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Susan_Mangatal-72-13.JPG (17105 bytes)Oh boyyyyyy, it’s Friday…yippy!  Happy Friday to each and every one of you, and I do hope it has been delightful so far.  Personally, I am kinda thrilled, since the weekend is practically here!!! 

To all of our dear online family and friends; I trust you and your family are doing wonderful; and hope your week thus far has been positive and enjoyable.


The celebrations of Caribbean American Heritage began some days ago June 1st; and will continue for the next 30 days during this special 6th month of the year.  Wow, as I reflect over the years I simply cannot believe 8 years has passed already [June 2005-June 2013]…Eight (8) years of OFFICIALLY honoring, commemorating, and celebrating Caribbean Americans for their significant contributions to every sector of society; in truth to American culture and history on a whole. 

Throughout this month – [National Caribbean American Heritage Month (NCAHM)], as we honor and acknowledge Caribbean Americas; not only for their invaluable contributions to education, business, science, military, government, public service, athletics, entertainment and much…much more, we MUST also recognize their magnificent ACHIEVEMENTS!  I absolutely feel it is important also to take the time to demonstrate and/or express appreciation to Caribbean-Americans for sharing their rich traditions, culture, heritage, as well as religious and ethnic diversity.  I must admit that it clearly has made a great difference in America’s social fabric…society.  And truly has enriched the diversity of this great nation.

Looking back over the years, the 2 names that has been in the forefront of NCAHM Dr. Claire Nelson, Pres. & Founder of ICS becoming a reality Congresswoman Barbara Lee-D. Ca. are:  Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D. Ca.) and Dr. Claire Nelson (Founder and President of The Institute of Caribbean Studies.)  These women worked very hard, and did everything in their power to making sure that --- what was just a dream become real…along with quite a few others.  [Chuckling a bit] as my mind wonders back to some time spent listening attentively to Dr. Claire Nelson at a meeting, as she recounted the steps, her work, and what she endured to accomplish this important goal.  (Myself and a few other individuals in the Caribbean Community from various cities in the U.S. were in attendance.)   It all just goes to show, never give up on your dreams; or on anything you set your heart on achieving. A special thanks to Dr. Nelson for her determination and hard work!

To learn more about National Caribbean American Heritage Month  - PLEASE CLICK HERE!  

Additional to read Congresswoman Barbara Lee Remarks on this years' (2013) Caribbean Heritage Month via her Press Release dated June 4, 2013 -  PLEASE GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE!  

To read the Proclamation President Barack Obama issued on May 31, 2013 - PLEASE CLICK HERE! or on the picture below!

As I review eMails I’ve received regarding this month’s celebrations, it is clear that this years’ commemorations around the nation will be strong.  It is marked with various numbers, and types of special events commemorating and celebrating Caribbean Heritage all across the United States including festivals, lectures, concerts, exhibits of Caribbean Artists, receptions, tasting of Caribbean Foods, etc.  For details about events in your state, Log on to: http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.org

Locally though…here in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas; celebrations “kicked” off approximately one week ago - May 31, 2013 to be exact; with the opening of the DC Caribbean Film Festival [Films, written, and/or produced, and which also features actors/actresses…stars from the Caribbean, or of Caribbean Heritage.] This festival celebrates 13 years this year; and although it has had a great line up of films featured throughout the years, this year from my readings was super awesome; in fact from all accounts it was absolutely fantastic!  Additionally, this past Saturday-June 1st, I understand the “Taste of Caribbean” annual festival in Bladensburg, Maryland, took place.  

CAHMAllspice.jpg (35134 bytes)This Sunday the Allspice 2013 Caribbean American Festival of the Arts and Humanities begins (June 9th - June 17th (which includes the Anancy! Ananci! Festival-A Free event on June 15.)  Of course there are many other wonderful events slated to happen locally; including the very much highlighted Institute of Caribbean Studies Legislative Week, beginning on Friday, June 24th, - Friday, June 28th.   During this awesome week here in the District of Columbia there will be a Business Leaders Roundtable, Legislative Forum on Capitol Hill, The Annual White House Community Briefing, Faith Based Leadership conferences, and much…much…more.  You can find various flyers about these events on our "Events" Page - [CLICK HERE to get to our page], and of course by logging on to the official site: Caribbean American Heritage Month website.

I must re-emphasize though, that the easiest and most convenient way for you to find out what’s taking place locally, nationally, and most importantly in your city/state;  is to log into http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.orgOnce, there glance at the left side of your screen, while scrolling down you will see the states listed that has events planned.  Of course look for your state and click on it to read, and get details.



Over the past two (2) weeks many of our online friends and family in the Midwest have been suffering tremendously because of the devastations and destructions of the vicious tornadoes that have been touching down, and tearing through their neighborhoods with a vengeance…[it seems!]  With its wrath, these massive and ferocious tornadoes have severely injured many; as well as destroyed lives, obliterated homes, schools, business, farms, and sadly has even taken lives of both young and old.  Needless-to-say, emotions are high, and families have been extremely distraught…simply overwhelmed with grief over the lost of their loved ones, and over everything they have earned…worked hard for, and built throughout their life.  It only leaves one to wonder why…why…why these weather phenomenon have been showing their amazing power and have been crazily ripping, not only people’s lives apart; but everything else that is in their path…as they roar across the land in the Midwest.

Unbelievable...so many lives lost…young and old; and numerous serious injuries suffered by both young and old!!!!  ALL SO HEARTBREAKING, especially observing the tears, comments, frustrations expressed (via the media outlets).  

Indeed, my heart absolutely aches with those who are suffering, and I can’t help but openly express my concern, sympathies, and condolences; for the many suffering from/and dealing with these unexplained and amazing phenomenon!  Just loosing everything in a matter of a few minutes certainly WILL…without a doubt tear at one’s heart.

If you wish to help those in need in the Midwest; CLICK HERE or on the pictures below to log on to www.redcross.com; and make your donation.  Every little bit counts; and I do ask that you keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.



Things are rather nice in my world now that calmness surrounds me.  The 2nd half of the month of May was somewhat crazy, plus unbearable, worrisome and tiresome at times; but what seem like a never-ending storm has passed.  My Grandmother “Nora” is at peace, and has been laid to rest in her final resting place in Trinidad.  Myself and my extended family here in the states were able to say our goodbyes during her service here in Maryland; and our extensive…extended family who reside in Trinidad truly was pleased that they too were afforded the opportunity to say their goodbyes to their dear sweet Mother, Grand Mother, Great…Great Grand Mother, and Great…Great…Great Grandmother, as well as wife, cousin, aunt, step Mother, and even spiritual daughter; as well as spiritual friend.  I know Grandmom Nora James-Yallery is absolutely at peace.

Thanks everyone who sent condolences; we sincerely appreciate it.  We also thank you for your blessings and kind words during this difficult time.  And to those who helped with her services in some form or another…THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your friendship, tremendous support, and incredible kindness.  And I’m certain my extended family THANKS you deeply too.  In fact, we send special THANKS to the Bristol Family.



As I bring my words to a close, I can’t help but reminisce about the interesting memories I have stored away about the month of June…in years gone by.  This was the month that DC Caribbean Carnival was held; and being a part of that team for a number of years [the team that produced/staged the Carnival]; as soon as June 1st arrived; the countdown to the big day begun.  Along with the running, meetings on a daily basis regarding our individual projects; and the making sure that all “loose ends” were tied up; in fact just working hard to making sure the event was a major success.  Honestly, I don’t really miss the tremendous hard work, endless meetings, and sleepless nights; but the joy of seeing a well produced event unfold and staged was truly gratifying.

This year the North America Carnivals kicked off in the 3rd week of May.  The first being the Atlanta Georgia Carnival, which took place during the week of May 19-26th.  That same weekend the Dekalb, Georgia Carnival took place - May 27th; as well as the Orlando, Florida Carnival May 27th-30th, and the San Francisco, CA Carnival - May 26-27th.  From all accounts they were lovely and enjoyable.

This weekend if you are in the Tampa, Florida area, check out the Tampa Carnival on June 8th.  Next weekend beginning on the 14th the (1) Charleston Carifest in Charleston, SC takes place on both June 14th and 15th; (2) the Philadelphia, PA Carnival takes place on June 15th; and (3) the West Palm Beach, Florida Carnival on June 16th.  Finally, during the 3rd weekend in June the Los Angeles (Hollywood,) CA Carnival takes place on June 23rd.  Of course in the month of July and beyond the expression of our Caribbean Culture continues with the staging of more Carnivals in different cities and states; so CLICK HERE to check out the dates and the cities/states; as well as countries for these upcoming events. (Courtesy: Carnivalinfo.com.)

OH, YOU MUST NOT FORGET ABOUT BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON ONE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL- (The combined Carnivals: Baltimore Caribbean Carnival and DC Caribbean Carnival) taking place in Baltimore on July 13-15th.  For details log on to:  https://www.facebook.com/cacabinc or https://www.dccarnival.org.



I do want to mention that I am pleased that my online friends (locally) made it a point to let me know the wonderful news regarding missing Virginia 16 year old teenager Arria Wright.  Arria returned home on May 28th (safe and sound) after she had been missing for several days. Additionally, I am truly happy that the son of a high schoolmate (27 year old Imari Sean Miller who was also missing) has returned home safely (Maryland) earlier this week.  The worry, as well as anxiety the parents endured was absolutely unbearable; but thankfully both Arria and Imari are now home safe with their family.


As I close my eNewsletter, DO KNOW THAT I LOOK FORWARD TO “VIBING” WITH YOU REAL SOON.   AND DO CHECK OUT OUR "EVENTS" PAGE for the extensive amount of events taking place during this month.

Enjoy your week ahead…until we chat again soon.

Happy Belated Birthday Yolanda; and Happy Birthday Beverlee, Collin, as well as Kirk!

Have a great Friday



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June 8, 2013


Happy Birthday Kirk


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June 7 2013



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