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Greetings to our dear online family and friends!  We hope everything is perfect with you and yours.  Additionally, we hope you have had a wonderful week, and you are enjoying today and looking forward to a restful Sunday (for those who are able to get some rest.)  Whatever the case may be, please enjoy your weekend!

August has been so thrilling that we are midway through this marvelous month [already;] and have barely even notice it.  Indeed it has been a month full of spectacular… historical celebrations, sheer excitement and super accomplishments/achievements.  Aha, and what about those exciting Summer Olympic games; and super athletics?  Won't they entertaining and competitive? I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I hope you did too.

Regarding celebrations [particularly;] this weekend is no exception, because yesterday (Friday, August 17th) marked the 125th birthday of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  Without a doubt “Garveyites,” and many worldwide have, and will continue honoring and celebrating THIS GREAT MAN … Jamaica’s First National Hero who was a strong advocate for economic independence within the black community, and worked hard throughout his lifetime promoting black economic self-sufficiency!  

Mr. Garvey was also an entrepreneur (owner of his own shipping line “The Black Star Line”); an Internationally-known Journalist and Publisher [Well known and popular Newspaper: “The Negro World”]; an Orator for The Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism Movement; and the founder of the United Negro Improvement Association ["UNIA"] and African Communities League ["ACL".]  He was also a very serious and determined man who fought long and hard to educate and encourage the black community on becoming economically self-sufficient […”to establish a country and absolute government of their own…”]

It is absolutely important for each and every one of us to learn all we can about Mr. Garvey.  Therefore, today I commemorate him by sharing his philosophy and works with you on his 125th birthday.  Below, you will find a piece I wrote about Mr. Garvey some years ago; and more importantly you will find I have added a 5 part video series of the life and works of Mr. Garvey entitled "The Influence of Marcus Garvey" - which details the heroic and innovative ideas of Marcus Garvey.  It also shows his life's progress and achievements.  I am certain, after reading my words, and viewing this captivating and informative video series you will know exactly WHO this great man…Mr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey was!  The video series is Courtesy of Kane - The Prodigal Son "ProdSun83; and powered by YouTubePlease click on each picture to view.  

Honoring Marcus "Mosiah" Garvey

 Marcus Garvey was born in St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica in 1887, and he was known as a black Prophet, Philosopher and an extremely influential speaker.  His vision, which he was determined to carry out was the liberation of his people.  Many believed he was a Messiah, a true Prophet, giving the prophesy of the coming of the redeemer who was going to "deliver the black man from bondage, and who had come to save a people who for centuries had been exploited by another race".  He promoted faith in the Almighty Creator of Africa and the Black race, "who created his Black sons and daughters in his own image and likeness".  

As I learned more about Garvey, it was clear to see he gave millions of Caribbean people a sense of pride and so enabling them to take their place in the world, Garvey stated "Never allow anyone to convince you of inferiority as a man.  Rise in your dignity to justify all that is noble in your manhood/womanhood as a race".  

Garvey dignified African beauty and promoted a "Back to Africa" campaign with a plan for resettlement in Liberia.  He was truly a powerful speaker and when he spoke it was electrifying, he was known to have a "silver tongue", and with this tongue and the words that came from his lips he inspired 11 million people to come into his Association -  The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and African Communities League (ACL).  



View the 5 part Video Series on Marcus Garvey by clicking on each picture!

The Influence of Marcus Garvey - Part 1

The Influence of Marcus Garvey - Part 2

The Influence of Marcus Garvey - Part 3

The Influence of Marcus Garvey - Part 4

The Influence of Marcus Garvey - Part 5



The next big celebration is taking place right here in Washington DC later today, (Saturday, August 18th,) beginning at 2:00 pm; AND IT IS HUGE!  Of course I am referring to the Massive Celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50 Independence in the Nation’s Capital.   Even though you may be aware of this special celebration, I MUST take this opportunity to remind you once again!!!!  

Please note that the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago under the distinguished leadership of His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Neil Parsan, and his entire staff cordially invite you to this very important celebration.  IT IS FREE, AND IT WILL BE A wonderful day filled with great entertainment from the legendary Mighty Sparrow, and a few extremely talented and popular artists from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as with food, drinks, and fun for the entire family.   All the details are listed below!  

T&T Entertainment Company & Monad Marketing Group 

Under the Auspices Of

The Embassy Of The Republic Of Trinidad & Tobago

celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s Independence.  

On Saturday, August 18th, 12pm-7pm

@Yards Park, 10 Water St. S.E. DC 
www.yardspark.org (next to the Nationals Park).  



Enjoy Steelband, Tassa, Chutney Dancers, Costumes,

Food & Craft vendors, Kids Zone, and Premium Cash Bar.

:: Honorary MC's ::
Von Martin WPFW 89.3FM, John Blake WHUR 96.3FM, Neil Mattei WEAA 88.9FM


All taking place at: 

 The Yards Park, 10 Water St. S.E. DC
(next to the Baseball stadium)

From 12pm-7pm 

:: Djs :: 
Jugglers, Foreign Bass, Hazzard, Spyda, Fyah Oats, Ghost,
Maga, Audio O Mixerz, Majestic, Super Slice, Richie D, and Jwonda.

JAMMIN IN THE PARK is a FREE family friendly event that invites the Caribbean diaspora, and the wider international community to join The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in celebrating 50 Years of Independence. 
Bring your blankets and festival chairs to the lawns at Yards Park, but please



This week due to an extremely fascinating conversation with one of our childhood friends on the popular social network “Facebook” I was interestingly reminded that the United States Presidential Election is a little under 2 and ½ months away {in approximately 80 days.}  This public conversation amazingly opened my eyes to a lot of issues, and afforded me the opportunity to see how different many of us think and feel about our current President “Barack Obama.”  Therefore, I strongly feel I MUST SHARE this exchange with you. [This friend is someone my husband Todd went to school with, hung out with, and worked with when he was a teenager.  And I got to know her through Todd, where we became friends/associates; and of course we remained associates throughout these long years.] 

For some time now I have been extremely silent about the upcoming Elections; even though I know it is an important issue that must be discussed and kept alive (mainly for folks to participate, and to be reminded that they MUST exercise their right to vote.)  Therefore, this time around in order to avoid becoming annoyed, staying clear from arguments, and not enduring those endless severe headaches when discussing the subject; I chose to be silent.  But this intriguing exchange all started when I innocently posted on my status the below picture.  And wouldn’t you know???? It obviously angered someone in my circle.  I am certain my friend – an independent voter WANT to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD; and without a doubt she would have no problem with me sharing it with you my “dear on-line family and friends.”  Check out some of our exchange below.  And to read the entire post and responses you can CLICK HERE to enter the “Facebook” page.  

ME: Sharing this is a MUST from the moment I saw this. Words of Truth

INDEPENDENT VOTER: I think us Independents see things a bit differently as in President Obama still blaming our current depression and economic woes on the Bush presidency

ME: ONE of the beauties of this life is: everyone is entitled to their opinion; and I absolutely respect yours my friend Independent Voter. However, it is a fact that due to the madness of the Bush Administration (2 terms-8 years) America has endured the “depression,” “economic woes,” and so…so…so much more. Therefore, how on earth can someone clean up this mess, and get things back to normal within 4 years. Of course, the Obama Administration and his followers, will continuously remind America of the difficult job that was inherited; and will make sure that folks know that it will take more than 4 years to fix something that has been BROKEN so badly…BY SOMEONE ELSE (The Bush Presidency!)

ME: Further, (let’s get real for a moment) had President Obama not been Black; no one would criticize or comment on him, his Administration, or his followers/supporters regarding: blaming the past Administration on the depression, economic woes, and all the negatives, etc…etc…etc HE INHERITED!

INDEPENDENT VOTER: While I agree that the Bush presidency was entering a recession and there were many decisions (remember he had Democrats in Congress) that were pushing us in a negative state, I am of a firm belief that this President's policies have driven us further down the hole and have prevented any sort of recovery. I see it in my job and I see I every where I go as small businesses fail. Race has nothing to do with it in most people's eyes. There have always been plenty of people criticizing prior presidents (none of whom have been Black). Bush inherited the beginning of the dot.com bust that was just forming as Clinton left office and no one cared. He got blamed for that recession. Four years into President Obama's presidency, we SHOULD be doing better. Not full recovery but better than the current state which shows bigger government and an increase in the national debt because of it that has never before seen in this country. We are in real trouble. You cannot hand out government programs (which we ALL pay for) and prosper. We are broke and broken. I respectfully (always with respect, my friend!) :- )disagree.

ME: As I stated we are all entitled to our own opinion; and you will always be stuck on yours, and I on mine. LOL, hence the statement “one MUST NEVER discuss politics!”
Let me share some of my observations though, (1) You noted the country was being pushed into a negative state (by Democrats) when Bush came into office; but then … who should be credited for the country being in a surplus when Bush came into office? (2) Clearly, lots of independents are angry about the bailouts; but “Bailouts” began with the Bush Administration…they started it. Obama didn’t! So, I guess “bailouts” were alright for America during the Bush era! (3) Possible Solutions to the problems: How can one solve major problems, if they are constantly being blocked wholeheartedly and hatefully by a large group of individuals who just don’t want him/her to succeed ~ ~ ~ in fact don’t want to see him/her in the position that he/she is in [in the first place?] (4) Hum, and if it’s not “race” being referred to by the statement: “handing out government programs;” then what is? Especially since most of America and the world believe that blacks are the only ones receiving/benefiting from “government programs.” Seriously though, I must admit I am not super ecstatic about a lot taking place with our government today; but I am a firm believer in looking at the accomplishments…the positives that have been accomplished? (Why for once can’t we do that?) And quite a few comes to mind; which I believe out-number the negatives in this Obama Administration. The bottom line is he INHERITED these problems, and it’s clear that many are convinced he CREATED it. Therefore, they must be reminded! We all want to see America “shining” again in all its Glory; but the bottom line is nothing can be repaired in such a short time when major obstacles are in one’s path (especially when it has been destroyed and broken so badly.) Remember the old saying: “Rome was not built in a day,” …a year …nor even 4 years!" Nuff Said!

AND IT CONTINUES  ...   THERE ARE MORE SERIOUSLY INTERESTING EXCHANGES REGARDING THIS POST, SO CLICK HERE TO READ ALL!  (Of Course, "Facebook" will ask you to log in before you are able to view my page.) http://www.facebook.com/#!/ariousentertainment 

After reading the post you will see, I had to stop!  Or my friend and I would have kept going on…and on…and on!  But this interesting conversation continued with my husband Todd and I over our enjoyable Thai dinner on Thursday night; on the way home after dinner; and even as we chilled in the basement of our home.  I needed to understand why this friend of ours was so angry, and was feeling a sense of disgust and dislike for President Obama.  Without a doubt, Todd [LOL, my partner who openly share some of the Republican views. NOT ALL…SOME, LOL!] took the time to make sure I remembered and fully understood the facts, goals and accomplishments of President Obama.  Of course I knew it, but I needed to hear it, and have it explained again and again; so that I know I was not loosing my mind due to the responses from our friend.  So I listened attentively of the TRUTH he was sharing … and re-emphasizing to me.  See his words below.


“It doesn’t matter if he [President Obama] wins or loses in November, because we have had a President …an African-American man who is in my own image.  And from the moment he won, every little African-American child began truly believing and declaring: “I Can Become President of the United States of America.”   This is something they had never been able to truly visualize or even uttered before these historic 4 years. 

One thing I can honestly say is: it’s the first time I have been proud to be an American.

Interestingly though, with the Election in November we will see how deep hatred and racism still lives and continues in these recent times – 2012.

I think somehow most of America have gotten amnesia along the way; because they seem to have forgotten how extremely bad things were for all of us in November 2007 (before and beyond.) …They seem to have forgotten where America was financially.  Remember how things were…, and how life was? It was really kinda bad, mainly because our beloved country was failing in every aspect economically.

The Stock Market (Dow) had dropped substantially to 7 or 8 thousand {in a very short period of time.}  And if you look back with me, you too will remember it was a major economic crisis, which started a chain reaction not only here in America; but around the world (since we have a Global Economy.)  Our Economy was failing drastically and we were on the verge of TOTAL DISEASTER….REMEMBER????

Hum, was this real or was this created?

Sadly many people’s stocks began “drying up,” and their investments were quickly dwindling; even their 401Ks were diminishing rapidly before their eyes.  Banks too were closing their doors (shutting down); and unbelievably people were losing all their savings (right before their eyes).  Banks also stopped lending; which in-turn shut down the Auto industry; …among a host of other important issues.

We all must truly take into account all of this was taking place in October 2007, and the election took place in November.  Isn’t it obvious that this was under President Bush’s “watch;” and what did all of America do?  They were shouting loudly at President Bush to do something; and BLAMED him for this major disaster that occurred on his “watch.”  Remember his famous words “I am the decider.”

Interestingly and surprisingly though Barack Obama won the elections; which indicating clearly that folks…Americans wanted change; and he took office in January.  Meanwhile; nothing regarding the economy and financially had changed, only had gotten worst. So when Obama took office he had this huge mess to clean up, and try to bring under control.  Can you imagine the crazy and difficult burden he was about to embark upon?

Needless to say, things continuously got worst: Businesses were closing, and people began losing jobs in record numbers.  In-turn folks were unable to make their house payments, along with paying many other bills.  Houses were being foreclosed upon; people were becoming homeless; and all of this was taking place in record highs and in a rapid pace.  Some of the major mortgage companies were closing their doors as well.

It was baddddd, and it seemed many have forgotten all of these important and crazy problems began during George Bush’s 2 terms as President of the United States.,  Many in America has conveniently dismissed the fact that these problems occurred…developed during Bush’s time…during his watch.  Clearly he created it right????

Even though I share a lot of the Republican views, I truly feel America need to support our current President; and let him, and his administration finish what they started doing (Cleaning up Bush’s mess; and restoring America BACK TO GREATNESS!”

Sorry that this is a bit lengthy, but you too must understand what’s going on in the minds of many in America, and you must understand their thoughts and feelings.  I am sure many of you share our friend’s opinion and wish to share your thoughts on the issue.  Of course many are feeling the opposite, and you too want to share your thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, I absolutely encourage you to open up and share it all, enlighten and educate me on this sensitive issue.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/ariousentertainment 


As I bring this E-Newsletter to a close, I do hope you enjoy the rest of this weekend, and I hope your week ahead turns out to be a nice one.  Until next week!


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To the many who have been joining our social network www.MyCaribbean.us.  

Todd Wishes for you to check out the following video that is now playing on www.mycaribbean.us.  Once you are a member, you will have no problem viewing this video! Please click the picture below to view!


PLEASE NOTE: www.MyCaribbean.us. is truly a fantastic network; very much like the popular "Facebook" but geared to folks who are Caribbean, and to those who love everything Caribbean.  Indeed this targeted ultimate social network for the Caribbean is one we are very proud of, and proud of its growth.  Additionally, it's exciting and very useful in uplifting and educating.  We are ready to take it to the next level, and we hope you join us as we do; by logging on frequently, and participating in the discussions, chat, post your events; share your photos, videos, music, etc.  Most importantly, we hope you WILL share this site with you friends and family members.  Please let them know that it's pretty cool; and they should log on and joinSee the below information regarding www.MyCaribbean.us.


M y   C a r I b b e a n  is a social network all about everything Caribbean.  We believe this will be a great tool to link up the Caribbean community, people, lovers of everything Caribbean, and those who would like to learn about other cultures. The possibilities are endless of what we can achieve as a team at www.mycaribbean.us 

M y   C a r I b b e a n has everything that the other networks offer, except our target is the Caribbean.  In addition to this being a great tool in promoting and exposing the vast cultures and traditions of the various Caribbean countries; this will be a place to meet new friends, and link up with old ones.  Being that My Caribbean is a community, this means everyone are invited.  

Cordially invite you to join

M y   C a r I b b e a n

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August 18, 2012

Washington DC

2pm - 7 pm


Tonight - August 18, 2012

Washington DC



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August 17, 2012


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