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Hello My Dear wonderful friends and family; I hope you are happy, healthy, superb and doing extremely well!   Me-Susan_and_Nieces-Ms.jpg (147568 bytes)

It's me...your friend Susan Mangatal popping in to say hello, and to catch up a bit with you...in fact "vibe" with you.  A few weeks have passed, and life has been interesting as usual.  Now, that we are back in the States I am loving being home in my own bed, and enjoying the house, my surroundings, my pet, and even my "daily grind" tremendously. LOL!

Isn’t it unbelievable that the first quarter of the year [2013] has come and gone already; and WOW spring is here…in fact “Spring has Sprung…right???  Frankly, if anyone had asked me that question any day last week (the 1st week in April) I would have yelled: “Hah…Nope, not in my area.”  If you reside in any parts of the Eastern Seaboard, you would have been yelling the same thing too; because up until a few days ago the coldness simply WOULD NOT cease and go away…it just kept lingering on, and on, and on.  While, I’m currently worried about the airborne pollen that normally gives me [an allergy sufferer] misery during Springtime and keeps me sniffing, sneezing, and wheezing constantly; I am happy and thankful the season clearly is coming into full bloom; which began this past weekend (as all the meteorologists predicted…and they were soooo right.)  Needless-to-say, these past few days I have been thrilled to fully shed and dismiss the winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots that had become a constant part of my life. 

Spring-Budding_Tree_in_Maryland-2013-March.jpg (154048 bytes)Now, back to “Spring being Sprung;” have you focused on the buds that are “shooting out” on the Cherry Trees and several other trees in your area; as well as the wild flowers “popping out” and growing everywhere?  Indeed I have noticed all of them; and I am always mesmerized by the changes, the greenery, the lovely colors, of the budding flowers, the overall beauty; and most importantly the rebirth and renewal that takes place during this lovely time of year.Rabbit_On_Our_Lawn_Munch_on_Grass-March-2013.jpg (152078 bytes)  And hum, naturally I am fascinated by the busy [large] bunny rabbits who are out and about just having a hearty time nibbling away at the grass on my lawn in the front and back yards.  I watch them in amazement because it seems they are always chilling along the walkway --- very close to the grass --- just below the steps leading to my front door, and incredibly they couldn’t care less about being in my way; nor about me approaching trying…needing to get pass them to enter my home.  Clearly hopping away is never on their agenda; so they just pause for a few moments [obviously watching me as I approach]; and boldly continue on with their nibbling, unconcerned and fearless.  

How about these longer days?  Gosh, I absolutely appreciate it very much!  What vibrancy it brings; and IT IS truly inspiring to me since I can get a few more items completed on my daily “To Do List” before nightfall, especially my evening long walks.  It totally gives a feel that my life is not flying by so quickly.  In general though, I do hope winter fades away completely soon; especially since I have noticed how much more creative and energetic I become once the weather gets warmer.  And after these past few days of high temperatures I know the fun warm days are finally here.


Marvelous March has come and gone already; but to me in a much slower pace than previous months [woohoo…thankfully!]  It was filled with chilly days and nights, with a few snowy days mixed in.  Of course we basked in its gentle crisp breezes; but with high hopes deep within our minds and soul of spring renewal.   Since, I was not afforded the opportunity to connect with you more in March, I want to take a few moments to re-cap some of the important things/events that transpired over those 31 days.

Not only was March marvelous; it was incredibly magnificent for both my husband Todd and I.  We traveled and explored quite a bit and discovered some interesting things.  We also re-organized, discarded a lot of physical useless things in our life, shared more, talked more, laughed more, spent a great amount of time with family, and even was able to give to/help others more.  Indeed, we discovered and learned a whole lot.  I found myself even letting go of memories that I have been holding on too for most of my life.  And found myself coming to terms with quite a bit of stuff from my early years growing up in Trinidad; and truly just letting myself go, forgiving, and loving more.  As a matter of fact, I feel like I have grown mentally.  Please allow me share my experience for a few moments..

I don’t know if you are familiar with Country Superstar Miranda Lambert who won several music awards with her hit song a few years ago entitled “The House That Build Me;” a song Todd simply adores.  From the moment Todd turned me on to this song, I have loved it; and the lyrics are constantly in my head.  In fact, this song absolutely touches me deeply!

"...I know they say you can’t go home again...”  "...I just had to come back one last time...”

...I thought if I could touch this place or feel it, this brokenness inside me might start healing... 

Umm, these words in this lovely country song are so meaningful [to me.] 

Many years have gone by while I thrust aside the memories of the house that built me in Trinidad; but this year during our time in Trinidad as we proceeded with our fact-finding mission, I decided to confront my fears, open up my mind and soul; and take the time to visit that little house that built me…the house where my father still resides.  

Needless-to-say; the memories just came rushing through me like a sudden downpour of heavy rain from an unexpected storm.  For a few moments there, I lost the power and authority that constantly holds me together and some sort of a weird feeling welled inside me.  But like a bright ray of sunshine that oftentimes peak through clouds after a rainstorm, I felt that warmth and beauty flowing inside of me and through me; and the memories that I dismissed for all these years began to come to the forefront of my mind --- and I re-lived each and every one of those good and bad times.  

Me--Susan_and_My_Brother-March-2013-Trinidad.jpg (144186 bytes)Not only in my mind was I able to re-live it, but I was able to discuss it, laugh and/or cry about it with my brother (who also grew up in that little house that build me/us.)  My mom also was right at hand to listen to our personal experiences, and she too shared the memories.  And that good gentleman…my partner, my friend who is always standing beside me, behind me, in front of me…and who always has “my back” [Todd] was there listening to all of it, laughing with us, analyzing with us, comforting us, and really helped us put our feelings into perspective.  Which was awesome and therapeutic!  

Once, we prepared to walk off the property where the house that built me stands; surprisingly I saw things differently.  It seemed in the little time I spent at that house with my family I had taken a soul’s journey; which resulted in me easily releasing all the disturbing feelings and events I experienced at this house and in my life growing up in Trinidad.   

What an awakening…emotionally, spiritually and physically...I was absolutely renewed!  

Hum, immediately, I was finally able to really see some of my step sisters (my father’s children); embrace them and truly acknowledge their existence.  Me-Susan_and_My_Dad-March-2013-Trinidad.jpg (144692 bytes)I found myself embracing my father while saying goodbye to him, and for some strange reason a feeling was lifted from my heart; and I saw my father in a different light…in my heart, mind, and soul he truly seemed like a new man.  I strongly felt I could/would let myself finally get closer to him.  

WoW, without a doubt in that little time I had truly taken a soul’s journey; which had humbled me completely.  Yes, undeniably I had gone through an unconscious awakening and that feeling of rebirth…that wonderful feeling of total liberation within one’s mind, body and soul resulted.  And I took hold of, and reclaimed that special key within me…that essence of who I am, and embraced it fully.  Unconsciously, I was renewed!!!!  I was allowed to finally obtain that profound peace I was longing for...seeking; and was able to let go of those many unpleasant memories from my past growing up in that house that built me.  Most importantly, I  was allowed to love without boundaries, especially my father.  Clearly, I had become whole, fresh and new once again; totally liberated with a true sense of wholeness.

Perhaps this fact-finding mission was the one thing I needed to accomplish; so that I could truly embrace my journey along the winding road we call life, fully understand my purpose in life; and explore the magical enchantment, as well as sacred mysteries of life. And most importantly, perhaps I needed this to forever close a chapter in my life, and evolve into a more secure, understanding, compassionate, and forgiving, person.

I am truly THANKFUL to have been afforded the opportunity to complete our 2013 March fact-finding mission. And most importantly to experience renewal and rebirth!

Ops, enough already…about me; right??? Hehehe!



Now that it is the 2nd week of April; the annual National Cherry Blossom festival here in Washington DC is coming to an end.  Cherry_Trees.jpg (6083 bytes)In fact the historic and entertaining Cherry Blossom parade takes place this weekend – Saturday, April 13, 2013; from 10am – 12:00 Noon on Constitution Avenue, N.W. between 7th and 17th Streets.  Therefore, if you are in town; you must make it a point to get out and see the lovely blossoms in full bloom.  By the way, the parade along the route is FREE; however if you prefer Grandstand Seating there is a cost of $20.00.  For All the details regarding this parade CLICK HERE!  If you would like details of any event surrounding this Festival CLICK HERE!  Please note: You can choose the date listed on the right side of the screen/page that you are interested in. 

Bmore_Carnivall_.jpg (52362 bytes)Baltimore Caribbean “One Carnival” will be having a fundraiser on Saturday, April 13th; so you must go out and support the culture. Click on the flyer to the right for details, or scroll down to our "Featured Events" section.

Additionally, we were informed about an important film that will be featured in the DC Film Festival this upcoming week - Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th to be exact..  So take some time to check out the details which you will find below under our "Featured Events' section.

Finally, lots more birthdays of good friends and family members will be celebrated in the next few weeks.  Although, I have a few dear male associates that I care about; there are only 4 men other than my husband that I can honestly say I love dearly.  Well...out of the 4, two (2) of those special guys are celebrating birthdays this week.  HappyBirthday-TeddyBalloons.jpg (9677 bytes)Happy Birthday my loves!  LOL, Ok…Ok…no I am not a “cheater”; one of these incredible men is my brother, and the other is dear friend who I feel I/we have spent a lifetime with throughout the years; arguing/debating, laughing, liming/drinking, talking and creating some of the lovelies memories.  Happy Birthday Wes T., and AMG.  Also, to my Friend Keith Preddie [I was glad to celebrate your 75th birthday with you, your family and close friends.]  All the best to you Sir, and all the best to you too Mr. Kendal on your recent birthday.



Enjoy your weekend, and the have a wonderful week ahead…until we chat again real soon.  \

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April 12-13,  2013

Pikesville, Maryland

April 13, 2013

Baltimore, Maryland


April 17 and 18, 2013

Washington, DC

Washington, DC International Film Festival from April 11-21, 2013 http://www.filmfestdc.org/

The Story of Lover's Rock

UK, 2011, 96 minutes, digital, Color
Lover's rock, often dubbed "romantic reggae," is a unique black British sound developed against a backdrop of racial tension and the Brixton riots as young people sought solace in the music of the late '70s and '80s. The Story of Lover's Rock, directed by award-winning filmmaker Menelik Shabazz, tells the story of how this genre of music defined a generation. It went from cult status to become a global phenomenon through artists like UB40, Maxi Priest, and Sade. Lover's rock allowed its listeners to experience intimacy and healing through a popular dance known as "scrubbing." The music spoke to their notions of love and became a coping mechanism for what they were experiencing on the streets. Featuring interviews, comedy sketches, dance, live performances, and archival footage, the film sheds light on the music, the bands it went on to influence, and the generation that embraced it. —Facets Multimedia.  

Showing Schedule: [Please note there is a cost to see these films; so log on to the Film Festival Site for the details.]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 8:45 PM @ Goethe-Institut Washington

Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 6:30 pm @ Goethe-Institut Washington

May 4, 2013

Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland


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April 12, 2013


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