we lost sadly recently: Mr. Dane Phillips.  May Mr. Phillips ("Dana") Rest In Peace.

The “Home Going” service for Mr. Phillips have been released by the family; and the details are as follows:

Friday, January 12, 2018; at Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, 701 Oglethorpe, Street, N.W., Washington, DC.  The Viewing is from 10:00-12:00 Noon. The service is from 12:00 Noon, and the Repast will follow in the lower level of the Church.


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