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Dearest Online Family and Friends: I am glad to be communicating with you once again, and I hope all is well with you and your families.

Prayers For Japan

To our network of friends and family here on-line we want to THANK all of you for the powerful comments and prayers you graciously forwarded to us regarding my words on the destructive earthquake and tsunami Japan recently endured; and the devastation and suffering the people continue to undergo.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  

We are now certain the people of Japan will totally be comforted and healed; because surly united positive thinking people, with a similar purpose [saying a prayer daily], and all with a clear vision imploring for the same outcome [divine healing]; WILL undoubtedly result in folks being uplifted, soothing of the mind and soul, total life transformation and most importantly absolute WONDERS being worked.

Please continue with your prayers especially since the nuclear problem expands across the country and is seriously affecting the water supply, as well as some vegetables.

Continue Praying For Japan

If you are interested in helping the earthquake/tsunami victims of Japan via a donation; PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST I SHARED WITH YOU LAST WEEK, WHICH DETAILS WAYS AND ORGANIZATIONS YOU CAN SEND YOUR MONEY TO!  

I have added once again an interesting Facebook page created entitled: "Sendai Tsunami Through Western Eyes."  On this Facebook Page/Community you will be able to view all the videos captured (a day to day account) from an American Cameraman living and working in Tokyo. The following is some words from the Cameraman, PLEASE READ! "As you can imagine, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011, in Sendai (180 miles/300 km North of Tokyo) has had a huge impact on life in the big city. Through this community page, I share my experiences and thoughts, and I try to do my best to pass on information from the Japanese news that you might not have access to from your local news organization." CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO ENTER THIS INFORMATIVE FACEBOOK PAGE.




As spring emerges, the ONE special event that ushers in this incredible season annually in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas is the "National Cherry Blossom Festival."

If you know the history of this festival, then you know that the Japanese in the early 90s (1912 to be exact) presented to the United States of America a gift of 3000 Yoshino Cherry Trees; which symbolizes the eternal friendship between the United States and Japan.  It’s awfully sad…huh…that at this time for the 99th traditional celebration Japan is suffering from one of the world’s worst natural disasters? 

Recently the Cherry Blossom Committee stated they will use this 2 week long festival to let Japan know that America STANDS with them through this distressing and serious time; and will help in every way possible to help them move forward.  Hence this years’ festival title “Stand With Japan”.  

As the lovely cherry trees that circle the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial begins to slowly bloom…this past Thursday, March 24th; the festival which draws approximately 1 million visitors to Washington DC kicked off with a fundraising walk and Vigil.  Crowds gathered with glow sticks at the Tidal Basin; and after a moment of silence, they walked  [in the spirit of hope and rebuilding] along the Basin’s sidewalk; which was lined with donation bins. [The donations that was collected would benefit the National Cherry Blossom Festival American Red Cross relief efforts for Japan.] This was followed by a “Stand With Japan” Vigil on the Monument grounds.

The festival officially opens on Saturday, March 26, 2011, with its 6th annual Family Day for “Kids of All Ages;” which is FREE and will take place from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm at the National Building Museum, located at 401 F Street, N.W., Washington DC.  This event features performances that celebrate spring and explore Japanese arts and design, interactive art demonstrations, hands-on activities, and much...much more.

The actual Cherry Blossom Festival Opening Ceremony will take place also on the 26th at the National Building Museum from 4:00 – 5:30 pm and it is Free as well.  This ceremony will feature MUSIC from Japanese born pianist, composer and producer "Keiko Matsui”; and DANCE with Japanese Artistic Director "Takehiro Uneyama" with his New York based contemporary dance company “TAKE Dance”; plus much more.

The annual parade will take place on April 9th, but for the next few weeks there will be a host of events taking place around Washington DC in celebration of this annual Festival.  For all the events, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

To learn all the details about this exciting annual event PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ENTER their National Cherry Blossom Festival Site.




Honoring Notable Women In March - Happy Women History Month


This EXTRA SPECIAL month of March is on the verge of ending, and as I look back I am happy that throughout this month we have recognized, celebrated and honored the great accomplishments of women throughout history and in recent times.  Yup, we have celebrated their diverse and historic accomplishments, as well as their rich and varied contributions to the history and to culture here in the United States and around the world globally.  As I reflect on Women, and on their progress and contributions; it is clear they have changed the world.  In-fact it has been documented that society CAN NOT and WILL NOT progress without the contributions of Women…BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMEN. 

Hum, it’s truly shameful that Women faced a great amount of negativity and endured quite a bit of challenges throughout the years as they pursued their goals.  YES, I’m talking about sexism, racism, and segregation!!!!!  However, through their strength, tenacity and intellect; they found the WILL and POWER from deep within their souls to stay motivated and to continue the difficult fight of overcoming the many negatives that society had placed upon them.  Regardless of their gender, race, class and age; Women succeeded in their fight and have advanced and have become extremely successful, empowered and in some aspects have gained gender equality.  As a matter of fact, I have witnessed many who have become economically empowered due to them venturing into high –value and more meaningful economic activities, and enterprise developments.  Oh Yeah, many are billionaires today, attacking and handling global crisis (financial and warfare), managing huge successful corporations, and even setting policies!!!!  HOORAY FOR WOMEN!!!  

I do ask that you continue celebration women throughout the entire year for all their outstanding contributions.

Well…being that we are at the end of March; I contemplated on who I would pay tribute to this last week, and really gave it some serious thought.  My mind drifted to my years while I was a part of the DC Caribbean Carnival Board of Directors (Organizing Committee); and I remembered a few leaders in my community sharing with me the life of an outstanding and strong woman.  In fact, what motivated me even more to feature this interesting woman is due to some words I have been hearing in/and around my area.  Actually, these words have been spreading and instead of being whispered; it is being repeated loudly among many in my community: “Will there be a Caribbean Carnival in Washington DC this year?”  WOW...right?????

Moving along with my feature, the interesting Woman I chose to honor and pay tribute to this last week in March is an exceptional and  interesting person who resided in another continent in the latter part of her life; and who is no longer with us today...Ms. Claudia Jones, better known as “Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival.” 

Ms. Jones was a fighter, a journalist, community leader, political activist, feminist, black nationalist, and communist; who was born in my place of birth Trinidad.  At an early age her parents moved the entire family to Harlem, New York, where she grew up and lived for several decades; and where she began her struggle for equal rights.  Ms. Jones was an outspoken woman who becoming an active member of the American Communist party; she was also the editor of Negro Affairs for the Communist party paper “The Daily Worker”.  While editing for the paper, she evolved into an accomplished speaker on human and civil rights.  She toured across the country attending political events, and due to her inspiring/rousing speeches she began to attract the attention of authorities in the U.S. Government; who felt she was a treat to the US.  Needless to say, due to her being labeled "A Treat" and a Communist, she was arrested and imprisoned quite a few times and eventually she was deported/exiled by the U.S. to England. 

While in England she helped launched the annual Notting Hill Carnival whose slogan was “A People’s Art Is The Genesis Of Their Freedom”; and she furthered her fight for human and civil rights, plus equal opportunities for black people.  She became involved in campaigns to defend the “Black Community” and got very involved in local politics; she also joined the British Communist party.

She founded and edited "The West Indian Gazette," which was her vehicle to continue campaigning for equal opportunities for black people, and she completely embraced the Afro-Caribbean Community in London.  This woman became one of the most Charismatic Black Leaders of her day. 

Ms. Claudia Jones outstanding and lasting contribution is the Notting Hill Carnival, which she launched in 1959.  This was/is a “Mardi-Gras” celebration that included an annual showcase for Afro-Caribbean Talent (which is incorporated in most Carnivals of today).

From me delving into her life, I discovered she was an outstanding, outspoken woman; who maintained a constant vision for the working-class people all over the world. 

I end my month long tribute to Woman with sharing the life and accomplishments of Ms. Claudia Jones.  Click the following link for a very nice tribute to Ms. Jones that reveals quite a bit more regarding her contributions to Carnival.  This piece is written by Shango Baku who remembers Ms. Claudia Jones; simple entitled: “Claudia Jones Remembered” CLICK HERE TO READ.  

CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN...HEAR HER SPEAK ON THE SUBJECT SHE SO FOUGHT ABOUT!!!  The Video is entitled "Claudia Jones: The Black Woman that Created London Carnival"; and is powered by YouTube!

Here are a few other links that will help you learn quite a bit more about Ms. Claudia Jones courtesy of "Black History Walks" and Powered by You Tube.  This is a 3 part series of an excellent and informative video biography of Ms. Jones: 




Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]


A Word from Hollis Lashley:

Over the past few weeks, I have been writing what I consider as a prologue to a novel in progress. This has been called “Ordinary Spiritual Blessings,” a title which may change as the book progresses.

At this stage I am ready to begin Chapter One, but I am also inviting comments from readers who have been following the development of the story. Please send in some feedback to me at my e-mail address, hlash317@yahoo.com.

I am interested to know the following, but would welcome all responses.

1. Did the story line appeal to your emotions?

2. Were you able to identify with any of the characters mentioned?

3. Which was your favorite character, and why?

4. Can you identify any of your own experiences in what you have read so far?

I thank you for your feedback, and I offer a free copy of “Gifts From The Heart” to the person or persons who has the most interesting feedback. Of course I would attempt to be as objective as possible in my analysis, of course involving the added opinions of a few of my better learned friends.

Thanks to the Arious family, and to the Creator by whatever name be it called, as I express my thanks and Blessings.



There is no place where Presence cannot be,

And as this mind is opened up to see,

I ask indwelling Spirit deep within

Te guide my every step acknowledging,

That of myself, I’m but a lump of clay,

Welcoming life’s new moment, and Today.


I give thanks for the Light and Love and Power,

Which manifests by Grace, in every hour.

I give thanks for the life from Spirit source,

And all attendant Blessings too, of course.

I give thanks to the font from which I come,

Just asking that my earthly task be done

As heaven wills it on this plane below;

A clean slate to fill again with Love, I know.


I thank you for this Now, expressed today,

As I spread seeds of Compassion on my way.

And it is so, Amen!

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

Hollis Lashley "Gifts From The Heart" is for sale, or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638





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REMINDER: If you would like to donate to the victims and people who are suffering in Japan, CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK: http://www.ariousentertainmentgroup.com/Japan_Earthquake_Tsunami_Relief-2011.htm .  

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Exhibit running until May 1, 2011

Washington DC

"America I Am ~~~ The African American Imprint"

The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.

National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc. log on to www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.

For Additional details, log on to http://www.americaiam.com



March 26, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia

The D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
Proudly Presents the
 “Yes, I Can Be a Health Care Professional!”
In Partnership with
Hands-On Workshops, Ask the Expert Fair, Network with Health Professionals, Dance Party, Stage Play, Lunch, Prizes and More!
Opening Keynote Speaker
Dr. Hassan Tetteh
Cardiothoracic Surgeon 


Date:               Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time:              8:30am-3pm for Students, Parents and Educators
                        Registration begins at 8:30am
                        Conference begins promptly at 9:00am
Place:             D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
                        3099 Panther Trail SW
                        Atlanta, GA 30311
Who:               Students (Elementary through High School), Caregivers, College and Post-baccalaureate Students, Health Professional Students, Resident Physicians, Educators, Community Members and Practicing Health Professionals
Cost:               FREE
For more information:          Call Ms. Tavarez (718)920-6626
Register:     RSVP www.mimatlanta2.eventbrite.com Deadline 3/18/11



March 27, 2011 

Baltimore, Maryland


April 7, 2011 

Washington DC

6:30 pm



IDB Cultural Center | Inter-American Development Bank , 1300-1330 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC at Metro Center

“The Pleasure of Disorientation: A Discussion of Caribbean Visual Arts” by Dr. Erica M. James.

Dr. Erica M. James, Director of the National Gallery of Art of The Bahamas (on leave), will cover the spectrum of 20th century to contemporary fine arts from the region.  She is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Art History and Archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and her research interests center on the Arts of the African Diaspora, particularly in the Caribbean and the Americas.  Dr. James notes, “That fine art from the Caribbean is relatively unknown is axiomatic.  In fact, at the annual Art Basel exhibition held in Miami Beach, Florida in 2009 was the first time a Caribbean Art Show was included in the national program.”

Free and open to the public. 

Photo ID required for concerts, lectures and films held at the Enrique V. Iglesias Conference Center, 1330 New York Avenue.

www.iadb.org/cultural  202.623.3558



April 9, 2011 

Baltimore, Maryland














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