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Hello On-Line Family and Friends!  How have you been? I Truly hope everything is great for you in your world.  

May I ask, how was your Memorial Day holiday?  I hope you honored, paid your respects to, and saluted our nation’s heroes ... those courageous men and women who willingly gave their lives for this great country!  I also hope you reflected on their great sacrifices; especially the sacrifice they made to protect our freedoms.  We must cherish these wonderful men and women’s memory and legacy. Additionally, I hope you paid your respects to those in your life who has passed on (friends and family members.)



How amazing it is that a young man…a 29 year old recently became a multi-billionaire; by simply taking something that was already popular and turning it into one of the most fascinating pass-times in America.  This young man had a vision of taking social networking to another level; and created it.  Hum, and with a few clicks you are able to be connected; and stay connected with your friends, families, haters, and admirers, etc.  In fact, he totally revolutionized communication socially.  

If you guessed correctly, I am indeed talking about Mark Zuckerberg the creator of the global social networking website “FACEBOOK.”  Sometimes I wonder if it was a vision, he got lucky, or simply was chosen.  Whatever it may be; the fact remains he has become a billionaire.  Of course, today with all the troubles he/his company is enduring after going public (selling stocks of his company) his net worth has dwindled quite a bit in 2 weeks.  Nevertheless, he is still very close to the billionaire level; and is one who must be admired and acknowledged.

My husband Todd Mangatal and I always analyze and debate “Facebook;” and a few days ago he said the most thought provoking words about Mark Zuckerberg and his company; which I must share with you because it makes absolute sense. 

Facebook DOES NOT have TRUE VALUE or TRUE INCOME!  What it does have though, is billions of people in one place!  So how do you monetize billions of people to create true income? …And sooo [ah ha] Zuckerberg took his company public (decided to sell stocks); which due to its popularity sold like “hot cakes” taking him to the billionaire level.  But look at it closely though … those stocks were sold from false projections [which was absolutely NOT Monetized!]

The only way stock holds value is: …there must be some sort of an income from the company!  It is only logical, that the company must have an income for the stock prices to increase.  It’s impossible to make money out of nothing; so the stocks will keep dropping until it gets to the true value of the company.”

Todd Mangatal

Wow, his words immediately opened up my brain; and I realized he is absolutely right.  If you understand Todd clearly, then you too will realize his words are correct.  Further, on many of our discussions we have focused on how valuable "Facebook" is to the “Powers That Be;” because they only care about the NUMBER of people on the network.  Oh, the things one can do; and how one can shape so many by posting something and sharing it with billions in a second.  Yup, that is worth more than silver and gold; in truth it is priceless to the “Powers That Be!” LOL!!!!

Now, As I look at the company itself from the user’s point of view and how it effects folks in and around my world; I am fascinated by how "Facebook" has become a “fact of life”, and for many it has taken up so much of their lives and time.  

For us at Arious it is a wonderful tool, and pretty beneficial.  We especially love the benefit of sharing social events, interesting ideas, and facts that pertain to our business.  After all, out of "Facebook" the idea of our "MyCaribbean" came to Todd. [He saw it…visualized it, and created it – www.mycaribbean.us.]  On a personal level though, we utilize it to share what we want others to KNOW; and to stay in close contact with family and friends.  Recently, I read a good statement that fully and completely describes “Facebook!”

“Facebook is a mixture of people presenting a brand of themselves to other people and observing what others are doing without actually engaging with them in the real world.”

Fact…right?  Sadly though I have read and seen how fixated people have become with this popular social network; and how obsessed they have become as well.  I truly find there are some negative aspects about it: (1) I read a teenager ending his/her life due to a situation created online (2) Bullying frequently takes place; (3) I have witnessed people reading more out of a simple post and taking it personal.  And thinking that post was meant for them; when in fact it does not concern them or meant to be taken in a negative manner; (3) Wives/husbands becoming extremely angry with each other due to NOT clicking “LIKE” for each other’s post; (4) Fighting senseless silly personal battles.  I find it all to be crazy!!!!   LOL, Todd said to me recently he believes “Facebook" is going to be where World War III starts...at." Hehehe!!!

Understand folks, and understand clearly: "Facebook” is a place to network socially; keep in close contact with your friends and family.  It documents what’s taking place in someone’s life at the time…your life and your memories on a whole.   And it keeps those wonderful memories stored away safely; [LOL, until Facebook does something weird] so that when you wonder what happened in the past you can check the date on your timeline and see exactly what transpired on a particular day, or week, or month, etc. For many of us it is a tool, and absolutely not a place to “show off” or fight battles.  Many of us must STOP making too much of this social network, and stop reading into things that does not concern them.  Keep it about LOVE, CONNECTING, SHARING and SMILING [Which it does for me 95% of the time.]  Most importantly, NETWORKING SOCIALLY! 

Utilize “Facebook” in a positive manner; go ahead and sell yourself [it’s OK] ... go ahead and make money with it if you can ... go ahead and make friends from all across the globe ... plus go ahead and post your events; just don’t get lost…don’t lose the true meaning of socialization and networking.  

Hooray to Mark Zuckerberg!  Our goal and hope is that our Caribbean Social network (www.mycaribbean.us) will be as large, beneficial and profitable as his has become.

Oh, by the way, when on "Facebook" stop on by our Arious Entertainment Group Page; and show us some love by Clicking "LIKE" on our page.  You can view our page by CLICKING HERE.


The lovely month of June is upon us, and I must say this is my favorite month out of the entire year.  Gosh, for several years now I have been looking forward to June; because throughout this entire month my Caribbean Heritage is commemorated.  On a personal level during this entire month; I find myself learning, networking, sharing, meeting and greeting people of all "walks of life" from the Caribbean, being fascinated at lectures and conferences, etc.  The entire month is magnificent for me, and one that always gets tucked away in my memory bank!

Indeed it is Time To Celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage!

This entire month - "National Caribbean-American Heritage Month is dedicated to:

  • Celebrating the great contributions of Caribbean-Americans to the economic, social and cultural landscape of the United States.

  • Recognizing the many contributions of Caribbean immigrants and their decedents to the well-being of America.

  • Celebrating the historic relationships between the people of the Caribbean and the people of the United States.

  • Paying tribute to the common culture and bonds of friendship that unite the United States and the Caribbean countries. (The vibrancy and hopefulness due to the talent, faith and values of Caribbean-Americans).

  • Commemorating Caribbean-American heritage, history, culture and contributions to the United States.

  • Recognizing how Caribbean-Americans enriches society by being leaders in government, arts, entertainment, sports, fashion, poetry, theatre, in businesses and much more.

As you may know the celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month is in its 7th year.  It is absolutely wonderful to have an entire month dedicated to my Caribbean Heritage. Therefore, it is  time for us to truly recognize, pay tribute, celebrate and commemorate Caribbean-American Heritage.  

In the 109th Congress both the House and Senate unanimously approved H.Con.Res.71, a measured introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), on June 5, 2006, President George W. Bush issued a proclamation designating June as Caribbean - American Heritage Month.  This proclamation acknowledges the growing political and economic influence of the Caribbean Diaspora and its importance and contribution to the development of the cultural diversity of the United States.

For all the details, history, events, etc. on Caribbean-American Heritage Month; PLEASE CLICK HERE to log into the official Caribbean-American Heritage Month Website!  

Keep in mind events will be taking place throughout this month in cities all across the United States commemorating Caribbean-American Heritage.  Normally we received lots of events from folks in different states; and as I have done in previous years, I will try my utmost to post all that I receive.  However, for you to keep in the "loop" and "on top of things," I suggest that you (1) log into Goggle, and do a search for “Caribbean-Amerian Heritage Month events [in your state;] and many of the events in your state should be listed.  Additionally, another good source to obtain information regarding events is for you to log into the Official Caribbean-American Heritage Month Website - to their calendar.   Go ahead and CLICK HERE to log into the official website.

To kick things off this year [locally] the DC Caribbean Film Festival begins today- June 1 and will run until June 4th.  This 12th Annual DC Caribbean Film Festival takes place at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center, located at 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 (301) 495-6700.  CLICK HERE for all the details and to view all the films that will be shown or CLICK HEREYou can call (202) 223-1960 Ext. 137 for more information.  Additionally, you can obtain/purchase tickets on the following site: http://www.afi.com/silver/films/2012/v9i2/dccaribbeanfilmfest.aspx.

To view the Press Release of this event received from the Institute of Caribbean Studies go ahead and CLICK HERE!

As I close, I ask you to please keep in mind that during this special month we certainly must take the time to celebrate us, our culture, contributions  and commemorate our heritage and history

Chuck Brown “The Godfather of Go Go" was laid to rest yesterday and it was a somber day, but a happy one never the less; full of celebration and love.  The entire DC Metropolitan Community will love and miss Chuck dearly...and forever will!  Moreover, Washington DC will always remember and adore him for creating such a unique DC sound “Go Go;” introducing it, nurturing it, defining it, and being passionate about exposing it.  And for making history with their beloved "Go Go" music!  

Below I have shared our Tribute to Chuck Brown once again.  If you did not have an opportunity to read our written tribute to Chuck.  CLICK HERE to read!  Click on Mr. Brown's picture below to view our video tribute.

"My Tribute To Chuck Brown:  My motivation for creating this video is: first and foremost to express what a great loss it is that Chuck is gone. Additionally, I find folks must be aware of how important he was in creating the sound of DC "Go Go," why he was called the "Godfather of Go Go," and how he opened doors to take "Go Go" International."


We love you Chuck, and we are thankful that you put DC on the map with the funky, percussion driven music called "Go Go."  Indeed, your music will live on!!!

Our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and fans!  May the lovely memories you hold dear for Chuck Brown comfort you in this time of grief, and always!

To learn more about our Legend Chuck Brown visit his website: http://windmeupchuck.com/ 



   OBAMA 2012 





Please do have a great and blessed weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

We absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.   

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To the many who have been joining our social network www.MyCaribbean.us.  

Todd Wishes for you to check out the following video that is now playing on www.mycaribbean.us.  Once you are a member, you will have no problem viewing this video! Please click the picture below to view!


PLEASE NOTE: www.MyCaribbean.us. is truly a fantastic network; very much like the popular "Facebook" but geared to folks who are Caribbean, and to those who love everything Caribbean.  Indeed this targeted ultimate social network for the Caribbean is one we are very proud of, and proud of its growth.  Additionally, it's exciting and very useful in uplifting and educating.  We are ready to take it to the next level, and we hope you join us as we do; by logging on frequently, and participating in the discussions, chat, post your events; share your photos, videos, music, etc.  Most importantly, we hope you WILL share this site with you friends and family members.  Please let them know that it's pretty cool; and they should log on and joinSee the below information regarding www.MyCaribbean.us.


M y   C a r I b b e a n  is a social network all about everything Caribbean.  We believe this will be a great tool to link up the Caribbean community, people, lovers of everything Caribbean, and those who would like to learn about other cultures. The possibilities are endless of what we can achieve as a team at www.mycaribbean.us 

M y   C a r I b b e a n has everything that the other networks offer, except our target is the Caribbean.  In addition to this being a great tool in promoting and exposing the vast cultures and traditions of the various Caribbean countries; this will be a place to meet new friends, and link up with old ones.  Being that My Caribbean is a community, this means everyone are invited.  

Cordially invite you to join

M y   C a r I b b e a n

An exciting Social Network especially for the Caribbean & for those who are interested in, and love everything Caribbean! www.mycaribbean.us 

Log On and check it out, it's absolutely free.

Build your own page "Your Spot" on the network and build a network of friends!

Add your videos, photos, events & favorite music!

Write Blogs, participate in Forums, and discussions and Chat on-line!

Plus Much...Much More!

If you have a "Facebook" page & you are interested in things Caribbean, you will love My Caribbean. So LOG on & check out some of the hottest Caribbean Music, hottest Videos & lots of beautiful photos.

Please join us by Logging on and Making it yours & help make My Caribbean all it can be!

~Make It Yours~





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