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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter-The Arious Grapevine - 6.24.2011: CAHM Continues| DC Caribbean Carnival This Weekend | Black Music | De Happenings

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Dearest Online Family and Friends: 

I hope all is well with you and your family; and I hope you are preparing to make your DC Caribbean Carnival Experience an awesome one [if you so happen to be in town.]

Continue Celebrating Caribbean-American Heritage!

An incredible week it has been indeed!  A week filled with conferences, briefings, receptions, one on one talks with the elite in the Caribbean community, and even with quite a few in The Obama Administration; plus meeting new business owners, and many who are progressively doing a lot to help their communities in their respective states.  Indeed…it was a fabulous Legislative week surrounding Caribbean-American Heritage Month. 

I truly hate to “sound like a broken record” when I say once again THANKS to Dr. Claire A. Nelson for all her extremely hard work, sleepless nights, and the very little time she has for herself [to name a few things she has sacrificed.]  Her passion for accomplishing her goals, and energy moves me!  Caribbean_Heritage_Month-HSM-WhiteHoiuseBriefing-2.JPG (54419 bytes)It’s always interesting talking with this woman because she has a way of making you see her vision, and just how she IS going to get there; even though she, as well as I know it’s a difficult road.  She is strong enough and willing enough to “fight the fight” and do the work to get there. 

It pleased me greatly to see the growth of her institute (Institute of Caribbean Studies “ICS), as well as the additions to her staff.  Most importantly, seeing that she has chosen to add staff members who are our young leaders of tomorrow; and who I know will indeed shape our future…that was wonderful!!!  I am glad that she is adamant on bringing these young people aboard and teaching them all she knows.  Hooray, to Dr. Nelson!  Moreover, she must be commended for all she is doing [all her efforts] to make this Caribbean-American Heritage Month memorable and successful.  Lastly, I am ecstatic to see that she has a “voice…in fact a loudddddd voice” on Capital Hill, and is seen and respected by many in The Obama Administration.  I clearly see the love they show her, and I am truly happy to see it!!!

Gee, as I reflect over this week, [in fact over this entire month;] I must say I am thankful to have been a part of all the going ons…I am glad we "AEG" has such a superb means to share with you our experiences, and what we have learned.  I am glad that we are looked at as leaders; and most importantly, I am glad that we have a voice!  Oftentimes I wonder if, and how we will accomplish our goals due to the strange roads and winding paths we are led upon.  I say to you my friends, don’t wonder or even worry if/when you come upon these strange roads and winding paths…they are just a means for you to learn, gain experiences and knowledge.  Personally, I never guessed in my wildest dreams that our roads would have taken us through a more serious and legislative direction….It’s all amazing to me, and I love it!  However, I know “knowledge is the key” and we are gaining so much of it on a daily basis.

Regarding the legislative sessions, I was pleased to connect with folks who are of Caribbean Heritage or Parentage working in the Obama Administration, and to hear them speak and share their responsibilities and the Presidents goals were fantastic.  I somehow felt a sense of pride as I listened to them, knowing that they are a part of history; and WOW they are connected to your island, or even mine.  I know they too must be proud!!!!

One gentleman in particular, I am glad to have officially met is Caribbean_Heritage_MonthHSM+MB-WhiteHoiuseBriefing-S.JPG (28584 bytes)Mr. Michael Blake, Associate Director of African American & Minority Business Outreach, The White House Office of Public Engagement; as well as his colleagues, who briefed us on various issues.  A great evening was planned and very well executed with panel discussions on Caribbean affairs including health Care & human services, civil rights, Minority Business plus health, education, immigration, and even on Haiti as it recovers and rebuilds from last year's devastating earthquake.  I must say to Mr. Blake: "Thank you Sir for taking the time to chat with me for a bit and for this fantastic opportunity."  Mr. Blake lead this years' White House briefing (as in past years;) entitled "Winning The Future", and the speakers indeed shared a lot with us, in order for us to take the messages back to our communities and groups. 

Truly folks President Barack Obama and his team are really “on the ball” and are doing a lot for Caribbean affairs, as well as all the other important issues I mentioned above [health Care & human services, civil rights, Minority Business, Minority health, etc. education, immigration, etc.]

Caribbean_Heritage_Month-HSM-WhiteHoiuseBriefing-1.JPG (42802 bytes)As I bring my thoughts to a close on “CAHM”, I will be remised if I didn’t say: I FEEL A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF JOY THAT THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITIES ACROSS THE UNITED STATES ARE BEING TRULY RECOGNIZED BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!

Yet another year have left me feeling euphoric about being able to be a part of the CAHM events at the White House and at various locations; plus within the government.  Still there are a few other important meetings to attend, so until the last day of this month the learning continues.

Please continue celebrating National Caribbean-American Heritage Month by practicing the following:
  • Celebrate the great contributions of Caribbean-Americans to the economic, social and cultural landscape of the United States.

  • Recognize the many contributions of Caribbean immigrants and their decedents to the well-being of America.

  • Celebrate the historic relationships between the people of the Caribbean and the people of the United States.

  • Pay tribute to the common culture and bonds of friendship that unite the United States and the Caribbean countries. (The vibrancy and hopefulness due to the talent, faith and values of Caribbean-Americans)

  • Commemorate Caribbean-American heritage, history, culture and contributions to the United States.

  • Recognize how Caribbean-Americans enriches society by being leaders in government, arts, entertainment, sports, fashion, poetry, theatre, in businesses and much more.

To contact me (Susan Mangatal) the following is my e-mail address susan@ariousentertainment.us  


DC Caribbean Carnival is Here and it takes place this entire weekend!

[Singing some lyrics from the Power Monarch Winner and Soca King of the World Machel Montano's song:] “The stage is in front of us…time to get advantageous...!!!” 

Yeah…Yeah on line family and friends Mr. Machel Montano is in town; and I hear he is doing big things today for Government Officials…the White House…he’s making history!  Shushhhhhh…doh tell nobody it’s a secret; especially doh tell nobody I say so…alright...LOL!!!

Yes…Yes…Yes, DC Caribbean Carnival is here, and needless to say NUFF excitement is in the air.  Machel is here; Iwer is here; KES and the band is here with there “Wotless” selves; Benjai ~~ Mr. “I is a Trini…ah trini” is here; as well as Blaxx; and even Chutney Soca Monarch Winner Rikki Jai. Plus a host of other Soca artists. All are in town scheduled to performing at their respective concerts/venues/etc. during the next 2 days.

I understand too that the Mas Men/Women and bandleaders have done a great job with their costumes (whether it be feathers, and sequins, paint or mud).  I also know the masqueraders simply cannot wait to get out on Georgia and Kansas Avenues to begin parading and showing off their costumes.  Yes, the festivities have begun here in the Washington DC and surrounding areas.

Woohoo...Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia from tonight and for the next 2 days IT WILL BE HOT...HOT...HOT!

The DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc “DCCC” President Mr. Barnes sent us their final Press Release, and you must read it for last minute details.  Check out some of it below or CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT! PLUS YOU MUST CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT CALYPSONIAN TRINIROLLO MUSICALLY DESCRIBE CARNIVAL!

Public Service Announcement

DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc.

4809 Georgia Avenue, NW, Suite 112 Washington, DC 20011

202-726-2204 phone   202-726-8221 fax


"D.C. CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL, INC., presents its 19th Annual DC CARNIVAL Extravaganza on Saturday June 25, 2011. Special thanks to the local Masqueraders, Office of the Mayor, District of Columbia Agencies, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Howard University, Caribbean Political Action Committee, sponsors and supporters who have embraced this cultural extravaganza with a strong sense of determination and fortitude to ensure its preservation!

  The DC CARNIVAL Parade will be held in Washington D.C. on Saturday June 25 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm along the Georgia Avenue business corridor, commencing at Kansas Avenue, NW and terminating at Barry Place, N.W. at the Howard University Campus."


It’s so funny…I resigned from the Carnival Committee “DCCC” for some years now and last night I simply could not sleep. I found myself restless, just tossing and turning; at times my heart was racing; and I was trying to understand why.  I realized that every year during this entire last week before Carnival and especially on the Thursday and Friday night before carnival, I never slept.  I was up throughout the nights preparing all the last minute things, documents, packages, permits, etc. that would make our Carnival run smoothly.  I guess the passion for seeing our culture exposed to so many is still embedded deep within me. 

Well, there are lots taking place surrounding Carnival, concerts, fetes, limes, etc.!  Tons of things to do, and artists from my country to see perform.  So I say to you please enjoy yourself; but do be extra careful as you hop from event to event.  Especially, get a designated drive if you plan on drinking.  HAVE A WONDERFUL and SAFE CARNIVAL!


This week, I will cut this commentary short, because the madness of Carnival has begun.  [Precisely why I cannot concentrate properly...LOL]

"FlashPoint" - Wow...ha...ha...ha!  Our Flashpoint creator Mr. Hollis Lashley is on hiatus...LOL!  I think because he is off preparing for Carnival. In fact, I believe he will be hosting the Rikki Jai show tonight in Hyattsville, Maryland.  And I’m sure he is also getting ready to really “take a good wine and a jump” tomorrow on Georgia Avenue, N.W.  On a serious note our FlashPoint will be back soon (after Mr. Lashley recuperates from all the Carnival activities and excitement).

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]


Finally continue to celebrate Black Music Month.  

Oh dear...by the way; as I mention music, the sentence was handed down on Reggae Superstar Mark Myrie aka "Buju Banton" yesterday (June 23, 2011).  It is very sad and unfortunate; and I do pray that the appeal process is swift, and goes smoothly.  I absolutely feel his, as well as his family and friends pain.  Go ahead and read the following articles for all the details. CLICK HERE TO READ and/or CLICK HERE!

blackmusicmonth-Main.gif (22114 bytes)Black Music Month…Please continue celebrating Black Music!    

Remember this month is the "time to recognize the many black music genres throughout time such as BlackMusicMonth-1.jpg (16618 bytes)Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Reggae, and Soca.  Additionally, during this time we celebrate the contributions black singers, composers, writers, producers and musicians have made in the history of music." 

During this month of this 33rd year of celebrating Black Music; we must continue to reflect on the generations of BlackMusicMonth-3.jpg (21448 bytes)African-American, and Caribbean recording artists and musicians, songwriters, etc. from around the nation who came before us with their great talents and contributions. We must remember it was they who paved the way for the many talented artists today.  Whether they were fighting to get paid for a gig, or on the battlefield with record companies and radio stations regarding getting more exposure and recognition for their work.  During this month we must take the time to commend them on their fight/s; and to pay tribute to their tenacity.  Additionally, this is the month we must show them how worthy they are.




Again, this weekend is truly an important and festive one,  especially with the celebration of DC Caribbean Carnival!


KLN-6.24.11+FRONT+L.JPG (170226 bytes)Tonight, Friday, June 24th; you must attend the "Rikki Jai", 2011 Winner of the Trinidad and Tobago's Chutney Soca Monarch; at the DC Carnival Chutney Soca Affair presented by KLN Promotions.  This event takes place at the Mirage Hall 2, 1401 University Blvd. Maryland  If you need tickets (I'm sure it's not too late) click the flyer on the left to get the information for purchasing them on line or from other ticket locations.  It will be a great show featuring NY's No 1 Chutney Soca Band "X3ME International" and "Major League Tassa Band"; plus a whole lot more.  


DCCaribbeanCarnival2011.JPG (128765 bytes)Tomorrow morning, June 25th beginning at 11:00 am is DC Caribbean Carnival Parade and Festival. Jump, wave and wine with the masqueraders on the streets of Washington DC, specifically Georgia Avenue, N.W.  See them as the showcase on the road the true meaning of Carnival  Click the flyer for all the details, or Scroll down to our "Featured Events" section.  You can also log on to http://www.dccaribbeancarnival.org.


WackRetroParty-6.25.2011-3.JPG (73499 bytes)Finally, after the carnival and for a nice Saturday evening lime, Go out and cool down with Trinidad's own Wack Radio.  The "Wack Retro Party" takes place at the Restaurant Brentwood @ 4400 Rhode Island Avenue, Brentwood, Maryland.  It is sure to be a nice cool down from all the days activities.  Click on the flyer for all the details or scroll down to our "Featured Events" section.


As I close, let me share with you once again the list of events specifically geared to celebrating National Caribbean-American Heritage Month in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Areas.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE LIST!

There as so many events taking place and for all the details, history, events, etc. on Caribbean-American Heritage Month; PLEASE CLICK HERE to log into the official Caribbean-American Heritage Month Website!  To Read the entire Proclamation issued by President Barack H. Obama ~~~ PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Events continue to take place in cities all across the United States commemorating Caribbean-American Heritage.  To learn all about what is going on in your city/state; I strongly suggest that you (1) log into Google, and do a search for “Caribbean-Amerian Heritage Month events [in your state;] and many of the events in your state should be listed.  Additionally, (2) go ahead and CLICK HERE to log into the official website of the Caribbean-American Heritage Month “The Calendar” to learn about many of the events taking place.    

GO AHEAD AND CLICK HERE FOR LOCAL "CAHM" Events; and you can also check our  “Events” Page for some additional events taking place. 



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As for friends, family and associates in our circle who are celebrating birthdays this week, we hope you have HappyBirthday-roses.jpg (7061 bytes)a wonderful time; and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.  

Ms. Lima Dunbar.  From myself and Todd and our AEG Family, we wish you a fantastic Birthday.  Enjoy it to the max; and all the best to you...Happy...Happy...Happy Birthday to you!



Please know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!  Thank you for your feedback, and your loyalty.   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our “Arious Grapevine;” and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.  Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us.

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Kindly check out our “Featured Events below!  Additionally, log on to our “Events” page to see all the events we are informed of.  Again, if you would like to share your thoughts about anything, feel free to send it directly to me at susan@ariousentertainment.us; and if you send it to ariousentertainment@earthlink.net, I will be sure to receive it.

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Featured Events  

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Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.   Also, there are several events taking place, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!




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June 24, 2011

Hyattsville, Maryland


June 25, 2011 

Washington, DC




June 25, 2011 

Brentwood, Maryland


July 3, 2011 

Washington DC


July 10 2011

Crownsville, Maryland
















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Have a great weekend! 

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