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How are you my on-line family and friends, and how have you been feeling over this past week?  

I know it must have been a bit difficult with the heaviness on your heart, and mind over the Theatre killing spree (massacre) in Aurora, Colorado last Friday.  Hopefully, you are finally coming to terms with the loss of these 12 individuals; and the over 50 that have been injured.  Keep praying for the family and friends of the lives taken (selfishly,) and for the healing of all the injured.  Pray that the injured will one day in the near future be able to move on with their lives after such a terrifying and tragic ordeal; as well as the family and friends of the lives lost.

Important personal noteIt irks me greatly that the killer in this Aurora, CO Massacre – James Holmes is being called “a suspected killer”, or “ an accused killer”, and I’ve even heard “an alleged mass murderer.”  Give me a “freaking” break...reporters, as well as some people across the US!  We all KNOW for a fact this young man took the lives of innocent people [he committed these heinous crimes.]  Therefore, how on earth can you use such terms to describe him?  What is it that you are subliminally trying to pound into our heads…huh?  Surly if he was Muslim he would have been called a terrorist and Jihadist, and demonized.  And if he was black…well he would have been immediately dehumanized, tried and convicted the moment it happened; and would have been placed under the jail. Plus not to mention all the racial tensions that would occur!  This nonsense talk; as well as calling Holmes insane would not have been spreading all over the media had it been someone of a different race or color.  [Yeah…Yeah, I know…I know “one is innocent until proven guilty” (innocent until a court of law proves and convicts him/her of the crime, or judge him/her insane.)]  

To me this is absolute absurdness, and something I felt compelled to point out!  A young man – James Holmes in this case terrorized and killed innocent people.  And regardless of how intelligent he is, or how promising his future was, or what a great and normal life he lived; the fact remains he terrorized and killed innocent people…he committed a horrific act of crime.  Therefore, to me he is a murderer and a terrorist.  Darn it…stop trying to convince the public that he is mentally insane and just  “ACCUSED” of the killings…stop with the madness! SERIOUSLY…I’m also saying ~~~ STOP with the subliminal messages!!!

Hum, the past few days in our area the weather and temperature have really been "kinda" nice, but yesterday (Thursday) the heat returned with a vengeance!  It was expected to be in the 90s; and sadly it made it into the upper 90s, plus the heat index was 105. You can just imagine how hot and unbearable it was.  A few weeks ago I shared with you some important information that would help increase your awareness on Heatwaves; and I also shared some important tips on preventing oneself from becoming ill, and dealing with the heat.  Therefore, even though I am aware that the heat will not be as severe in the upcoming days; I felt it is still very important for me to share this vital information, and tips with you again.  So go ahead and please CLICK HERE, or the picture to the right to read and gain knowledge on this important issue. 

"Exposure to heat can cause illness and death. The most serious heat illness is heat stroke.  Other heat illnesses, such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat rash, should be avoided..."  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Friends and Family, I am a little perturbed this week?  And I feel I must continue to share my thoughts on another important issue that disturbs me immensely.

You know...at times, I find it intriguing and in general quite NAUSEATING following the case regarding the killing of the innocent/unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin by the [murderer] George Zimmerman.  And as much as I want to write or comment about this Zimmerman, I find it is NOT EVEN WORTH MY TIME because it is so disgusting!  

It seems many were, and still is “up in arms” by Zimmerman’s statement per his interview last week on Fox News with Fox reporter/personality Sean Hannity regarding the events that occurred 5 months ago – February 26, 2012 [his killing of Trayvon] Zimmerman stated: it was “God’s Will.    WHAT the nerve of this man saying…justifying his murder of Trayvon as God’s Will!  Hum, when I first heard this statement being reported my mind immediately ran on one of God’s commandments; which states: “Thou shall not kill.”  And what did Zimmerman do?   HE KILLED!!!!

But to be quite honest, his statement is not very surprising to me! This man is so obnoxious, heartless, cynical, and just doesn’t give a damn that he murdered a teenager for no apparent or logical reason; only because he didn’t like the way he looked.  And I find the media Fox news, and others are doing a great INJUSTICE to Trayvon and his family.  These media outlets are continually driving the stake into each and every one of our hearts, that was placed their on February 26th by not arresting Zimmerman for the killing of the unarmed teenager (Trayvon); and further they are giving this man time on their programs to brag to American and the world about him committing a murder.  This is so truly sickening!!!!  


Let me stop “steaming” over the untimely killing of young Trayvon Martin, and focus on an issue I talked about last week that was fun and positive. 

Yup, last week I shared with you my thoughts on Baltimore/Washington “One Caribbean Carnival,” and I felt it was a great success.  [Log on to my last weeks' e-mail by CLICKING HERE.]  This week President Elaine Simon of the Caribbean American Carnival Association of Baltimore shared with me a Special Video of the event, as well as a couple hundred photos. Courtesy of  "OurTripVideos”, who did a fantastic job of capturing this successful and wonderful event. 

Click on the pictures below to view the video and pictures.  Please enjoy!  

LOL, so now I can finally stop beating up myself for neglected to charge up my camera battery the night before the Carnival!  I did capture some photos before my camera died, but nothing like OurTripVideos.  

Thanks OurTripVideos!  [OurTripVideos is a non-profit, non-commercial trip videos web site created with the basic idea of helping different kinds of people.


Let me know your thoughts on the turnout, and the beauty of it all!.

Another wonderful thing that I was made aware of regarding one of the leaders in our community, and one who has been the foundation, the voice, a strong advocate who played a valuable role, and extremely essential for June being officially recognized/declared National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.  Indeed I am speaking of the highly educated and lovely woman - Dr. Claire Nelson - Founder and President of the Institute of Caribbean Studies.  

This fantastic woman is being honored today (in fact this morning-July 27, 2012) by the White House as a "Champion of Change" in connecting the Americas.

Dr. Nelson absolutely deserves to be honored because she is an inspiration, and a very powerful woman.  I stated a year ago via our weekly E-Newsletter: "Hooray, to Dr. Nelson!  She must be commended for all she is doing [all her efforts] to make this Caribbean-American Heritage Month memorable and successful.  Lastly, I am ecstatic to see that she has a “voice…in fact a loudddddd voice” on Capital Hill, and is seen and respected by many in The Obama Administration.  I clearly see the love they show her, and I am truly happy to see it!!!"

I/We at Arious Entertainment Group congratulate Dr. Nelson from deep in our hearts for receiving this great honor.  For all the details on this great accomplishment CLICK HERE TO READ DR. NELSON'S PRESS RELEASE!  You can watch the ceremony live this morning (July 27th) by logging on to https://www.whitehouse.gov/live at 10:30 am ET.


To many across the globe finding a cure for AIDS is more that just a vision; it’s a life long commitment.  Which includes hard work, tenacity, devotion, a strong belief, and the powerful love for our fellow me/women who are infected. 

Since the disease emerged in the early 1980s, it took the lives of over 35 million people around the world, including 620,000 Americans.  Today many are living with the disease ~~~ in fact some 4.8 million from the ages of 15 to 24 are living with HIV, and 2/3 of that figure are females.  As for new infections: there is approximately 50,000 (per year); and the fastest growing group of new infections is the gay and bisexual African-American men.  And what’s most heartbreaking is learning nearly 3.4 million children under the age of 15 are living with AIDS or HIV around the world [according to the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS/HIV - "UNAIDS" report; and certainly that figure has risen, since it was some years ago.]  To learn more on children infected with AIDS or HIV log on to http://www.avert.org/children.htm

In the global struggle against AIDS/HIV, the entire world has been focused on testing, treatment and preventions; as well as effective action and leadership.  Hence, the importance of what has been taking place in Washington DC this week – The International World Aids (Global) Conference.  

On July 23rd thousands converged in The Nation’s Capital -  Washington DC for this important 19th Annual International Conference; and it has been a week filled with lectures, discussions, receptions, marches, and even exhibits all focused/surrounding the next phase of the serious battle against AIDS/HIV.  Which will continue until today - July 27th.

The organizers [along with thousands of AIDS and HIV advocates] aim is to shape the international response to the epidemic; and their goals for this years’ conference is: (1) to remind the world leaders and policymakers that AIDS remains a threat to global health… continue to place this disease as a public health priority; (2) calling for funding of programs that fight aids, as well as lower prices on aids drugs [which includes helping low-income American currently on waiting lists for HIV drugs;] and (3) pressing/urging universal access to condoms and increase rapid HIV testing.

Due to subsequent research AIDS has been transformed from a virtual death sentence into something more like a manageable, chronic illness whose victims can live for decades after being infected.  Thankfully, with the development of effective drug [therapies] during the last two decades, medical professionals now know how to keep AIDS patients alive much longer.  Obviously with every success created, new challenges emerges~~~ Such as: who will get treatment; how much will it cost; and who will pay?  Some of these challenges has been addressed at this important conference.  

However, as we all know PREVENTION of the spreading of this vicious disease is vital.  Therefore, I encouraged you to practice safe sex by consistently using condoms to avoid transmitting the virus to others [which have been proven to work;] plus don’t be afraid to learn your status (it may save a life.) so GET TESTED today, and make it a point to do it frequently. 

As I became familiar with this important conference, I came across a great website that I think you should check out: http://www.actagainstaids.org.  And you may also want to check out the Conference site by clicking the following link: http://www.aids2012.org/.  Here is another site you may want to check out: http://www.wecanendaids.org. 

The event that requires your attendance this weekend is one of great importance.  It is an event honoring the second oldest Caribbean organization in the Washington DC Metropolitan area "The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Washington DC.  The host of this event The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee want you to keep in mind that: like the country of Trinidad and Tobago, the Association will be celebrating 50 years of existence; and they ask that you join them in celebration of this special event "For Old Times' Sake" on Saturday, July 28th, 2012.  It will take place at the T & T Embassy - located at 1708 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington DC.  Click the flyer on the left for all the details.  Or For this event and much more scroll down to our “Featured Events” section, or you can log on to our “Events” page by CLICKING HERE!  


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Do have a great and blessed weekend, and please enjoy the week ahead.

Know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.   

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   OBAMA 2012 






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Todd Wishes for you to check out the following video that is now playing on www.mycaribbean.us.  Once you are a member, you will have no problem viewing this video! Please click the picture below to view!


PLEASE NOTE: www.MyCaribbean.us. is truly a fantastic network; very much like the popular "Facebook" but geared to folks who are Caribbean, and to those who love everything Caribbean.  Indeed this targeted ultimate social network for the Caribbean is one we are very proud of, and proud of its growth.  Additionally, it's exciting and very useful in uplifting and educating.  We are ready to take it to the next level, and we hope you join us as we do; by logging on frequently, and participating in the discussions, chat, post your events; share your photos, videos, music, etc.  Most importantly, we hope you WILL share this site with you friends and family members.  Please let them know that it's pretty cool; and they should log on and joinSee the below information regarding www.MyCaribbean.us.


M y   C a r I b b e a n  is a social network all about everything Caribbean.  We believe this will be a great tool to link up the Caribbean community, people, lovers of everything Caribbean, and those who would like to learn about other cultures. The possibilities are endless of what we can achieve as a team at www.mycaribbean.us 

M y   C a r I b b e a n has everything that the other networks offer, except our target is the Caribbean.  In addition to this being a great tool in promoting and exposing the vast cultures and traditions of the various Caribbean countries; this will be a place to meet new friends, and link up with old ones.  Being that My Caribbean is a community, this means everyone are invited.  

Cordially invite you to join

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July 27, 2012

Miami, Florida

"Discover Art! Family Festival" takes center stage at Little Haiti Cultural Center

The Little Haiti Cultural Center hosts its 2nd annual Family Festival,

showcasing children's art, local talent, international dance,

music and more on Friday, July 27, 2012 from 4-8pm


The evening will be closed with 'SAME STAGE', curated by Afua Hall, a multicultural evening of dance that will offer audiences the opportunity to see a diverse array of local choreographers, performers, and dance styles.  Performances  will be given by acclaimed dancers Yanui Cezar and Tradyson Lakou Lay, Haitian Folk dancers with live music;  Delou African Dance Company, local dancers showcasing West African drumming and dance;  Neri Torres from Ife Ile Afro Cuban Dance Company,  exhibiting her signature solo piece Oya; Charmille Walters  will present  a traditional Jamaican folk dance solo;  Carlota Padera and Priscilla Marrero, recent Miami Light Project Here & Now Commission recipients and FIU graduates, performing their  duet "Think Like A Man" that is a satire of the masculine/feminine in Latin culture; Samantha Pazos , a FSU MFA candidate, showcasing a duet with Pioneer Winter;  Karen Peterson, Adam Eckstat, Bernadette Kalyan Salgado & Karime Arabia, performing a mixed ability duet; Hattie Williams, the Tattooed Ballerina will perform a solo piece; Kevin "Newcre" Sanchez and Robert "Fantum" Bell of Raw Miami Crew; Thomas Armour Youth Ballet and the D.O.V.E dance ministry.

July 28, 2012

Washington, DC

August 3, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

This forum is FREE to the public and will take place:
7:30-9:30 a.m.   @California African American Museum, 00 State Drive, Exposition Park., Los Angeles, CA  90037

RSVP at urbanissuesforum@aol.com, or by calling (323)789-6224 

(Parking is $10).  Full breakfast will be served (starting at 7:30 a.m., and Program starts promptly at 8 a.m


August 18, 2012

Washington, DC


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July 27, 2012


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