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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter-The Arious Grapevine - 9.21.2012: AEG The Shortest Summer Ever | Hispanic Heritage Month | De Happenings | More

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Hello On-line family and friends!  Hope all is well with you and yours.

Lately I have been taking a moment here and there to get out of my regular surroundings, so that I would be afforded the opportunity to reflect and assess everything transpiring around me.  And what I find most amazing is how short the summer has been!  In fact, I find it has been THE SHORTEST SUMMER EVER!  As much as I have been trying to savor each day, I still find it has been slipping by in a rapid paste [right before my eyes.]  I had concluded: IT IS FLYING BY due to my works that have absolutely been dominating my life; and some of the challenges I have been facing.  But I don’t know if it’s really that, or if it’s even about me. 

My husband Todd and I have been discussing this at great length; and we can’t help but reminisce on our summers past.  Hum, we thought about how much we got done; and how rejuvenating, restful and enjoyable our past summers have been.  Hehehe, especially during our high school days…WOW, they were monumental, filled with excitement, truly golden, and THEY LAST FOREVER!  [Ohh sweet nostalgia…it always soothes our souls.]

It’s fascinating to find out if you are experiencing the same thing.  Are you?  Or is it just us?  Feel free to share your observations of Summer 2012 with us.

I recall mentioning in my last week’s e-Newsletter that the “crispness of Autumn has begun to creep up on us,” well...here it is a week later and it’s clear that AUTUMN IS HERE; because the nights and days have been downright “Nippy,” and awfully gorgeous!  As a matter of fact, the first day of autumn is tomorrow, September 22nd. 

Last week we had the pleasure of experience…[seeing] the change of season.  And as I think about it deeply I am pleased to be living in a region in America where I am able to experience the full glory of the 4 [different] seasons; and most importantly, the loveliness of the changes. 

Yes...indeed, we had a wonderful time experiencing the beauty of autumn last weekend as we headed to Pennsylvania.  Todd, myself, and the pet jumped into the car; and off we went to Pennsylvania with no specific destination in mind; but just driving along the scenic route.  We were on the road for many hours, but the sights were some of the loveliest; and the beauty that surrounded us on those little roads ~~~  lined with trees filled with crimson leaves ~~~ plus the mountains that seemed to follow us at every turn WERE MAGNIFICENT!  During our trip Todd and I both agreed that this year we will embrace fall fully; and completely enjoy winter, without loathing it as we do year after year…LOL!

If you live in a region that has the changes in seasons; I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. Feel free to forward pictures so we can see the change you are experiencing.

Did you know that September 15th marked the 1st day of National Hispanic Heritage Month!  A special time to commemorate and celebrating Hispanics, and Hispanic-Americans, as well as their rich history - which will last for 30 days; ending on October 15th 2012..  

As I pondered over what successful Hispanic leader/icon I can pay tribute to, and share with you; my mind drifted back to the young, charismatic, inspirational gentleman who delivered the “Key Note” address at the Democratic National Convention ("DNC") some weeks ago - San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.  My immediate reaction to him was: WOW…he is so young; and HUM…look at where he is in his life at such a young age with such humble upbringings.  I further thought about how extremely proud his family must be of him and for his accomplishments.  Below I have shared with you a little of Julian Castro [his first name pronounced hool-YAHN]

This young, highly educated gentleman is 37 years old; and he has a twin brother “Joaquin Castro,” who is a Texas State representative and who is running for Congress.  

Mayor Castro grew up on the West side of San Antonio (a predominantly Mexican-American area).  

Mayor Castro and his brother "Joaquin" finished high school in three years, and both attended and graduated from Stanford University where they majored in political science and won seats on the student senate.  They also earned an undergraduate degree with honors and distinction.  They attended and graduated from Harvard Law School obtaining a Juris Doctorate.  

At the early age of 26 Mayor Julian Castro was elected to the San Antonio City Council, and historically he was the youngest person to ever win a seat.  Four years after in 2005 he ran for Mayor, but was unsuccessful.  However, he won in 2009; and again was re-elected in 2011.  He plans on running for Mayor again in 2013 and 2015.

On September 4th, 2012, Mayor Julian Castro delivered the Keynote address at the Democratic National Convention…THE FIRST LATINO TO BE THE DNC’s KEYNOTE SPEAKER!  His speech was rousing, and I found his personal story to be compelling.  To read more about Mayor Julian Castro, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  And CLICK HERE to view his Keynote Address at the DNC Convention.

Please join us in the celebration of paying tribute to Hispanics during the rest of September and up until October 15th, 2012.

I shared with you last week that September is declared “National Preparedness Month!”  And for another week I am sharing with you a calendar that teaches you/us to become prepared at home, at work, and personally in the event that a disaster occur.  I urge you to Click On the picture below to learn more about becoming prepared if a disaster occurs.  Log on to  http://www.ready.gov for more information on preparing yourself for any disaster that may occur.

CLICK HERE to see the large version of this Calendar!

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends and family, and do enjoy your week ahead!  Please scroll down to view details listed under our "Featured Events" Section; some of these events are being hosted by our colleagues - specifically on September 29th.

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September 21, 2012


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