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Hello.jpg (14424 bytes)Hello On-line family and friends.  Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the lovely Spring weather.   


This week started off a bit disturbing for me, and many in my (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) communities; because we lost a young man whose life was selfishly taken.  Even though I tried to contain my emotions; I couldn’t help but become exasperated when trying to process this unfortunate incident [crazy violence] in my mind.  WHY…WHY???? [I asked over and over again!]  What could have happened that was so awful that someone would just take another person’s life selfishly; and NOT EVEN give it a thought?  Who could have such disregard for life?  Who could have committed such an immoral act?  Regrettably, the answers never came; only the deep cracks that made it’s way across my heart emerged. 

It was just 2 days before James “Jimmy” Johnson (aka Dread Wise) life was taken we had seen him; at a friend’s birthday party in Maryland.  And as we entered the venue with his usual smile and bow [downward nod of the head] he greeted us.  From our observation and experience with him; he was a very nice person; always chilling…calm…cool; and always very respectful.  Not to mention always having fun!  Why his life was taken and by whom is baffling to me, and to many others in our community?  From my understanding no one has come forward with information LB&G.S.JPG (2524 bytes)regarding the killer/s of James “Jimmy” Johnson; so I implore you to go to the authorities and let them know what you saw if you were in attendance of the “March Madness” Event/”Grand Finale fete” that took place at the Library Bar and Grill, 3514 12th Street, NE, Washington DC (Brookland Area...near Catholic University) in the early hours of Sunday morning (March 18, 2012).

We also heard an announcement made during the Rev. Al Sharpton's syndicated talk show; which stated that the DC Metropolitan Police Department has offered a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone who provide information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted. Which after researching this information, it seems to be correct! Therefore, anyone with information about this homicide is asked to call the DC Police Department at (202) 727-9099.  Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE; by texting your message to: 50411.

Please note: In an effort to ship James body to his family in Haiti a fundraiser has been organized in Washington DC.  It will take place in a few hours - TONIGHT … TONIGHT … TONIGHT - Friday, March 23rd at Layla Lounge, located at 501 Morse Street, NE, in Washington DC 20002.  Click on the flyer below for all the details.  If by chance you cannot attend and you want to make a contribution to assist in shipping Jimmy’s body back to Haiti; please feel free to donate by contacting: David Fonrose at his e-mail address: dayvive72@aol.com.  Mr. Fonrose is THE ONLY PERSON in charge of James “Jimmy” Johnson’s arrangements. 

Our sincerest condolences to Jimmy's family and Friends.  May he rest in Peace!

 I wonder why can’t we emphasis on loving-kindness; and love our brother man.

Remember we need to start talking about what we saw, SO THAT THE/THOSE  criminal/s ARE behind bars,  Or if we choose not to talk the criminal/s may keep doing the same thing over and over again. 

And what about this madness currently taking place regarding NO JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin???  Another young boy’s life taken because someone felt he looked suspicious.  He was profiled as a suspicious character due to the clothing he wore; was followed, and eventually shot dead.  And the killer has never been arrested, and is free today!!!

You must be from Mars if you haven’t heard or read about this 17 year old Florida Teenager “Trayvon Martin” that was murdered during the last week in February by a neighborhood watch volunteer “George Zimmerman.”   Honestly, it is sickening and appalling that the killer has never been arrested or charged for taking young Trayvon’s life.  Trayvon was returning to a gated community in the city of Sanford after buying candy at a convenience store; unarmed and wearing a hooded sweat shirt “A Hoodie”.  The killer Zimmerman claimed he shot Trayvon in self defense; yet all the police tapes are indicating that he took this teen’s life truly for no reason.  And to make matters worst the city in Florida where this occurred (Sanford;) its Police Chief has stood behind his agency’s investigation, and has refused to arrest the killer (Zimmerman) claiming: "...they were prohibited from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time of the shooting.” 

Of course, this has sparked outrage across the country and worldwide via the Internet.  It has been the main topic on many Urban radio shows across the US, as well as on syndicated U.S. radio programs; and numerous TV and cable programs.  Additionally, Rallies and Marches have been happening across the United States regarding this madness and for Justice [primarily headed by the Rev. Al Sharpton, with the parents of Trayvon present at many of the Marches and Rallies.]  Furor has also ignited against the Sanford Police department and thousands of Floridians and other folks have attended rallies protesting this injustice, and several even staged/protested in Florida’s Governor “Rick Scott’s” office (earlier this week.)  

Unbelievable, a man kills someone [an innocent teenager in this case,] the authorities know the killer, know the facts; and refuses to arrest and persecute the killer.  TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS! 

Anyway, the Sanford, Florida Commissioners during the middle of this past week (Wednesday) voted 3-2 to express “No Confidence” in the Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. over this fatal homicide.   Additionally, earlier this week the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division intervened and stated it is sending its Community Relations Service to Sanford to address the tension in the community.  Further the Federal Agency (Justice Department) and the FBI opened a civil rights probe/investigation into the shooting, and it was announced by Florida, Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger that a Grand Jury will meet on April `10th to consider evidence in the case. 

Just yesterday the Police Chief of Sanford stepped down from his position and stated: “I temporarily remove myself from the position as Police Chief for the city of Sanford.  I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to a city which has been in turmoil for several weeks…It is my hope that the investigation will move forward swiftly and appropriately through the justice system and that a final determination in this case is reached.”   

This move is good, but it leaves me with mixed feelings!!!   

Hum, the Police Chief simply refuses to arrest Zimmerman, and chooses to step down to avoid doing so…right?  This expresses to me what he truly feels!   

In truth though, doesn’t it seem he only stepped down because he refuses to arrest the killer?  Wow, why can’t he simple just arrest and charge Zimmerman for committing such a heinous crime?

Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with the Grand Jury, and what their findings/results will be on April 10th.  In the meantime, several Rallies and Marches have been planned across the country.  

Incidentally, I am aware of one taking place in Washington DC tomorrow (Saturday, March 24th) at Freedom Plaza, 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.  One of the closest Metro stop to Freedom Plaza is “Metro Center”.  CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION!   Please get out and show your support…fight for justice for Trayvon Martin.  

As I rap up the facts on this killing; I must share with you what President Barack Obama stated today (Friday, March 23rd about this situation.  See below!  In fact, additionally he stated he was pleased to hear that Florida Gov. Rick Scott has appointed a task force to look into the incident stating: “I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen.

“I can only imagine what these parents are going through,” the president said, adding that he couldn’t help but think about his daughters. “I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this.

“My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin,” he added. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.” 

Travyon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, issued a statement after the President Obama spoke, saying it was “humbling” that the president had taken time to talk about their son.

“The president's personal comments touched us deeply and made us wonder: If his son looked like Trayvon and wore a hoodie, would he be suspicious too?” the statement said. “We'd like to thank the president and the millions of people from around the world who have shown their support for Trayvon by participating in hoodie marches, rallies or through social media. We are all working together to not only get justice for Trayvon, but also to ensure that this kind of senseless tragedy doesn't happen to another child.”

Once I got a chance to take a breather from the disgust and unhappiness I have been feeling about these incidents this past week; I was able to focus on Women’s History Month for a bit.  And I choose to focus on Caribbean Female Singers, share their information with you and honor them.  During my thoughts an interesting question came to mind, which I felt would help effectively commemorate Caribbean Female singers: What Caribbean Female Artist has crossed over to the mainstream market with Caribbean Music? 

As I posed this question to my husband Todd and others, my immediate thought/answer was International Sensations and Superstars Rihanna and Nicki Minaj (the newest and hottest pop divas born in the Caribbean – [Rihanna born in Barbados, and Nicki in Trinidad.])  However, those were the wrong answers, because Rihanna has crossed over all kinds of market with Pop & Dance-Pop music and Nicki Minaj crossed over with Hip Hop, Pop and Dance-Pop.  Of course, some of their music is blended with Caribbean music.  But their musical genre is primarily Pop & Dance pop; and is what has crossed over, sold millions, and has broken records on several music charts across the world.

As Todd and I continued discussing my question and thoughts; several more singers came to our minds ~~~ such as:

1.  Remember Jamaican born singer Milly Small?  She toped several charts across the nation in 1964 with her huge hit song “My Boy Lollipop” originally released by Barbie Gaye in 1956.  However, the song was originally recorded in a nice mix of Jazz & R&B with a little Calypso and Mento by Ms. Gaye.  However, the Milly Small version was done in Ska and was very successful.

2.  We also thought of Dawn Penn, who is a Jamaican.  And whose hit song recorded in 1993 “You don’t Love Me (No, No, No)" [originally recorded by Penn in 1967.]  The 1993 version crossed over and toped several charts across the nation (US, Europe, # 1 in Jamaican, and # 3 in the UK Singles Chart.)  Ms. Penn had lots of hits.  She recorded for Price Buster as well as Coxsone Dodd at Studio One.

3.  I must mention Legendary “Queen of Reggae” Rita Marley (wife of Robert "Nesta" Marley)  Her hit song  One Draw” from her 1981 album “Who Feels It Knows It” (Sanachie Records;) and the song was also a part of her “One Draw: The Best of Rita Marley” album.  Although the popular song “One Draw” was the top selling reggae single in history, and was a major hit across the world; it was banned by many radio stations due to its controversial lyrics specifically regarding the passage in which a schoolteacher instructs her students in the enjoyment of the drug Marijuana.  Therefore, even with its popularity; it never really topped charts OUT OF Jamaica or crossed over.

4.  Do you recall Grace Jones who is a Jamaican-American Singer (born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.)  Her hot reggae and dance-club hit song “Pull Up To the Bumper” in 1981 reached # 2 on the US Dance Charts and stayed there for 7 weeks.  Many of her other hit singles were very successful as well, and made it to Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Dance Airplay Charts.  Her music was very successful and popular in Europe (United Kingdom) where many made it into the Top 40 entries on the UK Singles Chart.

5.  And how about the famous Dancehall Deejay Lady Patra (Born in Kingston, Jamaica).  She burst into the music scene when she was featured in Reggae Superstar Shabba Ranks hit song “Family Affair”, which hit # 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1994.  She went on to pursue her solo carrier, and her hit song “Think (About It)” in 1993 reached # 89 on the US R&B Chart; and # 21 on the US Rap Chart.  Next, her hit song “Worker Man” peaked at # 53 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart; reached # 20 on the U.S. R&B chart; # 5 on the US Rap Chart; and # 1 on the U.S. Dance Chart.  Her 1994 single  Romantic Call” made it to # 55 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart; # 35 on the US R&B Chart; # 9 on the US Rap Chart and # 21 on the US Dance Chart.  In addition, her hit song “Pull Up To The Bumper” a remake of Grace Jones hit song; made it to # 60 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart; # 21 on the US R&B Chart; and # 15 on the US Dance Chart.  Finally, in 1996 her “Scent of Attraction” hit song peaked at # 82 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart; and made it to # 31 on the US R&B Chart.  HOORAY…LADY PETRA…WAY TO GO! 

LOL, It’s funny that I remember so clearly how much Radio Personality Donnie Simpson played Lady Patra’s videos on his “Video Soul” TV program in the 90’s; and how impressed he was with her sexy dancing …LOL!

6.  Do you recall Singer and Songwriter Diana King who is a native of Spanish Town, Jamaica.  She appeared on the music scene in 1994 when she sang with Hip Hop Superstar The Notorious B.I.G on his song “Respect.”  Soon thereafter she signed her recording contract with Sony Music and her first hit album  Tougher Than Love” reached # 179 U.S. Billboard 200 Chart;  # 85 on the US R&B Chart; # 1 on the US Reggae Chart; # 6 on the US Heatseekers Chart; and # 50 on the UK Chart.  Her hit single from this successful album “Shy Guy” reached # 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100; # 21 on the US R&B Chart; # 21 on the US Dance Chart; # 20 in US Dance Sales; # 2 on the UK Singles Chart; and # 3 on Australian Chart.  Plus it was certified gold by the RIAA in the U.S; and reached # 1 on the Eurochart Hot 100 Singles.  Of course “Shy Guy" sold millions worldwide (almost 5 million.)  Additionally, another single from this album that did extremely well is entitled “Ain’t Nobody”; it reached # 94 on the US Billboard Hot 100; # 63 on the US R&B Chart, # 4 on the US Dance Chart; # 13 on the US Single Chart; and # 11 on the Australian Chart. 

Another one of her single “I say A Little Prayer” released in 1997 [originally recorded by Dionne Warwick in 1967] did extremely well.  It peaked at # 38 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart; reached # 68 on the US R&B Chart; # 8 on the US Dance Chart; reached # 5 in US Dance Sales Chart; # 17 on the UK Singles Chart; and # 6 on the Australian Chart. 

Some of Diana’s singles did very well, and even though many of her singles were R & B, Urban and Pop.  Her music crossed over to mainstream America.  Keep in mind many of her songs were soundtracks for many movies.

I must bring my sharing with you to a close; but before I do I've,  got to mention:

7.  Trinidadian-American Singer and Broadway Actress Heather Hedley.  Born in Trinidad in 1974 and migrated to the United States in 1989 (Indiana.)  Her first single He Is” was recorded on her first album “This is Who I Am” which was Certified Gold and topped # 38 on the US Chart; and # 14 on the US R&B Chart.  He Is” reached # 90 on the US Hot 100; # 38 on the US R&B Chart; # 4 on the US Dance Chart; and # 2 on Hot R&B Recurrents Chart.  Also her single from her first album “I Wish I Wasn’t" released in 1993 reached # 55 on the US Hot 100 Chart; # 15 on the US R&B Chart; # 5 on the US Dance Chart; and # 5 on the Hot R&B Recurrents Chart.  As for her second album “In My mind”, which was also certified gold and reached # 5 in the US; and # 1 on the US R&B Chart had two great hits (1) “In My Mind” that made it to # 75 on the US Hot 100 Chart; # 16 on the US R&B Chart; # 1 on the US Dance Chart; and # 4 on the Hot R&B Recurrents Chart.  And (2) “Me Time” that reached # 35 on the US R&B Chart; # 5 on the Hot Adult R&B Chart; and # 4 on the Hot R&B Recurrents Chart.  In recent years she released a Gospel album (2009) “Audience of One" and it reached # 27 in the US; and # 6 on the US R&B.  Her single from this gospel album “Jesue Is Love” reached # 90 on the US R&B Chart; # 10 on the US Gospel Chart; and # 29 on the Hot Adult R&B Chart.

Mrs. Headley has received numerous awards for both her acting and music. She received the Tony Award for the Best Actress in a Musical in the year 2000, and a Sarah Siddons Award also in 2000.  As for the awards she won for her music successes: she received in 2010 a Grammy Award for the Best Contemporary R&B Gospel AlbumAudience of One”.  Further back, in the year 2003 she won a Soul Train Lady of Soul Award for R&B/Soul Album of the Year-Solo for “This Is Who I Am”; and she also won that same year “Soul Train Lady of Soul Award for Best R& B/Soul or Rap New Artist-Solo.

As you see Mrs. Headley has been very successful with R&B and Gospel music; but not with Caribbean music.

8.  Finally, the one very successful female Caribbean singer who I admire and adore; and who is also called the “Queen of Reggae” is the lovely and extremely talented exceptional singer Marcia Griffiths.   As you must know Ms. Griffiths was born in Kingston, Jamaica; and was a member of Bob Marley’s “I Threes”.   Her famous and successful song “Electic Boggie” WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SINGLE; reached # 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100; and it created an international dance craze with a new famous line dance “The Electric Slide.”  To this day it is the highest-selling single by a female Reggae singer OF ALL TIME.  The “Electric Boggie” aka “The Electric Slide” was released in 1976 and was re-released in 1989.  The song was written by “Bunny Wailer;” and it has become a classic.  Marcia Griffiths indeed has crossed over to the mainstream market with her classic Reggae Song “The Electric Boggie” aka The Electric Slide.  To learn more about Marcia Griffiths check out her site by: CLICKING HERE!

It is pleasing that my question has allowed me to share with you the musical successes/hits of a few Caribbean Female singers; plus it has allowed me to learn more about them; and it has given me the opportunity to commend, honor, and commemorate their awesome and major achievements in the music industry, and in their lives.  Now, as I focus specifically on my question: What Caribbean Female Artist has crossed over to the mainstream market with Caribbean Music?  It is clear and absolutely correct to say these lovely ladies are: (1) Milly Small; (2) Dawn Penn; (3) Grace Jones; (4) Lady Patra; and (5) Marcia Griffiths.   These 5 ladies out of the 8 have done extremely well in their career and have successfully crossed over to the mainstream market with Caribbean Music; specifically with Reggae Music.  CONGRATULATIONS BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!!!  The other 3 (Rita MarleyDiana King, and Heather Hedley; plus Rihanna and Nicki Minaj did fantastic as well; but crossed over with either R&B, Pop, Dance Pop, Gospel, or even Hip Hop.  Again, I commend them all!  HAPPY WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH!

By the way, if you have [in mind] any other Caribbean Female artist who has crossed over to the mainstream market with Caribbean music.  Please feel free to share their names and information with me; so I could in-turn share it with all of our online family and friends.  Additionally, if you have any more information to share about the females I have listed above; please go ahead and do so.  I welcome you input, and your information.


As I close out my writing this week, I hope you have a truly wonderful and blessed weekend, and I ask that you continue celebrating Women’s History Month.  Also, try to make it out to the Jimmy James Fundraiser on Friday the 23rd; and to Brian Francios "Celebration of Life" Fundraiser on Saturday the 24th (You will find the flyer for this event under our "Featured Events" section below.)  Also, do check out all of our “Featured Events”, for some upcoming important events (Far Below.)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

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If by chance you cannot attend the below Fundraiser/Event and you want to make a contribution to assist in shipping Jimmy’s body back to Haiti; please feel free to donate by contacting: David Fonrose at his e-mail address: dayvive72@aol.com.  Mr. Fonrose is THE ONLY PERSON in charge of James “Jimmy” Johnson’s arrangements.


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