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Special Greetings to all of you our online family and friends!  How are things going in your world?  We do hope all is well!  


As of today - Friday, August 10th, we are now 14 days into the 2012 Summer Olympic Games taking place in London (only 2 more days left of these excitement competitions), which have been a fantastic success so far.  Gee, Olympic fever has taken hold of the entire world, including me; and (LOL) I am far from being a sports person. 

In truth, for me it is difficult to comprehend ~~~ but this weird something has taken complete hold of me these past two weeks, and has encouraged me to [made me] keep my TV sets tuned into the Olympics all day.  And at nights I have been up glued to the TV enjoying all the competitions; [which has been very refreshing for me to see something other than the mundane late night programs.]

This past week has been exciting and filled with cheering-on our favorite athletes…right????  Absorbing their achievements, and their amazing physical abilities.  It’s amazing too, watching their strength; speed; agility; endurance; and even their physique.  Clearly, the many achievements and triumphs we have witnessed are a true testament of these athletes hard work and aspirations; not to mention their elite athletic programs, which has absolutely assisted many of them to propel to victorious heights.

Oh dear, if I try to congratulate all my favorites I will be writing forever.  So, I will just highlight a few. 

LORD HAVE MERCY…[may I say] that living legend from Jamaica MR. USAIN BOLT is extremely remarkable!  He excelled in all his races so far, defended the Olympic sprint double [“achieving double-double”,] and successfully gained what he stated he wanted to achieved from this 2012 Olympic…BECOMING A LIVING LEGEND!  My gosh, how fantastic is that…huh?  He certainly accomplished one of his big dreams!  And he is not done yet, because I believe he has one more track and field competition to complete. 

[The picture is of U. Bolt (middle), along with Y. Blake (R) and W.  Weir (L) - Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners of the 200m.]


Jamaican-1.JPG (44573 bytes)Overall, the Jamaican Track and Field athletes performances in their respective competitions have been outstanding; IN FACT ALL THE ATHLETES.  And even though I am not Jamaican I am deeply proud of each and every one of them, and on their wonderful accomplishments.  I am truly happy they have made the people of their island JAMAICA proud.  (Click on the picture to the left enlarge.)


HOORAY to every one of the athletes from my country Trinidad and Tobago; they have certainly been impressive and have been making me, and all Trinidadians and my fellow Tobagoians so…so…so…very PROUD!  

Some have been victorious and have won medals; but ALL must be congratulated because they have DONE SPLENDIDLY!  In fact, to me they are all GOLD MEDAL-WORTHY!  

I am absolutely happy with the hard work, their love, and even their commitment as they represent our country in London at these excitement Olympics.  GO TEAM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, AND CONGRATULATIONS!


As for the Americans ( “TEAM USA”); they too have been outstanding.  From Gabby_Douglas-1.jpg (5798 bytes)Gymnast little Gabby Douglas making history with her GOLD Medal wins {First African –American and first woman of color in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion.  And the first American Gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics;} to Mantoe Mitchell who broke his leg during the 4x400m relay semi-final; but was an integral part in helping his team make it to the finals. 

And how about the women?  THEY ARE CALLING IT THE “YEAR OF THE WOMEN;” and WOW aren’t they fantastic!  

Serena Williams (GOLD Tennis); Sonya Richards-Ross (GOLD 400m T&F ); Allyson Felix (GOLD-200m T&F) Brittney Reese (GOLD Long Jump); and Jenn Suhr (GOLD Pole Vault 4.75m). Did you check out the women soccer team (GOLD); as well as the great GOLD win in beach volleyball-Misty-May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings.  And how about the swimmers: Missy Franklin (GOLDs) and Allison Schmitt (GOLDs).  Just to name a few…ETC.  

Of course, I must mention some of the men: Aries Merritt (GOLD 110m Hurdles,) Aston Eaton (GOLD Decathlon,) Christian Taylor (Triple Jump,) and our Maryland’s own Michael Phelps with all his GOLDS for his outstanding swimming abilities, plus HIS TEAM winning GOLD!

Kirani_James-1.JPG (13995 bytes)There are so many other medal winners (silver and bronze) - far to many to mention; who have all done fantastic and must be congratulated for the awesome jobs they have been doing.  Two (2) in particular I must mention though is: Karini James from Grenada who won Gold in the Men's 400m.  Kirani made history for his beloved country “Greneda” by winning the first medal ever; which was GOLD! 


As well as the 1st double-amputee Oscar Pistorus, who has competed in many of the Track and Field events from South Africa. Mr. Pistorius made history becoming the first double amputee to compete in the able bodied Olympics.  He is affectionately referred to as “the fastest man with no legs” or “the Blade Runner.”

By the way, I noticed last night the USA had taken the lead in the medal count with China close behind; and Russia in third!  HOORAY TO ALL THE WINNERS; ALL THE WINNING COUNTRIES; AND TO ALL THE ATHLETES COMPETING IN THESE LONDON 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS!


OMG, I’ve got to STOP; I do not want to take up too much of your time as you read my thoughts and rants of the Olympics!  But before I close; It is very important for me to share the following information.

ON BEHALF of my Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago under the distinguished leadership of His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Neil Parsan, and per the request of the Sr. Executive Office Mrs. Hinds; I am pleased to let you know about a very important upcoming event that has been planned to celebrate Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Independence.  This event is scheduled to take place on August 18, 2012 from 2-7pm in Washington DC; and it is FREE.  See all the details below, as well as the flyer!

T&T Entertainment Company & Monad Marketing Group 

Under the Auspices Of

The Embassy Of The Republic Of Trinidad & Tobago

celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s Independence.  

On Saturday, August 18th, 12pm-7pm

@Yards Park, 10 Water St. S.E. DC 
www.yardspark.org (next to the Nationals Park).

LIVE performances by: THE MIGHTY SPARROW, DESTRA, KES, BENJAI, and RAYMOND RAMNARINE of DIL-E-NADAAN and much more!!  Other performances by Steelbands, Tassa Groups, Chutney and Costumed Dancers/Models.  And Best DJs: Jugglers, Foreign Bass, Hazzard, Spyda, Fyah Oats, Ghost, Sprang , Audio O Mixerz, Majestic, Super Slice, &  Jwonda.

MC’s include Von Martin WPFW 89.3FM, John Blake WHUR 96.3FM and Neil Mattei of WEAA 88.9FM.

Enjoy the Food Court, Craft Vendors, Kids Zone, and our Premium Cash Bar

Bring your blankets and festival chairs.  Please NO COOLERS and NO TENTS


Please remember this Sunday Don Carlos performs at the Howard Theatre at 8:00 pm in Washington DC with Fyah Wyah. So get your tickets right away.  See the flyer below for all the details.

At the beginning of the week on my "Facebook" page I posted the below message {The incident I am referring to occurred on August 6th}

As I close I want to once again send Blessings to those who are suffering the loss of a family member and/or friend in this senseless killing spree in Southeast Wisconsin at the Sikh Temple.  As one of my “Facebook” friends {BJ Dawkins} stated, which I complete agree with: "It is a sad day for all who lost someone, you are not safe anywhere, not Church, School or Home. (These used to be safe zones.)


With all the celebrations taking place all over the nation regarding the Olympics and continued celebrations of Jamaica’s 50th Independence; I say do enjoy all of them, and be safe.

Until next week…you have a wonderful weekend and please enjoy the week ahead.


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August 10, 2012


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