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Hello On-Line Family and friends: I do hope your week was fabulous, and you and your family are doing great.

This weekend in my “neck of the woods” the place will be HOT…HOT…HOT!  

Truly it will be HOT, and will come alive with tropical rhythmic and pulsating MUSIC (Calypso, Steelband and Soca Music;) COSTUMES (masqueraders adorn in colorful costumes or covered with mud or paint;) DANCE (masqueraders and spectators dancing); DRINKS; a host of CARIBBEAN CUISINE; beautiful ARTS and CRAFTS; plus everything else that makes up a Caribbean Carnival.  

INDEED, THIS WEEKEND IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON “ONE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” --- Featuring its Multicultural Street Parade, live performances by International and Local Artistes and DJs, International foods and a variety of arts and crafts.

You must know by now that Washington DC Carnival Organizers (DC Caribbean Carnival Inc. - “DCCC”) did not present their annual Caribbean Carnival this year, and the Baltimore Carnival Organizers “Caribbean American Carnival Association of BaltimoreCACAB” graciously opened their arms and welcomed DCCC to Baltimore, MD.  This union is expected to be a good one, because both organizations are passionate about keeping the culture alive, and sharing it on a large scale with the community; as well as mainstream. 

Personally, it is wonderful to see both cities working together, because as you know “TEAMWORK” is one of the keys to success.  Moreover, it’s (1) special for me/us to witness the love CACAB has shown by reaching their hands out to their colleagues in Washington DC - in a time of need.   And (2) Special that DCCC embraced the idea, embraced CACAB; and committed themselves to working with CACAB fully to make this 2012 “One Caribbean Carnival” a major success.    

I must let you know that we at Arious Entertainment Group are pleased to be a sponsor of this Baltimore/Washington DC "ONE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL - 2012"

Therefore, I urge you to check out Baltimore/Washington “One Caribbean Carnival” BW_One_Carnival-2012-1-L.JPG (120535 bytes)this entire weekend – July 14th and 15th.  You must keep in mind that this is one of the few large events that focuses on celebrating all things Caribbean; so plan on witnessing the SPLENDOR OF MAS AND MUSIC! 

The extravaganza begins on Saturday, July 14th with the Multicultural Parade beginning at 12:00 noon (900 E. 33rd Street, Baltimore, Maryland;) and will end at Lake Clifton Park (2701 St. Lo Drive, Baltimore, MD.)  At Lake Clifton Park the fun continues throughout the day; and way into the night with live entertainment provided by International and Local artistes, music provided by DJs, drinks, food, plus arts and crafts vendors. 

The fun continues on Sunday, July 15th again at Lake Clifton Park with exciting LIVE performances by International and Local Artistes, DJs, food, drinks, arts and crafts; plus a host of other activities that will keep you fully entertained [physically and mentally.]

Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival. – The DC Caribbean Carnival will be combined with Baltimore’s celebration. On Saturday July 14, 2012, the Parade starts at Noon at 900 E 33rd Street, travels along Alameda Street to St. Lo Drive. The Festival continues at Lake Clifton Park until 10:00 pm; $10 entrance fee. On Sunday July 15, 2012 the Festival continues from Noon to 9:00 pm featuring entertainment, food and crafts. Log on to: Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival site by CLICKING HERE

See the flyer below for all the details or CLICK HERE for more regarding this special and fun-filled event.




Commitments…Meetings…Completing the extra long “To Do Lists,” etc.  HAS NOT allowed me to spend more time “vibing” with you today (Friday-7/13); but I’m glad I am able to share some important events with you.  Besides, the end of another week is only a few days away; and therefore I will absolutely find some time to share and "vibe" with you some more in the upcoming days.

As I close, I will like to say a few words to a gentleman, friend, colleague, and someone who has become like a family member to us throughout these long years – Mr. Sidney! 

Dear Mr. Sidney: 

We pray that you recover soon.  

May God bless and keep you strong and heal you fully. 

Also, may God give you, your wife, and your family the strength all of you so need NOW.  

Blessings always to you, and your lovely adorable family!

Secondly, I want to say to our friends in Philadelphia – Ms. Yolanda Wallace, and the Executive Board Members of The Miss Caribbean US Pageant:

CONGRATULATIONS on your successful 12th Annual Miss Caribbean US Pageant.  

Please know that we are committed to sharing our culture, and in this case the beauties of our islands.  Indeed you can count on our support for 2013.  

We are certain you will be walking, as well as flying very soon.  Your undying commitment to the culture is outstanding!

We at Arious Entertainment Group congratulate the 2012 winners: 

  • Crowned Queen is: Ms. Stacey Green - Miss St. Kitts Nevis

  • 1st Runner Up is: Ms. Ashlee Erica Douglas - Miss US Virgin Islands

  • 2nd Runner Up is: Ms. Mariel King -  Miss Guyana

  • 4th Runner up (Tied) Ms. Anika Deberry - Miss Trinidad and Tobago, and Ms. Trisha Lee Perez - Miss Puerto Rico

And finally, in closure I say to you our on-line family and friends enjoy this wonderful weekend and have a safe and productive week ahead.  For the many of you who have planned on attending the Carnival festivities in my area this weekend be safe and be sure to enjoy yourself fully.  

Looking ahead there is Atlantic City NJ Caribbean Carnival taking place next weekend (July 21st); and under our “Featured Events” you will find details of the Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee Bus Trip to this exciting event.  

Additionally, in commemoration of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50 Independence, the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Washington DC is hosting their annual “T & T Men Who Can Cook” event at the Embassy – 1708 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington DC on July 21st.  For these events and much more scroll down to our “Featured Events” section, or you can log on to our “Events” page by CLICKING HERE!



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Again, I say: do have a great and blessed weekend, and please enjoy the week ahead.

Know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.   

TheAriousGrapevine.JPG (13791 bytes) For past AEG E-Newsletters "The Arious Grapevine" click on the picture to the right.  Again, if you would like to share your thoughts about anything, feel free to send it directly to me at  susan@ariousentertainment.us;  and if you send it to  ariousentertainment@earthlink.net,  I will be sure to receive it.

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To contact me (Susan Mangatal) the following is my e-mail address susan@ariousentertainment.us  


   OBAMA 2012 








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This Weekend

July 14-15, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival 2012

Lake Clifton Park

Hartford Road and St. Lo Drive: 2701 St. Lo Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21213


For More Information: 443-869-1835 

http://www.baltimorewashingtoncarnival.com or http://www.dccarnival.org

We at The Arious Entertainment Group are pleased to be a sponsor of Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival-2012


July 21 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago Working Women's Committee

Presents their Special and Exciting

Bus Trip to Atlantic City, NJ Caribbean Carnival 

July 21, 2012

Bayonne, N.J.

July 21, 2012

Washington, DC


July 28, 2012

Washington, DC




August 18, 2012

Washington, DC


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July 13, 2012


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