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T&TPrimeMinisterKamla&Susan-4.5.2011-M.JPG (42801 bytes)Dearest Online Family and Friends: We hope all is well with you and your family.   Keeping in touch with you on a weekly basis is a wonderful thing , and we are truly appreciative to have this fantastic opportunity!  I thank you for always taking the time to read and correspond.  Your feedback is extremely helpful to me, and is so very welcomed.  (The picture to the left is of Susan Mangatal and the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla Persad Bissessar - 4/5/2011)

Severe and Terrifying Weather

As the month of April come to a close, I find myself reflecting on the saying “April Showers bring May flowers”.  They say showers in April…huh?   Well, a lot more have been taking place during this month of April than just showers.  Devastations, destructions, loss of lives, loss of homes, fires, floods…all stemming from natural disasters and severe weather conditions.  Gee, America seem to have been hit extremely hard (especially here on the East Coast) with some storms that have left many citizens horrified; with a severe ache in their heart, and absolutely weak physically and mentally from losing family members, their homes, and just about everything they possess.

As I think about the severe weather, my mind races back to our experience last Sunday.  On Easter Sunday after dinner, while chilling and checking out one of Tyler Perry’s movies; we were interrupted by a loud thumping on the roof of our home.  Of course, we ran to the front door with the pet close behind who was both barking and whining about the loud sounds coming from the roof, and even our windows.  To our disbelief, there were massive amounts of hail (pretty large in size) falling out of the sky; and the clouds were black all around us ~~~ just moving around rapidly.  This was an incredible sight; and a big surprise to us since most of the day was extremely beautiful.  We personally had no damage, but an awful downpour of non-stop torrential rain, accompanied by loud thunder bursts and frequent dangerous looking lightening strikes shooting across the skies.

This severe weather never really eased up.  Because in the past two days, more horrifying storms have moved 2011-SouthernStatesTornado-1.jpg (2511 bytes)across the Southern States and have spawned killer tornadoes; which have taken the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people (the count is constantly increasing); and have injured many more; as well as flattened cities.  Hum, most news headline reads: “Deadly Tornadoes Kills many across the South.”  And it certainly did!  Tornadoes and thunderstorms rolled across many southern states (reports are stating from Mississippi to New York) causing havoc, and leaving everything in ruins…in complete destruction; plus taking many precious lives along the way.  [Its been reported that almost 900 tornadoes touched down in the US during the month of April.]

I can certainly attest to what have been transpiring in my area, and it’s pretty bizarre.  Just some crazy large black clouds, many with lots of rotation popping up in different areas (across Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland;) and quite a bit of rain.  Wow, it is really distressing.  Funny that two (2) nights ago I was looking over my husband’s shoulders as he scrolled through his “Facebook” page; and we both saw a post from a gentleman…he wrote: “Judgment Day is tomorrow…what will you do?” (April 28th.) Of course we laughed, but it makes you wonder; especially since the skies have been looking like judgment day is upon us. 

To all my on-line family and friends, I stress that you make every possible effort to be safe, and keep your family safe as well.  The severe weather patterns that are causing havoc across BlessYou.jpg (30477 bytes)America are very worrisome.  For those who lost loved ones, please accept our sincere condolences.  Truly, we feel your pains and our  sympathies to all of you who lost loved ones and lost everything.  Also, keep in your thoughts and prayers the many citizens of America who are enduring this tremendous loss, and who have been injured due to these extremely dangerous tornadoes, severe storms and absolute crazy weather.



A Special Note

LOL…Alright, I acknowledge I’ve been sounding "kinda" peculiar lately.  The topics I choose to write about is very different from the past.  What is it you ask?   I guess I am finally growing up!!!!  As you know everything in Todd and my life has been about music (our biggest love;) as well as concerts, events, and parties.  It’s all still there, but we are indulging in them a lot less frequently than before; and to be quite honest we really feel there is no reason to talk about them as we did in the past (mainly because they have become uneventful....LOL)  

So, what can I say…I guess lately other things have become more important; after all these are serious times, and it’s quite evident that seriousness have entered into our lives.  Therefore, we ask you to bear with us as we move along the pathway that has been laid out for us.  Even though the path may not be smooth along the way, we strongly believe it will take us toward all the dreams we are seeking to achieve.

LOL...Now, back to a serious matter…LOL!!!



The Famous and controversial "Birther" Issue

For the past two weeks some incidents took place that have left me a bit irritated; regarding the very much talked about “birther” issue ~~~ Was President Obama born in the United States? 

Media folks, Right Wing Whacko, Republicans, Tea Party members and just plain racist people; give this topic a rest…PLEASE!  Don’t you think President Obama have already been completely investigated and thoroughly scrutinized the minute he made the serious decision to “run” for the highest Office in the land (he is a black man…you know!)  Surly, everything was done to make sure this black man COULD or COULD NOT run for President [especially something as important as his place of birth.]

What absolutely irks me about this issue, is the fact that no other President was asked, harassed, badgered, belittled,  and just plain disrespected regarding them being born in the U.S.  Forgive me for being blunt, but I guess since all the past President’s skin is white; it was a non-issue regarding their place of birth.  Of course, since Obama is a black man…an African American man (50%); surly they would come up with all kinds of craziness regarding his place of birth.  Truly, no matter how you look at this issue; to me it all falls back on race!!! 

Disappointing to me though, instead of President Obama handling it like he is “THE DECIDER;” or even “THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF; and tell the ignorant people to all “go jump in a lake”.  He produces his Birth Certificate and made the following statement: "I’m speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press," … "We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do."  Yup, I wonder what got into President Obama’s brain that convinced him to produced his Birth Certificate!  Many of us wonder if producing the Certificate will stop the craziness...will it truly solve anything?  Honestly, I THINK NOT!  In fact, I don’t think it will go away, because he has announced he will run for his current position…for President again in 2012.  Yes, I certainly believe it will continue; and will continue being a reason to discredit him, and to be used as a major distraction throughout his re-election campaign.   

In my opinion he just “brushed” off an important race issue, instead of addressing it “head on.”  The only way to begin solving this ugly racism problem that has plagued America throughout time, is to deal with it straightforwardly and handle the situation NOW.  Not just brush it under the rug and hope it will disappear.

And what about that Republican Committee woman out West (Orange County, CA) who placed President Obama’s face on a Monkey (depicting  Obama as a monkey;) which was placed on an e-mail and distributed to a small group of GOP Committee members.  The image is captured in a family portrait of chimpanzee parents and child; with President Obama’s face superimposed on the young chimp, with text that reads: “Now you know why no birth certificate.”  This woman Marilyn Davenport’s idiotic explanation and her first uncaring apology was what “blew” me away.  [They are racist and don’t even see it, and refuses to acknowledge it.]

Quite frankly the picture was appalling, and her explanation for doing it was idiotic.  I, again read this woman’s first apology; and it didn’t sit easy with me.  It is clear she is totally oblivious to the fact, by her words in the apology she issued (her 1st apology.)  I however noticed by her second apology, she seemed a tad bit sincere.  Indeed “A picture speaks a thousands words, but initially I could not bring myself to add it here on the front page of my E-Newsletter.  In fact, I didn’t want to help them with their dirty works, but I re-evaluated the situation; and felt folks need to see how hateful many in America are.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW (Courtesy of AllVoices.com).  You can also CLICK HERE TO READ MORE DETAILS on this issue.  WILL THE RACISM EVER STOP HERE IN AMERICA???  IT IS QUITE CLEAR THAT IT IS DEEPLY EMBEDDED IN PEOPLE’S SOUL, AND IT CANNOT BE REMOVED!!


The Royal Wedding

Regarding the wedding of the century - The Royal wedding; I find the media coverage a bit much!  However, I do remember as a young girl attending high school watching via TV Prince Charles and his late wife Princess Diana's wedding ceremony.  It seemed like just yesterday, leaving school and walking along with my best friend Gloria S. to this great shoe store in midtown Wash. DC; and as we walked we stopped at every store window that had a TV to glance at the royal wedding.  I clearly remember how much Gloria was in awe at the sight of this event, and me~~~I was just amazed by the very long train on Princess Diana’s white gown (she certainly looked like a Princess on that special day.)  Wow, now so many years later (the reports are stating 30) here is one of Prince Charles and his late wife Diana’s son “William” taking the same important steps his parents took so many years ago.  I do wish the lovely young couple all the best in their marriage.  As for everything else; they are royalty, so they certainly have it all and “then some.”




As I bring this week’s e-mail to a close, and being that April is about to end; I must bring awareness to a disorder that is near and dear to my heart (Autism.)  THE MONTH OF APRIL IS RECOGNIZED AS AUTISM MONTH, AND IS USED TO BRING AWARENESS TO AUTISM!

In the past I have written about a very important person in my life who had autism.  I say “HAD,” because this wonderful man left me his Sister, and Brother-In-Law Todd; as well as his loving Mom, his Brother, his Sister-In-Law, his nieces and his dad one morning early.  (A wintry cold holiday morning here in the states, and one I will never forget.  My family remember the day being very hot in Trinidad, a day they will never forget as well)  My baby brother left this world approximately 5 months and 4 days ago; not from autism; but from some other health issues/ailments.  However, this lovely man lived with autism throughout his short life.  

AUTISM - A severe developmental disorder that begins at birth or within the first 2 & ½ years of a child's life, and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the function of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communications.  Most autistic children and adults are perfectly normal in appearance, but spend their time engaged in puzzling and disturbing behaviors, which are marked differently from those of typical children.  They show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.  Autism is one of five disorders that fall under the umbrella of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), a category of neurological disorders characterized by “server and pervasive impairment in several areas of development.”


I found the following statement to be very true “Autism is thought as just a fate one accepts,” and it was certainly one that my immediate family and I accepted; our relatives [on the other hand] did NOT.  And as my family and I laid my brother to rest we had to hear all sorts of explanations about my brother’s life.  Even in death, comments were being made about the small differences he exhibited.  Yup, my family and I had to deal with people who have foolish beliefs and will never accept the facts about a normal disorder.  Clearly, even in death the discrimination and stigma exists.  During that sad time of my life, folks felt it was important to share with me (and with everyone who would listen) their crazy ideas and beliefs of how my brother became ill (like I didn’t know the true reason, or witnessed it when it occurred).  On many occasions I just wanted to scream "STOP IT FOLKS…IT WAS NOT A SPIRIT OR A JUMBIE OR A DUPPIE THAT ENTERED MY BROTHER’S LIFE…IT WAS ONLY AUTISM."  A disorder, that was not understandable back when my brother was a baby, or even recognized.  People absolutely want to believe what they want; and then have the nerve to share it during a sad time of my life and my family’s life, as we laid Mark to rest.

In loving memory of Mark I have shared with you below, what I wrote about my brother a year ago as I brought awareness to Autism [7 months before my brother passed away this was written, and he neither stressed to us that he was in constant severe pain, nor gave us any real signs that he was in such poor health and was desperately ill.  We never got a proper or distinct sign that his life on this earth was coming to an end…7 short months later.)

“I recall my younger years with my beloved Markie who I know is autistic (NOW,) and he started off being just a beautiful normal child taking his first steps and words.  However, one day out of the “clear blue sky” young Markie seemed to have taken ill.  He was no longer the baby boy we knew him to be, his speech stopped; his behavior was unexplained; and communicating with him as we did in the past was not achievable.  As I look back at life with Markie, he truly exhibited all the signs of being autistic throughout his growth, but in my country (Trinidad) this disorder was not one in the forefront.  Actually, back then there was little to be found on the subject.  As a matter of fact, I understand for many years this disorder was found to be rare; but since the early 1990’s the rate has increased exponentially around the world.  [Boys with this disorder out-number girls four to one]. 

Therefore, young Markie was talked about and treated as the “possessed child”.  Everyone in the family and throughout the entire neighborhood would say an evil spirit was living within him (possessed) due to his actions, his lack of normal speech, his lack of communication skills, his repetitiveness when he did speak, his sometimes wondering off (the spirit had taken him on a journey/excursion…folks would say), and as you can imagine no help was ever seeked for him.  Gosh, I have witnessed how smart Markie has been and how extraordinarily intelligent he has become.  He would amaze me with his unusual knack for mechanics and electronics and with no training whatsoever.  He would and still will dissembling a radio or any electronic equipment and put it back together as good as new in a short amount of time; he knows everything about vehicles (weird since no one around him in Trinidad owns one); he would see something now, and later sketch it exactly as he saw it (truly a photographic memory).   Some of the hardest puzzles were purchased for him and he would put them together in a matter of minutes.  Markie most definitely is very intelligent!!!!  Most recently, family members tried convincing me that he is unable to read.  Yeah…right…LOL! Markie looked at the computer and read to me exactly what he saw.  OH NO…NO…NO, Markie is not possessed…he is just autistic, and I wish the family was made aware of this years ago so that treatment could have been seeked, and the proper schooling would have been obtained for him. “

The fact is Autism is treatable, and with some treatment it may lead to great improvement.  Of course, age has had a direct impact on the outcome; because typically, the earlier a child is treated the better the prognosis will be.  I read, even though the majority of autistic persons remain impaired in their ability to communicate and socialize, but that in recent years there has been a great increase in the percentage of children who can attend schools in a typical classroom and live semi-independently in community settings.  I urge you to read and learn more about autism.  It has impacted my life greatly, and with knowledge it may help you understand this disorder and impact your life too.  Click here to learn more from the Autism Institute. www.autism.com and to help/support log on to www.autism-society.org   If you are in Trinidad contact The Autism Society of Trinidad and Tobago by logging on to their site: http://www.autismtt.org, or phone: 868-646-5506, or e-mail or autismtt@gmail.com.



Mr. Lashley was kind enough to share more of his writings with us.  Check out his this week’s FlashPoint below.  See Mr. Lashley's note to you (our on-line family and friends), and proceed with reading his FlashPoint entitled Blessings For Today"

Hello Arious Family, ONE LOVE

Thursday, April 28, The Literacy Council Of Prince George's County celebrated a Poetry night and hosts an appreciation for volunteers. I was the host for the evening. Today is Friday, and what is important is not my being there but the fountain of compassionate individuals who give attention to the needs of others right here in our community, and quietly without the fanfare. This is dedicated to all who volunteer, and to those whose lives are transformed by being served from the spirit.


Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart


Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  


There is no place where Presence cannot be,

And as this mind is opened up to see,

I ask indwelling Spirit deep within

To guide my every step acknowledging,

That of myself, I’m but a lump of clay,

Welcoming life’s new moment, and Today.


I give thanks for the Light and Love and Power,

Which manifests by Grace, in every hour.

I give thanks for the life from Spirit source,

And all attendant Blessings too, of course.

I give thanks to the font from which I come,

Just asking that my earthly task be done

As heaven wills it on this plane below;

A clean slate to fill again with Love, I know.


I thank you for this Now, expressed today,

As I spread seeds of Compassion on my way.


And it is so, Amen!

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]






As I close, I must remind you that this weekend is the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Read the information below that was sent to me from the Coalition of Jamaica.

Penn Relays 2011

(The Invasion)

The history books stated that America, since its birth has never been invaded or beaten but on its own soil. However, the history books may have to be rewritten come April 28, 29, 30, 2011 base on the results at the Penn Relays on the grounds of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where an army of Caribbean athletes from Barbados, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and the invaders from Jamaica will challenge and beat the American athletes. Since the 1950's, Jamaican athletes have been participating in the annual Penn Relays event. The athletes representing Jamaica has been dubbed "Sprint Factory of the World" which has always been the highlight at the Penn Relays every year. Jamaican Nationals living in United State of America became very annoyed by the problems that kept the army of Jamaican athletes from performing at their true potential. They noticed that just like the United States military, Jamaican athletes could only go as far as their resources will carry them similar to the troops fighting for their country. Most importantly, Jamaican athletes were arriving in the USA with no guarantees of housing, food, or personal assistance that could potentially impact their performances.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL TEXT and get details.


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As for friends, family and associates in our circle who are celebrating birthdays this week, we hope you have HappyBirthday-roses.jpg (7061 bytes)a wonderful time; and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.  

Very Special Birthday Wishes to Petra Rolle

Special Birthday Wishes are being sent Kenley John (Shortmus)

Aunt Allison all the way in San Fernando,Trinidad - Happy Birthday!!!

Dorothy: Hope your Birthday was fantastic.  All the best to you.  

Happy Birthday to a few of our associates, as well as to the many celebrating their special day on www.mycaribbean.us; especially  All Our www.mycaribbean.us friends especially DJ lady sweetness, and DJ Rasta King; Eveth Walters, Hope, and Shirley Clarke.

We hope all of  you enjoy your special days immensely.


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