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Hello On-Line Family and Friends, how are all of you doing?  I do hope everything is fine in your world, and you are doing absolutely wonderful.  Quite a few weeks have passed since we last connected via our “Arious Grapevine.”  And that has been far beyond my control!  In fact, the “daily grind” has got me in a whirlwind and has kept me unbelievably busy.  It’s all good though...because unique and wonderful opportunities have arisen; and ambitious as I am, undoubtedly I am expressing my enthusiasm…fully demonstrating my interest, and taking on the challenge completely.  As a matter of fact, I have devoted myself to strengthening my skills; and is doing everything in my power to acquire the necessary knowledge, as well as "the tools" to attain proficiency (in that particular field); so that I can accomplish and succeed everything that has been set forth before me.  Of course, Arious is my main goal and purpose in life (as it always have been for both my husband and I); simply because it is my/our future and the answer and vehicle to accomplishing all my/our ultimate dreams..  However, as hard as it is for me currently “juggling” everything;  I feel I can accomplish the opportunities in my daily grind, and continue moving and working towards my ultimate goal with Arious…simultaneously.  Enough Said…LOL...so do wish me luck…OK!


Now that it's the beginning of the 3rd full week in May; the weather is becoming extremely beautiful!  Although, still very “nippy” at times; but overall it is absolutely gorgeous.  

Last Sunday (May 12, 2013) was super awesome; due to each and everyone of us honoring, thanking, celebrating, and showing our deepest appreciation to our Mothers for all they have done for us; and for their undying LOVE.  So, I too at this time must wish each and everyone of our Moms, Grand-Moms, Great Grand-Moms a BELATED HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!  LOL…I am not a Mother; but my pet seems to think I am; and therefore I go along with the program.  However, for folks like me; those with maternal bonds, those who are great mother “figures” (motherly influences); and to motherhood in general; I “raise my glass to you” as I wish each and every one of you a BELATED Happy Mother’s Day!

Another reason why last weekend was awesome in my world was because I had a birthday; and when you get to be my age; you just want to forget about birthdays because it only symbolizes how old one is becoming.  So, needless-to-say this year was quieter than years past; but it was fantastic.  I do want to thank the many that sent greetings to me via eMails, and even via the social network “Facebook;” as well as “MyCaribbean.”  My intention is to THANK each and every one of you; and I absolutely will once my schedule eases up a bit…[although it will be a great mission {only because of the amount of "Thank Yous" I must prepare and send.}]  However, it will be fun and extremely rewarding for me.  In fact to those among my on-line family, go ahead and please read my “Thank You” message below. 

Friends and Family: 

Thanks to all of you for the superb birthday greetings.  Indeed...another long year, and another number added to my age; but I am so very grateful to hear from all of you out there.

It truly means a lot to me that you took the time from your busy lives and schedule to wish me a happy birthday; and I feel soooo very blessed to have each and every one of you as my friend.  

Thanks for helping to make my day beautiful with your lovely words, for the special … awesome … tingly feeling you gave me as I read all of your messages; and most importantly for the beauty I have in my life, and in my surroundings…the beauty that illuminates from each and everyone of you.  




Being that Mother’s day was celebrated only a week ago; and due to some dreadful information regarding two of the most IMPORTANT WOMEN in my life; I must confess that this week has been the most “worrisome”; nerve-racking, and distressing for me. My dear Mom has fallen ill; although her diagnosis is serious,  I am thankful that it is not life threateningI can't help worrying though, about the medical treatment she will be receiving in Trinidad. As a matter of fact, she has already called and shared with me her awful experience/treatment from a local Surgical Center.

And what has been even more devastating and saddening for me is losing my Grandmother!  My Mother's Mom, a sweet woman and strong...A women of undying faith, and deep love for her Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren..., and her family on a whole; passed away just 2 nights ago (May 17, 2013). 

  Grandma Nora Mammy as we all lovingly called her, lived a very full life in Trinidad, and here in the United States.  In fact, she was in her late 80’s; and up to two years ago when I spent some time with her in Trinidad she was active, wise [as she always has been] comforting, encouraging, and loving as she held my hand looked deep into my eyes and spoke some of the most meaningful, and comforting words to me during the time I was moaning the loss of my dear brother.  

  I always find myself talking about the strength of Women; but this woman... “Mammy” was the meaning of strength and wisdom.  Indeed, she will always stay in my heart and my mind.  

  To her daughters: I pray that all 8 of you are comforted with the lovely memories of your Mother-Nora [the 3 that reside here in the states, and the other 5 that lives in Trinidad.]  As well as all her Grandchildren, Great-Grand children, Great-Great Grand Children, husband, and even step-children.  

  May this lovely gentle woman … this Grandmother of mine … the woman who was the "FORCE" in helping me get to the US; so that I would be given a chance to excel, and better my life and my family's ... this woman with a heart of pure gold REST IN PEACE!  We all will miss our "Mammy" dearly.  [Picture Courtesy of Cousin Bryan Ronald Joseph.]




Another wonderful...beautiful woman passed on to a spiritual world of peace and love this week, and we send our sincerest...deepest condolences to the husband, children, family and friends of Marjorie Lawrence-Sargeant.  Earlier this week, a dear colleague called with the dreadful news; and it struck me hard because soon after I returned from Trinidad some months ago; I learned that Mrs. Lawrence-Sargeant had fallen ill.  My husband Todd and I kept her in our prayers constantly, and sent well wishes.  I was even glad to hear from her husband who indicated that she received our card and was in good spirits and expressed her thanks.  As I reflect on Mrs. Lawrence-Sargeant, and my experiences with her; I must say she was a woman ALWAYS full of energy.  And from my observations very active not only in the community; but also as a singer, dancer, as well as an avid Mas player.  It always seemed she was having a great deal of fun as she performed with her beloved Image Band.  I personally found her willingness to help in any situation, truly admiring; which brings to mind all she has done to help the DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc "DCCC" be the best it can be.  When/if the group needed Mrs. Lawrence-Sargeant to fill in and handle any job; she was there, enthusiastic and willing to help.  She absolutely did a good job “manning” the entrances of the carnival/festival; specifically when it came to the collection of the entrance fees.  Mrs. Lawrence-Sargeant certainly kept our monies straight.  Among so many other jobs she eagerly took on, and handled to the best of her ability.

We will certainly miss Mrs. Lawrence-Sargeant greatly! To our associate and friend Mr. Loughton "Sarge" Sargeant…please do accept our sincerest condolences, and we know undoubtedly this time in your life must be a bit overwhelming; but you must hold dear to the wonderful memories of your dear sweet Marge.  I can tell you from my own losses, that those memories will keep you strong and keep you going.  Below are the details Loughton "Sarge" Sargeant provided about his wife's service.

Mrs. Marjorie Lawrence-Sargeant Memorial Service

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of Marjorie Lawrence-Sargeant, wife of Loughton "Sarge" Sargeant on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. A memorial service will be held in Marge’s honor at The People’s Community Baptist Church, 31 Norwood Road Silver Spring, MD 20905 on Thursday May 23, 2013 at 10:00 am.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in Marjorie’s honor at: http://support.themmrf.org/site/TR?type=fr_tribute_fund&fr_id=1040&pxfid=24490&post_id=19130&bpg=rlist&pg=fund 



As you may know, the annual Pan Jamboree produced by Pan Master’s Steel Orchestra will be held during Memorial Day weekend.  Did you know that this is the 15th year for this special event.  I ask you to make plans to attend this wonderful cultural event.  Below are the details.  Additionally, you can log on to www.panmasters.com


Happy Birthday Lisa Waddell-Rose - The owner of Jerk Pit in College Park, Maryland.  And to you Mr. R. Barnes...Happy Birthday!



Enjoy your week ahead…until we chat again soon.


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May 19, 2013

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