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Greetings Dearest Online Family and Friends:  We hope all of you are doing great.  Additionally, we hope everything is perfect in your life [with you and your families.]

For the past 4 weeks it seemed I have been moving around under a dark cloud, full of anxiety; just completely stressed and full of worry!  Sleep was, and is something I rarely got.  Not to mention my direction; that too was lost.  I found myself being irritated constantly and having a burning desire to obtain clarification and answers for the questions I had (and still have) spinning around my head.  All over the State of Emergency (“SoE”) in my country – Trinidad and Tobago!

Even though many citizens are stifled and have to subdue their experiences, feelings, and even thoughts due to this State of Emergency; I am pleased that I am able to hear exactly what quite a few are experiencing…to hear the stories and cries coming out of the voices of many.  Of course, my heart goes out to those who are suffering and are affected in some form or another over this SoE.

Personally, I have been fearful for the lives [the state of living] of my immediate family and very large extended family members that reside there.  However, I am extremely thankful that everything has been coming along real smooth for all of them.  Except for a few who are unable to work the late hours, as they did in the past due to the implemented curfew (in quite a few areas;) ~~~ resulting in a substantial decrease in funds; which of course affects them and their family’s standard of living.

My mom explained: “ I am in bed so early that I don’t even feel it.  However, it’s noticeable that things have changed since I hear a lot less cars driving up and down the streets at night…it’s amazingly quiet…!” 

The status is pretty much the same. 

  • More citizens being arrested and detained for non-sense; the number is now up to 2,804.  (From that figure a total of 499 are believed to be related to gangs (arrested under the Anti-Gang Act/Legislation)  Another 576 are for traffic offences, and 142 are for breaking the curfew.  The other 1587 arrested individuals are for drug offences, serious offences and “Enquiries”; plus a small amount of that figure includes homicide investigations and others.)  As far as guns recovered the figure is: 102. 

  • People/citizens continue to be harassed and treated very poorly; and females are humiliated and disrespected by authorities during their searches.  

  • Per the cries of the people - officials are misusing their powers.  

  • The Members of Parliament are still furiously arguing and constantly bashing each other (new administration still loudly pointing out what the old administration DID NOT DO when they were in office/power.)  Clearly forgetting to approach these debates differently, to fight for those THEY SERVE...for the people's issues!  

Other issues that occurred includes: 

  • Some Magistrates being on a retreat and NOT BEING available to hear cases (resulting in folks being kept in jail/detained…unable to go through the legal process to obtain bail.)  

  • Reports surfaced that the Government will not be able to provide…in fact can no longer afford to provide text books to certain levels of students (certain grades.) [As it has been done for many...many...many years.]  Which has supposedly been resolved recently---reports surfaced that books will NOW be provided..  

  • Finally, media officials are still being warned to restrain from commenting about anything regarding the SoE and the Powers that be (subtle threats); in fact I understand termination/s occurred. They must sit back, see and hear the madness taking place and just suppress their feelings, their thoughts, and what the people reaching out to them has to say…they must just absolutely be quite about it all or else.

Unfortunately with all that is transpiring in Trinidad, our planned trip was first postponed, and now it pretty much has been canceled (since the SoE has been extended.)  Of course our adorable nieces who had placed their orders for school supplies and everything else they felt they needed [LOL] are disappointed (the 4 year old and 5 going on 6 year old.)   Actually, Mom and the rest of the family are not too happy, and neither are we.  I am hopeful though when the 3 month long imposed SoE is complete, it will NOT be extended for a third time.  Once it is not extended we will proceed with our visit.

On a very serious note, I must thank you for all your comments regarding my last week’s commentary on Trinidad and Tobago’s SoE.  Moreover, thanks to those who specifically commented on Hollis Lashley’s “FlashPoint,” which were the thoughts and feelings of a non-citizen of Trinidad regarding the SoE (this non-citizen apparently reside in Trinidad currently, but who will be leaving soon.)  I must explain that although we had our own comments and feelings about what the author wrote, we felt it was important to refrain from sharing our thoughts on the piece (at the time.)  And of course we seriously debated whether we should publish it (per Mr. Lashley’s request.)  However, after giving it some serious thought we felt it might be interesting to show a different opinion of what is going on in the minds of others.  Further, we felt it is important to not only express one side of the issue…but to be open-minded and share other views. 

Honestly though, we were completed disgusted by the writer’s piece, and we felt it was the most racist and disrespectful words written about a place and of a people…a people who are very close to our hearts, [especially written by someone who is a visitor.] 

LOL, perhaps last week we should have attached a disclaimer regarding this “over the top” “Flashpoint”.  

I pray that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are given the strength to overcome the hardships they are experiencing during this devastating time.  That they become each other’s keeper.  That they work hand in hand in peace, love and harmony with their fellow men!

Even though it is difficult during these poignant times in Trinidad,  I know many of you still have faith in your social ideals and values,  and most importantly in DEMOCRACY;  and absolutely have the capacity to deal with any difficulty  (such as what is taking place in Trinidad and Tobago today).   I know this faith;  as well as prayer will keep you strong and united;  and will carry you through this difficult time.   I strongly feel it is important that us the citizens work together NOW to build a bright and promising future for our country…we can overcome any task or difficulty that is placed before us UNITED.

One Flag,  One Land,  One heart,  One mind,  One hand placed together as one…”TOGETHER WE ASPIRE…TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE!”   I pray that the dreams of a new tomorrow come true for all citizens of my great country of birth.  Trinidad and Tobago.


I thank you once again my on-line family and friends for your wonderfully educational and extremely thought provoking feedback.    I can't stop thanking my husband  "Todd Mangatal"  for his great input regarding the many discussions,  research,  and his assistance in the conveying of this important issue. I further thank him for graciously tuning into the country's news, when I am unable to do so...when time simply doesn't permit me to tune in. 

Again,  I ask you to share with me your thoughts on this important above issue.   I am always delighted when I receive them; so please keep them coming in, as it helps me to learn and improve my way of thinking and seeing things.




Gosh, being so caught up and full of worry; I find life (in my world) is moving along swiftly…Hum, this past summer was the shortest ever, it brushed by in a rapid pace [don’t you think?]  Equinox-1[1].JPG (16467 bytes)

Now the season has changed once again; and the autumn equinox slipped into place.  In fact today (September 23rd) is the first day of Fall.  I was truly “WOWED” yesterday, as I noticed the leaves have changed colors, and they are rapidly falling off the trees. 

The shorter days are also upon us with the sun rising later and nightfall coming sooner; and of course the cooler weather follows.   Changes…exquisite and spectacular season changes…plus changes in many aspects will be occurring; so get ready for the loveliness to begin.  



As I relaxed in bed early Wednesday night, I was relieved when my husband Todd called with good news that Troy Davis execution had been placed on hold while the Supreme Court reviewed his case (transpiring minutes before his scheduled 7:00 pm execution.)  However, as the evening progressed I was sure the Supreme Court would have announced a favorable finding of some sort (especially since 7 of the eye witnesses retracted their testimony), which would have resulted in the sparing of Mr. Davis’s life.  Needless-to-say, this did not occur and while viewing the late night news it was announced Mr. Davis was executed and died around 11:08 pm (due to the Supreme Court's rejection.)

It has been reported since Mr. Davis's arrest he has repeatedly said he was an innocent man.  And I understand inside his death chamber on Wednesday night, his pleas were no different.

He stated: "Sorry for your loss, but I did not personally kill your son, father and brother. I am innocent."

Additionally he stated: "The incident that night was not my fault, I did not have a gun." 

 Davis also urged people to: "continue to fight and look deeper into this case so you can really can finally see the truth."

"For those about to take my life, may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls," 

While laying in bed thinking over this entire situation, I found myself delving within my soul for understanding, comfort and answers.  I began wondering why in the “hell” Troy Davis’s story (especially when there was a doubt of his guilt) not placed on top of every media outlet reports; so that the entire nation would have become fully aware of what was transpiring with his case.  So that folks like you…you…you and me could do something substantial to help this man…in fact, to do everything in our power…to fight to save this man’s life.  I understand millions around the world believed in Mr. Davis’s innocence and Thousands of supporters signed petitions on Davis' behalf including an ex-president and an ex-FBI director, liberals and conservatives.  His attorneys even stated seven out of nine key witnesses against him disputed all or parts of their testimony, but in vain. The state and federal judges repeatedly ruled against him.

However, his life came to an abrupt end [anyway] some days ago.  May his soul rest in peace!!!

 Depressing; but...oh well, I suppose life goes on!!!

We lost a member of our community this week and many in our community are mourning the lost of this lovely woman - Juliana Vincent.  So I close this week's e-mail with sending our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Julianna.  May the memories you hold dear for Juliana comfort you in this time of sorrow.

Words/Information from a friend of Juliana

Annette Achille states: 

Julie was a proud person, nurse, friend, mother of 2,  in the community who always had a Big 4th July party, at 6008 Riggs Road,  to celebrate her Birthday which was really 17th July! She supported every Caribbean organization!  After a brief illness, she passed  on  Saturday 17th  September  in her sleep.  

Funeral is on Saturday 24th  Sept.  viewing @ 10am Service @11am at Triumphant  Church at  Riggs and Sergent Road in Hyattsville  Road MD.

Additionally, Mr. Hollis Lashley via his “FlashPoint” pays tribute to Juliana Vincent.

"FlashPoint" - Presented by Hollis Lashley

Hollis Lashley message to the Arious Family

Hello Arious Family: In memory of Juliana, who graced us with her spirit-filled presence for a while. She added her light to the darkness, and forged some meaningful friendships which taught us to love each other. Rest in Peace as you are enveloped in the Eternal Light of the  Creator.

A Dedication


Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

I Give Thanks! 

I Give Thanks

For this moment, Now.

I give thanks

For living,

But mainly to

The giver of Life.

I give thanks

For Loving,

And for Love

Which has made us,

Even as we forget

To give thanks.

I give thanks

For friendships which endure,

Even as we fail

To Love ourselves.

I give thanks

For joy within me,

For happiness and blessings

In simple things,

For sunshine and rain,

For clouds and stars,

For forgiveness

And for grace

To have been spared

So that I can

Be thankful.

And it is so!

  Hollis Lashley© 2010.

Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart
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Find Inspiration, Motivation, Spirituality & Poetry.
For Copies of "Gifts From the Heart" see web site or
Telephone: 202-299-8638
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Harmony, Peace, & Love in Your Life





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We send special birthday greetings to all of you!!!

WE WISH  our www.mycaribbean.us friend who is celebrating his birthday...all the best: P. greaves, and Pamela



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