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  Hello-Rose-Red-Shadow.jpg (5036 bytes)Susan_Mangatal-72-13.JPG (17105 bytes)Dearest On-line Family and Friends...HELLO to you!  Hope all is good with you and your family; and life has been simply wonderful regardless of any difficulties ("ups and downs") you might have experienced; or maybe enduring currently.  Just know that everything will be wonderfully perfect again, and keep working at making it so!

I missed extending greetings to our Fathers for their special day; so please accept my belated Father's Day Greeting!  (Click on the picture below to read our Father's Day Message.) Hope the Fathers in our network had a splendid day, and it was an extremely happy one for all of you [our on-line Fathers.]

AEG_Happy_Fathers_Day_Greeting.JPG (62448 bytes)

I also missed sharing with you the importance of JUNETEENTH DAY; [as I have done in past years.] EmancipationDay-2.jpg (7391 bytes) On June 19th, 2013;  the celebration of the 148th Anniversary of Juneteenth took place.  An important and historical day in history; in fact it was the special day that marked the ending of slavery in the United States.  I do hope you took the time to acknowledge this super important day; read over its history, and commemorated it in some form or another.  CLICK HERE FOR THE HISTORY OF JUNETEENTH...The African American Emancipation Day!  For more understanding, and facts log into the informative site: http://www.juneteenth.com.      

Summer is officially here.  Although simply beautiful [so far,] the past few days have been scorchers (here...in my “neck of the woods.”)  According to my research Summer officially began last Friday (June 21st, 2013); and did you know it is said to have been the longest day of the year?  Honestly, I didn’t even notice; because to me everyday seems like it’s the longest day.  

Of course everything around me are in its full bloom (beautiful flowers in various gorgeous colors, trees full of life with its healthy green leaves, and shrubs just blooming and looking lovely.)  And not to mention the lawn; it just keeps growing and growing. I can’t say much for the plants we have kept in the house all Winter long, and even throughout Spring; they seem to have a mind of their own.  Once we placed them on our back porch for some sun and fresh air; it is clear they became unhappy and began loosing their leaves in a rapid pace. Unfortunately, we lost a few of them; but our favorite looks like it’s beginning to get happy again; and we see quite a bit of new growth…new leaves appearing (now that it is back in the house.) Hee...hee...hee, I guess that's why there are house plants...huh?  Obviously they love being in the house/indoors.

Without a doubt the rabbits are terrorizing our pet.  These little hopping creatures do some of the weirdest things to upset our somewhat mild mannered...loveable pet; causing it to chase them instinctively.  The poor pet becomes so angry that all our talks and lectures about chasing other animals during our daily walks are forgotten completely; which results in the pet getting yelled at and lectured again and again...LOL!!!  

SummerFunWishes-AEG.JPG (39303 bytes)  I hope the start of this 2013 Summer season is wonderful for each  and everyone of you; and may the entire summer be enjoyable and  full of happiness!

"And So With The Sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer"    ---F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Personally for my husband [Todd] and I, June this year has been quite different.  We got to experience the full realm of June being the month for weddings.  One wedding in particular that touched us deeply was a special one of a high school friend; who all throughout his life --- way back during our early days growing up in High School, he adamantly and continuously stated “I'M NEVER GETTING MARRIED!” Ha, he had to suck it up and eat his words recently.  He found the most beautiful woman and got married on Father's Day; in fact his union took place on a unique date --- the same date his mother and late Father got married 50 years ago (June 16, 1963); as well as late grandparents 90 years ago (June 16th, 1923).  His special day was the most loveliest and classiest; and was witnessed by a small group of people (family and dear friends) who heard him and his bride say their “I dos”! 

What we found to be most interesting about our friend's wedding was the actual service…the words and teachings from the pastor regarding "LOVE"...What Love Truly Is; along with his interesting homily about the true meaning of "US and "WE" as well as a "STRONG RELATIONSHIP."  My gosh, all through the Pastor’s sermon, Todd and I kept whispering to each other “can you believe this is exactly what we have been living...practicing --- just loving, being patient, trusting, respecting, appreciating, encouraging, and building each other up throughout all these years.  Can you believe we were doing this marriage thing right!"  Funny, we didn’t have a traditional wedding; just us taking our vows before the Justice Of The Peace.  But it is sincerely pleasing that we have been doing something right; clearly due to the amount of years we have been married.  Wow, and we never had someone preach this right way to us...EVER; it just came naturally.  We are so thankful and happy to have such a good thing going...a blessed union.  I am now convinced about renewing our vows...hum...maybe for our 30th Anniversary Celebration.  On the list of goals this will surly be added!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our dear friend Bruce Russell and his beautiful wife Estherlyn a wonderful marriage.  Everything the Pastor said to you on your special day Bruce and Estherlyn, you must follow; and without a doubt your marriage will be happy, strong, and full of love that will grow deeper and deeper.  

Mutual respect, along with patience, and understanding are three major keys; and you will find your union becoming more than just simply a husband and wife; but you will become partners, and the very best of friends.  

Using these simply keys will absolutely result in a deep love...a marriage of a lifetime; such as your parents...Bruce, as well as your grandparents, your brothers; and even us your high school friends.  CONGRATULATIONS DEAR FRIEND BRUCE and ESTHERLYN RUSSELL!  

LOL, Bruce we can't believe you have "tied the knot!"  Estherlyn is certainly a blessing, and a wonderful woman who clearly succeeded with helping you see the light about Marriage.


Now that we are in the final days of June; honoring, commemorating, and celebrating, Caribbean Americans for their significant contributions (to every sector of society; and overall in the American culture and history;) IS COMING TO A CLOSE!  This final week always ends with a “bang” due to the Institute of Caribbean Studies successful and interesting Legislative Week.  Although, I had intended on attending every event; due to my schedule something as simple as registering I didn’t have the time to do.  I began the process; but got side-tracked and never got back to fully completing all that I needed to do.  Well…perhaps next year!  

Per all the reports from my associates, everything has been nice!  So for those of you who will be attending the lectures, briefings, receptions, etc…etc…etc., during these last few days; PLEASE DO ENJOY! And absorb a lot...I always do!  I find all the proceedings, events, functions, etc. to be extremely interesting; and needless to say for me personally it has always been a learning and enlightening experience.

To learn more about June being National Caribbean American Heritage Month  - PLEASE CLICK HERE!  

Additionally, to read Congresswoman Barbara Lee Remarks on this years' (2013) Caribbean Heritage Month via her Press Release dated June 4, 2013 -  PLEASE GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE!  

To read the Proclamation President Barack Obama issued on May 31, 2013 - PLEASE CLICK HERE! or on the picture on the right!


You must know by now, that the Caribbean Carnival in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area is around the corner July 13-15th, 2013.  So to all the bands and masqueraders; the count down is about to begin!  Therefore, you must get yourself together to take part in the true expression of our culture; with music, costumes in various styles, themes, and colors, along with dancing, food, fun, laughter, liming, and drinks (of course.)   Check out the flyer below for all the details about BALTIMORE/WASHINGTON ONE CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL- (The combined Carnivals: Baltimore Caribbean Carnival and DC Caribbean Carnival) - July 13-15th.  For details log on to:  https://www.facebook.com/cacabinc or https://www.dccarnival.org.  


As I close, I must say that I hope justice is served for the untimely killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  I hope Trayvon’s Mother, Father, entire Family and Friends obtain the strength to make it through the trial of Trayvon’s killer, which is currently underway.  JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN!  

Trayvon's murderer Mr. Zimmerman must not walk free, and the deep rooted evil within Mr. Zimmerman must not be ignored. There is simply no excuse for a man to assume a young black youth was suspicious due to the clothing he was wearing, followed him (after being instructed by authorities not to do so), attacked him, and ultimately took his life…just shot him to death…killed him.  I SAY AGAIN JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN!!!




Our Sincerest Condolences to the family of Mrs. Rita; the owner of the successful "Mike and Rita's" Caribbean Restaurant, located on Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC 

Mike and Rita's successful Caribbean restaurant has been a staple in our Caribbean Community, and on Georgia Avenue for a number of years.  Of course, successfully managed by the Husband and Wife team (Mike and Rita).  It has been an amazing number of years this restaurant has been in existence; in fact I know it is more than 20.  However, what I do know is that it has been in my life for a very long time; and during this time Mrs. Rita was always there --- pleasant and ready to serve you.

From my experiences with this woman; I knew her as a hard working, wonderful person, who built and worked in her restaurant tirelessly, along with her husband (Mike) throughout these long years; successfully making her establishment the cornerstone of our Caribbean Community!  

I remember so fondly the friendly demeanor of Mrs. Rita, and how much her food took me back to my lovely Island of Trinidad...with every bite.  Most importantly, for the years I was a part of the organizing committee of DC Caribbean Carnival I was afforded the special opportunity to experience how much Mrs. Rita and her husband Mike loved their culture, and did everything in their power to help with exposing it, and building it; through their undying support of the Carnival.  Or any Caribbean event for that matter.  In recent years, I witnessed that same love, as this couple worked with other groups hosting their events at their restaurant.  

Mrs. Rita will surly be missed.  May she rest in peace!

Mike and Family, as well as friends; please accept our condolences.  And hold on to those special memories; indeed it will give you strength during this difficult time and in the future!!


In closing I must let you know --- THAT I LOOK FORWARD TO “VIBING” WITH YOU REAL SOON.   AND DO CHECK OUT OUR "EVENTS" PAGE for events taking place during the remainder of this month and beyond.

Enjoy your weekend, and the week ahead…until we chat again soon.

Happy Birthday Shana Mangatal

Have a great Friday



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July 13th-15th, 2013


For details log on to:  https://www.facebook.com/cacabinc or https://www.dccarnival.org.  

July 20, 2013

Bus Trip from Laurel, Maryland to Atlantic City, NJ Caribbean Carnival


July 27, 2013

Washington, DC


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June 27 2013



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