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Greetings Dearest Online Family and Friends:  We hope all of you are doing wonderful, and everything is fabulous in your life [for you and your families.]  Moreover, we are hopeful all is peaceful in your world!

Thank You…Thank You…Thank You my friends and family…Thanks to so many of you for taking the time to respond to me regarding the issue that is heavy on my mind and heart (Trinidad and Tobago’s State of Emergency).  I sincerely appreciate all your comments, explanations, constructive criticisms/discussions/debates, and even your deep thoughts.  I’ve said the following some weeks ago, and I feel I must say it again. 

"One of my favorite things about being able to write and share in such a unique and professional manner is that while there exists a very small few who ignorantly criticize loudly and anonymously, the majority of you [my On-line family and friends] are amazingly gracious and supportive.  For you I am deeply grateful.  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for your wonderful feedback.  Indeed, my work becomes so much more tangible when I get feedback from you.  Please know that the knowledge I gain is phenomenal…it helps me to improve, grow; and most importantly it helps me to keep going!  Further; the thoughts, experiences, and ideas many of you freely share with us are fascinating and absolutely welcomed…[ALWAYS!!!]  THANKS!!!"

Even though I had some reservations about talking or focusing on this important State of Emergency ("SoE") issue this week; I do need to address the feedbacks I received.  And besides, if I can be the voice for many of the people in the country of my birth; then WHY NOT?????

Quite a few of you explained that you strongly feel it’s a good thing the SoE was imposed; and I absolutely hear you dear friends, and your reasoning.  You stated clearly "something had to be done to stop the crime situation."

But I respectfully ask you: Did you hear me when I shared with you what Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy stated in a recent Press Conference?  Mr. Sandy stated: "...the percentage of the population who are perpetrating/committing serious crimes are 0.003%..."  Meaning from a population of approximately 1.3 Million; we are then only looking at a figure of approximately 390 people committing the serious crimes.  So the burning question in my mind is how in the world could the "Powers That Be" place people they supposedly claim they love, care about, and most importantly SERVE~~~under something as drastic as a "State of Emergency”?  Stripping them of their constitutional and civil rights; and further placing their life in turmoil and absolute uneasiness.  [Click Here To Read and Understand Your Rights…the rights that has been stripped from the citizens of T & T.] Entitled "The Emergency Powers Regulations, 2011 by President George Maxwell Richards.    Additionally, go ahead and CLICK HERE TO Read The Emergency Powers Regulation Orders (Curfew Order, 2011.)

How…How…How I ask? And Why…Why…Why I ask???  Yes friends, this small figure quoted by Brigadier Sandy is why I question the imposed SoE.  As I stated in previous commentaries surly this small figure of criminals could have been apprehended swiftly and easily under the newly enacted Anti-Gang Act/Legislation; without such extreme actions being imposed on the islands via this SoE…[without all the citizens being penalized in such a harsh manner for the next 3 months.]  Um…hum, this stripping of constitutional rights is what is troubling to me; as well as the madness that the citizens have been undergoing since the SoE was imposed.  Yup, these are what has been truly tugging at my heart and mind. 

I am hearing so many heart-wrenching stories from people in Trinidad and Tobago.  More so, from those whose life due to this SoE encompasses quite a bit of anxiety and insecurity…the poor people!  Yup, the decision to impose this SoE has changed their life and things around them quite significantly; their lives are now full of stress and many are under tremendous pressure.  Their movements are extremely limited regarding the curfew [for many it’s a huge deterrence from them working to pay their bills, and providing for their families…their loved ones [as they say in Trinidad and Tobago “from making a living”;] and for others it obstructs them from conducting business. 

A high percentage are being harassed, arrested any hour of the day or night for petty things (past unpaid traffic tickets, child maintenance, etc.;) arrested for no reason except for how they look, and how they dress, etc. (being profiled as gang members.)  Yes, many citizens are being locked up/jailed and detained for no apparent reason without a shred of evidence being produced.  I ask why should this be?  Why must all this negativity take place? Why should the citizens suffer like this?  Why should they be harassed…why should an entire country be “locked down” and panelized…when so little folks are committing the crimes?  I truly feel my intelligence is being insulted with an explanation such as: “it’s to control crime!”

Moreover, I find it very offensive listening to the “Powers That Be” speak to the citizens per their addresses to the Nation, interviews, and speeches.  They are extremely disrespectful to the people!  When they speak I get the distinct impression that the Masters are speaking to their worthless subjects; with outrageous harsh tones.  And their words are discourteous and awfully threatening to the people.  Much like how a parent speaks to their child who has not obeyed their instruction/s.  I find this very despicable!  These “Powers That Be” are the people who were voted into office to SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY!

As I speak about the “Powers That Be”, let me share with you how distasteful it is listening and viewing them while they debate these recent important issues in Parliament.  I am extremely amazed every time I tune in [And I try to tune in whenever Parliament is in session.]  I find they are absolutely out of control, and they are much like the politicians here in America…very “cut-throat”, nasty, constantly fighting for their own issues; [in-fact having personal battles/fights publicly that are being broadcast to the world]; and distinctly conveying/expressing THEY ARE NOT fighting for the people, or for the people’s issues.  Further, I am constantly hearing what the old administration DIDN’T DO; and that the new administration should not be questioned about what they are doing.  On many occasions I find myself screaming “…grow up people, stop with the freaking nonsense..!”  Can’t they see many voted for change…can’t they see [obviously] people were fed up with the antics, as well as alleged corruption from the old Administration?  And they fully expect the new Administration TO fix/change things.  So I say: “quit it with the arguing about what the old Administration didn’t do; and work for us…the citizens…do for the citizens what you promised…provide them with the positive change you promised and what they voted for"!!!!”

Needless-to-say, the drama continues with the SoE.  As of a few days ago: 

  • The Commissioner of Police (“CoP”) Mr. Gibbs announced 2,043 people have been arrested (to date) since the SoE was imposed.  Stating: The initiative was intended to win back control of the country.”

  • Commissioner of Prisons John Rougier announced that no one is being treated inhumane while being detained in the prison facilities (a claim made by many residence of the Nelson Street community.)  

  • The fine for anyone breaking the curfew has increased from $500.00 TT to $3,000.00 TT or 6 months in prison.  

  • Eleven (11) more areas/communities have been placed under curfew. [From all accounts these new areas should have been placed under curfew from the 1st Day the SoE was imposed.]  

  • Even the waters surrounding Trinidad and Tobago has been placed under curfew (362 kilometers off the T&T coastline and will extend outward three (3) nautical miles.) This now curfew on the coastline deters fishermen from performing their jobs, and doing business; which in turn results in revenue losses.  The fishermen stated: “their livelihoods were being jeopardized by Government, and honest seamen would be made to pay for the crimes of a few.”  

  • Twenty-One (21) young men who were arrested under the Anti-Gang Legislation (on suspicion of being in criminal gangs) during the first days of the SoE was finally released/freed (20+ days later) due to the court having no evidence against them.  

Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar stated the following regarding the release: 


“While some might see this [release] as a strike-down, I do not see it as that...I see it clearly as the rule of law operating in our country.”  She further stated: “I expect that a few others might also be released because the system is not perfect…There may be slippage in that regard…there may be one or two or three; but I think in the majority, in the main, that we will succeed in the task that is before us…”  

It has been reported that these young men have gone into hiding since high Police officials stated that the young men will be monitored closely and re-arrested.  It was further reported several of these 21 young men intend to take legal actions against the State/Government for false arrest.

As I close my update on the "SoE" I leave you with some more of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar’s statements to the press and nation.  She stated:  

"I will not abandon this fight...I will pursue this just cause to the end, to ensure that our country and our people are safe in T&T." 

I pray that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are given the strength to overcome the hardships they are experiencing during this devastating time.  That they become each other’s keeper.  That they work hand in hand in peace, love and harmony with their fellow men!  As for the young men and women who are being profiled as gang members (be it that they have been arrested or not) please do everything in your power young people to “straighten up” your lives, and most importantly change your style of dress; so that you would no longer be a target. 

Even though it is difficult during these poignant times in Trinidad,  I know many of you still have faith in your social ideals and values,  and most importantly in DEMOCRACY;  and absolutely have the capacity to deal with any difficulty  (such as what is taking place in Trinidad and Tobago today).   I know this faith;  as well as prayer will keep you strong and united;  and will carry you through this difficult time.   I strongly feel it is important that us the citizens work together NOW to build a bright and promising future for our country…we can overcome any task or difficulty that is placed before us UNITED.

One Flag,  One Land,  One heart,  One mind,  One hand placed together as one…”TOGETHER WE ASPIRE…TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE!”   I pray that the dreams of a new tomorrow come true for all citizens of my great country of birth.  Trinidad and Tobago.

I thank you once again my on-line family and friends for your wonderfully educational and extremely thought provoking feedback.    I can't stop thanking my husband  "Todd Mangatal"  for his great input regarding the many discussions,  research,  and his assistance in the conveying of this important issue. I further thank him for graciously tuning into the country's news, when I am unable to do so...when time simply doesn't permit me to tune in. 

Again,  I ask you to share with me your thoughts on this important above issue.   I am always delighted when I receive them; so please keep them coming in, as it helps me to learn and improve my way of thinking and seeing things.




I will not spend any more time this week boring you with more of my concerns.  So as I close out this week; I ask for you to check out Mr. Hollis Lashley’s “FlashPoint”.  Mr. Lashley shares with us a different opinion of Trinidad and Tobago’s imposed State of Emergency.  Scroll down to our “FlashPoint” segment to read.

Being that it is National Preparedness Month, I feel it is absolutely important to share with you that several earthquakes were felt across the world yesterday - Thursday, September 15th, and I ask you to continue getting yourself and your family prepared for any natural disaster that may occur.  Below you will find I have added some sites for you to log into so that you become fully prepared.

Also, do keep in your thoughts and prayers the people who may be suffering from the effects of the following that occurred on September 15, 2011. 

  • The earthquake measuring 6.0 on the rector scale that occurred in the Caribbean Seas between Cuba and Jamaica [U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was centered 67 miles (108 km) southwest of the Cuban town of Campechuela at a depth of 6.6 miles (10 km). The epicenter was about 70 miles (110 km) from the northern coast of Jamaica.] 

  • The Earthquake that Measuring 6.0 on the rector scale that occurred off the East Coast of New Zealand. 

  • The 6.2 quake that occurred off the coast of Honshu Japan [Oh no...not Japan again!!!]

  • The 4.5 quake that was centered in Yakutat, Arkansas.

  • The earthquake that measured 4.1 on the rector scale that occurred in the greater Los Angeles California region (Orange County).

Additionally, during the afternoon of September 15th here on the East Coast in Ocean City Maryland a tornado touched down leaving some damages behind.  The extent of damages has not yet been assessed.

Unfortunately during the early hours of this morning (September 16th) an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the rector scale occurred in the Fiji Region.

I say once again, since this month is National Preparedness Month,  I urge you to get yourself and your family prepared for any natural disaster that may occur (whether it be a hurricane or earthquake;  or any disaster for that matter).   To learn more about preparedness log into www.ready.gov; or www.fema.gov; and finally CLICK HERE TO obtain a Hurricane Safety Checklist (since we are in the midst of Hurricane Season.) [Courtesy of The American Red Cross.]



"FlashPoint" - Presented by Hollis Lashley

As I stated above, Mr. Hollis Lashley shares with us this week another opinion and commentary of the Trinidad and Tobago State of Emergency.    

Please remember next weekend Mr. Lashley and his partner's  event  "FlashBack" will take place - on Friday, September 23, 2011.  You will find Mr. Lashley and his partner's event flyer among our  “Featured Events"  below.   Check it out for all the details.

Hollis Lashley message to the Arious Family

Hello Arious Family: I thought that this was a very interesting analysis of the situation in T and T.  Thanks for your continued assistance and open-mindedness.


Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

A Pretty Interesting View from an Outsider living in Trinidad of the current State of Emergency - [The name of the writer was not provided.]

I'm not affiliated with any political party, nor do I vote but I have to say that I have enjoyed watching everyone's reaction to the recent SoE and its subsequent extension. People who claimed to be on the fence politically are now showing their hidden  allegiances. Opinions are shifting every five minutes, contradictory statements are being made, unnecessary hyperbole and panic mongering being the new watchwords of social commentary. 

I won't lie, it makes for some good copy and top banter for an observer such as myself. Saying that, I'm trying to figure out what the problem really is. I've heard people bark about their civil rights being violated, being prisoners in their own home, how another election should be called, the government being compared to the Nazis (honestly?). There's even been talk of bringing down the government (I wouldn't bother with that one since the unions are claiming first dibs on that particular scheme). 

Its bizarre and a little disturbing. Actually, the civil rights thing irks me the most. For a start, it makes a mockery of people like Gandhi, Dr. King, Native Americans, Tibetans and any other group of people who have actually had to go out there and fight for their freedom, risking their own lives in the process. Come on, you're being a little inconvenienced. Nothing more. Only in Trinidad would a person try to compare Pepsi with Absinthe...and try to justify the comparison. Crass and ill-informed sensationalism. So you can't have a picture of yourself taken holding a styrofoam cup full of booze after 9pm. Big deal. Does that constitute a civil rights debate?
Inconvenience = Civil Rights abuse?  Get a f_ _ _ing life. Someone call the UN.

Then we have this...
In a country where ethnicity and cultural differences are used as  political weapons, it came as no surprise that the opposition party turned the SoE debate into one of racial profiling. "Black people are being targeted" they squealed. "Oppression!" Listening to Donna Cox yesterday I could almost hear Ali G sitting on one of the back benches, decked out in his latest Fubu clobber screaming "IZ IT COZ I'Z BLACK?". For an outsider looking in, it was a distasteful and ludicrous statement to make and indicative of the sort of tribal bullshit that has kept this country in the third world bracket for decades. Their rebuttals were a farce. Their counter-argument was a joke and even a level headed PNM voter would have had trouble subscribing to all that bullshit. It was never a race issue, but for her to throw such an ill-informed statement out there and play the race card in order to wring some political mileage out of the situation was embarrassing. She should be ashamed, but then again her sentiments tie into the 'victim' mentality that some opposition supporters thrive on so why not? Trinidad is racially divided anyway. Par for the course. Who's going to notice?

Donna Cox can murmur all she wants about Beetham and the supposed injustices meted out against them but she forgets that when the opposition were in power, they built a huge 6 foot wall around that community, effectively boxing them in as a means to control them days before the Summit of Americas began. She doesn't have a leg to stand on. Who is profiling who? I'm a little confused.  

Everyone knows that I'm not Jack Warner's biggest fan but his speech in Parliament yesterday was right on the money and shat over anything the opposition had to say. Rowley said:  "Where is the crisis?"  Look at the murder rate for the last 9 years and you'll have the answer, mate.  We keep hearing the opposition bang on about why this SoE was needed even though the catalyst for it all was staring everyone in the face the weekend beforehand. 8 people dead in two days, one of them a bus driver ffs. If that doesn't tell you that the situation in this country is grim then I don't know what will.

Truth be told, I don't think society in this country has any right to say what should be the appropriate course of action needed to tackle Trinidad's crime problem. Why? Because the general public aren't mature enough to make that kind of decision. Sounds harsh, but it makes perfect sense. I mean, put it this way. You're basically dealing with people who will scream for action and then complain when you provide them with what they asked for in the first place (then they'll take it a step further by telling you how you should have done it). 

During my time in this country (which will be coming to an end soon), I have come to realise that the people of Trinidad are 'ungovernable' (is that a word?) and in some instances, deserve what they get. Its the old analogy of a child screaming for cake, then being given the cake and then complaining that he doesn't like how it tastes (after eating half of it). People can't see beyond themselves as individuals and really don't believe in the 'greater good' where this country is concerned. Thats why nothing gets done here. Theres no 'bigger picture'. Something that is put in place to benefit society rather than the individual? Nobody wants to hear that. Whats in it for me? What do I get? There aren't many people who genuinely care about Trinidad and you can base that assumption on the majority of reactions and opinions from people who can't see past themselves. I'm reminded of the old 'Land of the Blind' quote here...

Will the SoE be a success? I don't know, I'm a results oriented person and will wait until they publish their final report before making my mind up. However, I will say that this has been the biggest crime fighting initiative that I've seen since I've been living here and some progress has been made. 1 murder in 11 days compared to the 8 murders in two days which occurred the weekend before the SoE was implemented. The numbers don't lie. Its a step in the right direction and previous administrations haven't even come close to doing anything on this scale in the past and therefore have no right to question it. Even if the PP fall flat on their arse with this, they can say that they made an effort which is more than the opposition could say about their crime fighting initiatives when they had the keys to the building (blimps, gimps, flying saucers, operation snake oil, dinner with the dons etc.) 

Could the government have handled this better? Maybe, but in two weeks they've managed to do more than the PNM managed in 8 years and that shouldn't be ignored. When a situation spirals out of control, something drastic has to be done to slow it down and thats what the PP have tried to do here. Whether it was right or wrong shouldn't be an issue right now because this country passed the 'we have to be careful' stage long ago. Thats my two pence.

Look but don't touch. Touch but don't taste. Taste but don't swallow.
Spoilt little bastards.
Thats Trinidad all over.

Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart
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Harmony, Peace, & Love in Your Life







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