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Dearest Online Family and Friends: I am glad to be communicating with you once again, and I hope all is well with you and your families.

Pray For Japan

Oh dear friends and family, my heart is aching for the people of Japan!!!  My eyes have constantly been tearing up from the footage and reports; and my thoughts about the endless sorrow, tremendous loss of life, and just the absolute destruction from the disastrous earthquake and tsunami consumes my mind every minute of my days and nights.   Hum, clearly many towns, communities and cities have been pulverized from the tsunami; [which was triggered by the newly revised size earthquake (now 9.0 in magnitude instead of the 8.9 that was reported last Friday.)]  Additionally, per reports there have been approximately 250 aftershocks with about 30 being a magnitude of 6.0 or above. 

This past week I have seen some of the most shocking footage of the tsunami and the destructions of the monstrous wave/water moving inland and destroying everything in its path.  Sadly families, in fact entire generations of families have been wipe out; homes, businesses, hospitals, villages; all just reduced to rubble and some completely vanishing due to being swept away by the high amounts of water.  As I listened and glanced at reports after reports, I have found that in many towns whose populations are in the thousands; quite a few of those thousands have been unaccounted for.  [It being a week after the tragedy, surly these people are no longer with us.]  Therefore, the 10,000 (estimated) dead will rise to tens of thousands; maybe even into the 100s of thousands.  As a matter of fact, earlier this week approximately 2000+ bodies have washed up along the shores/beaches of Japan; and that unbelievable and horrifying sight must be tearing at the hearts of our Japanese friends, and those who are assisting with the relief efforts.  From my understanding even tiny, broken bodies of babies are being washed up.

Out of the many sad stories I read and saw, two of them were heart wrenching to me and tugged at my soul.  (1) Is of a hospital that was hit by the tsunami. Clearly there were not enough time between the earthquake and the tsunami for the admitted to be evacuated; and therefore waters reached as high as to the 5th floor.  Sadly, it is reported that the sick, elderly, and the Children are all gone...just gone in a matter of minutes (UNBELIEVABLE); and (2) Per one of the television talk shows a caller shared with the entire viewing audience what her son has been witnessing.  She stated her son who is stationed on one of the marine ships in the waters of Japan  have been witnessing massive amounts of dead bodies in the water...just floating around the ship and in the open sea; she also stated he even saw a house just floating by the ship (ASTONISHING).! So unimaginable…So horrific…So heart wrenching!

Obviously the situation is worsening in Japan because the temperatures are rigid (nearly freezing) and many are without heat, as well as food and water; plus they are dealing with the loss of their homes and loved ones.  OMG, an imminent nuclear meltdown is occurring as well; because at a nuclear reactor plant three reactors have lost the ability to cool down and have suffered damage by explosions (following the quake.) It is reported that the fuel rods in all three appear to be melting due to all the cooling water being drained out the “spent-fuel pool”. [From my understanding of the situation the fuel rods must be kept submerged in water to prevent them from overheating.] Therefore, with this problem escalating the “radiation levels are extremely high.”

Currently, all reports are stating that the nuclear situation is unstable and incredibly dangerous.  Therefore, the United States has ordered U.S. Citizens to evacuate; and get to safety (at least 50 miles from the nuclear plant.)  In fact for better safety, they advised: “it is wise to get out of Japan.”  They have allowed dependents of military personnel in Japan to leave and has chartered quite a few aircrafts to airlift citizens, military and diplomatic families out of the quake-stricken nuclear plant area.  Further, the State Department stated “U.S. Nationals in Japan should consider departing;” and are in the process of evacuating all US Personnel and their families from the region due to radiation levels being extremely high.  They are asking all US citizens to vacate Japan immediately.  

To learn more about RADIATION exposure in Japan and "FAQs: Japan Nuclear Concerns": log on to the following link and click on FAQs: Japan Nuclear Concerns: http://www.who.org.

I am so stunned and extremely saddened by the awful news coming out of Japan due to this extraordinary situation/disaster.  I certainly feel the pain this country is enduring.  Just the thought of families dealing with their missing loved ones, and the sight of the enormous amounts of bodies all around makes one deeply ill inside.  Moreover, this nuclear radiation problem is extremely worrisome.  As a result, we must keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers.  I am truly thankful to an associate who wrote a prayer for Japan, so that I could share it with you our on-line family…Thank You so much Ms. Gerri.

A Prayer For Japan

Dear Lord, on behalf of the Arious Entertainment Family, and from all the readers we feel it is absolutely important that some time are taken out of our day/night to say a prayer for our brothers and sisters in Japan suffering through this devastating time.  

Dear Lord, We pray that you will heal hearts, bodies and minds; and give our brothers and sisters in Japan the strength to make it through this overwhelming battle of death and destruction.  We ask that this battle will soon be over and the overall healing can begin for the people.  We ask that grief for loved ones that have lost their lives, homes, personal properties, and the wounds suffered will soon heal.  

Dear Lord give the people of this country comfort and courage during this time of sorrow, and we pray that they soon WILL be able to rebuild with hope and strength, and the ability to lean on one another in Love.  

Dear Lord only you with your infinite wisdom know the reason for this travesty, and so we pray that you will give comfort and healing to those suffering from injuries or emotional and spiritual distresses.  Please...Lord give the people of Japan comfort, hope and encouragement to move ahead through this dreadful time.“  

If you are interested in helping the earthquake/tsunami victims of Japan via a donation; PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!  

Additionally, I have added a few videos of the footage captured from the devastating disaster.  To View, CLICK ON the Pictures below. (A Total of 2 videos).  However, clicking on the 3rd picture you are allowed to access a Facebook Page/Community entitled "Sendai Tsunami Through Western Eyes."  Here you will be able to view all the videos captured (a day to day account) from an American Cameraman living and working in Tokyo. A word from the Cameraman, PLEASE READ! "As you can imagine, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011, in Sendai (180 miles/300 km North of Tokyo) has had a huge impact on life in the big city. Through this community page, I share my experiences and thoughts, and I try to do my best to pass on information from the Japanese news that you might not have access to from your local news organization."


As I tie up my thoughts and words about Japan; I ask that you keep the people of Northern New Jersey in your prayers due to the massive amounts of flooding that has taken place there recently.  Most of the flooding took place in Paterson, and it has been reported that that Passaic River spilled into the streets covering bridges, and submerged homes in Fairfield. 1500 homes that were surrounded by high waters around the Pomoton River had to be evacuated as well.  Additionally, Brazil is again under water; particularly Southern and Southeastern Brazil has had non-stop torrential rains causing loss of life, and tremendous flooding. (Approximately 31,000 were evacuated due to extraordinary flooding and landslides, which destroyed roads, homes, businesses, etc.)

Hum, It certainly seems to be “the sign of the times” lately; with all the destrucive disasters taking place around the globe!  But, do you think there is any truth to the talks about “judgement day”, and the end of the world being “around the corner”?  What do you think?



Honoring Notable Women In March - Happy Women History Month

“From the first moment a woman dared to speak that hope -- dared to believe that the American Dream was meant for her too -- ordinary women have taken on extraordinary odds to give their daughters the chance for something else; for a life more equal, more free, and filled with more opportunity than they ever had. In so many ways we have succeeded, but in so many areas we have much work left to do."

President Barack Obama, Speech in Washington DC [Novembere 10, 2005]


With all the problems plaguing the Middle East and North Africa since the year began; from political uprisings and violent protests (the pro-democracy uprising that led to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak;) fighting in Libya (Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi’s forces on the offensive in Libya due to fighting with rebels over Qaddafi’s control in their country. In fact, just today Libyan Leader Qaddafi declared a ceasefire in the country to protect civilians and comply with a United Nations resolution passed overnight;) fighting in Bahrain (Saudi’s in Bahrain to quell a Shiite uprising, and Bahrain declaring a three-month state of emergency on 3/15/11); and even with Oil prices escalating. Here comes the strong woman with a negotiating and sharp tongue to the rescue, a woman who has embarked on this much talked about pro-democracy movement which has been sweeping through much of the Middle East and North Africa. A woman who only this week has traveled into the dangerous Arab revolution to talk with leaders and pledge support for democratic reform.  

Yes, I have chosen to honor Mrs. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who is a fighter, a successful negotiator, a mother, a strong wife, a Lawyer, a Senator, a Politician, an absolute leader, a no nonsense woman who produces results, and a woman who is totally respected by all Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and World Leaders across the globe.  Mrs. Clinton joined the State Department after nearly four decades in public service as an advocate, Attorney, First Lady and Senator.  Now Mrs. Clinton is our/the United States 67th Secretary of State who is currently serving in the Administration of President Barack Obama.

Surly you remember the tough politician Hillary Clinton who fought an extremely good and hard fight during the 2008 primary campaign, where she battled to obtain her parties nomination for the highest position in the land (President of HillaryClinton-1.jpg (16701 bytes)the United States,) but was defeated by President Barack Obama.  Yes, Hill-a-ry…Hill-a-ry!!!!! Now the Secretary of State, and is working tremendously hard at her job.

This brilliant and outstanding woman was named one the 100 most powerful lawyers in America.  She has been an advocate of health care reform and worked on many issues relating to Children and Families.  She has traveled to more than 80 countries as a representative of the United States winning respect as a champion of human rights, democracy and civil society.  She declared in her famous speech in Beijing in 1995  “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights”.  She inspired women worldwide and helped galvanized a global movement for women’s rights. With former Secretary of State Madeline Albright Mrs. Clinton in 1997 worked to launch the Government’s Vital Voices Democracy Initiative, and today Vital Voices is a non-governmental organization that continues to train and organize women leaders across the globe.

She has made history in 2000, as the First Lady (First Wife of A President to seek and win National Office), when she was elected to the United States Senate; and the First Woman Elected to the United States Senate in the state of New York.  Throughout her years as a Senator Mrs. Clinton served on the Armed Services Committee, the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the Environment and Public Works Committee, the Budget Committee and the Select Committee on Aging. She was also a Commissioner on the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is currently doing a awesome job as our Secretary of State of the United States.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MRS. HILARY RODHAM CLINTON’S FULL BIOGRAPHY.


My Coffee Money

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Todd Mangatal


Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]


Thoughts of the past, catapulted me back to a time of innocence and learning and hopes and dreams. I remembered the lush green hills surrounding our village enclave, the prodigious fecundity of nature serenading its many hued costumes in riotous colors to make a rainbow envious. I remembered the tropical palette of an unfolding day in our valley village, the sun peeping over the horizon during the morning hours in soft colors that only a divine painter could mix; the atmosphere becoming more intense, bright and hot as the fiery steed coursed its way across the sky until it reached its zenith scattering rays to chase mortal inhabitants indoors to await its waning.

Past, present and future, forming a kaleidoscope of emotions in my mind.

Like a vast picture album, images came to mind from times past.

I revisited my youth and walked on Plover Street remembering the inhabitants of every house, from the bottom of the hill where the old bus stop was located, to the top of the hill where Plover Street intersected Redwood Street before continuing toward Plover Gardens on the right, and Red Hill on the left.

I again saw the old candle factory which the calypsonian “Roaring Lion” had constructed when he returned from London. Sad to say, I cannot remember a candle being produced as the building only remained uninhabited over the years, only to wax in desertion over time, as plants and animals made use of the facilities according to their needs.

I remembered the moonlight nights when that large pumpkin shaped moon would hang suspended in its awesome beauty, bathing the night in its own natural softness. This was a time of joy, a time of laughter, a time of hope and discovery. I remembered the theater of imagination playing its tricks on a mind still stimulated by possibilities of an unlimited future. I remembered being transported to the workshop of illusion as those banana leaves waved in the moonlight, and as the night sounds washed over scenes of magic and mystery, and as the chemicals of sensitivity raced through the blood of the innocents.

I remembered Joan, as we walked hand in hand, professing teenaged lyrics of caring and loving, hoping to understand a future that was evasive and uncertain due to our ignorance of life and living.

I remembered that night when Joan and I were kissing under a big mango tree, merging with the shadows as we hugged and whispered. This was not a time of permissive abandon, as we were clear about the boundaries concerning our loving interactions. Some hugging and kissing, a bit of touching in places where clothing formed a natural barrier to the quest for intimacy, wishing and hoping, but ever being conscious of the unspoken rules of respect and trust.

And in the distance, a traveler with a bag on her head and a child at her side.

And there we were, young and giggling as the woman and child approached us in the semi darkness.

Then, a sudden stop as the woman saw movement under the mango tree.

It is obviously very difficult to place one’s self in the mind of another, or to imagine what motivates behavior in others at times of preparing for flight or to fight.

There was a sudden outburst of prayer as from a missal, as The Lord’s Prayer was followed by several Hail Marys, Creeds from Apostles who were never in any Holy Book, and of course many Psalms were vying with each other for utterance as this obviously petrified being was trying her best to ward off the evil that she thought was seeking to bar her path to the sanctuary of Home.

She seemed to hesitate for a while, but after being, I suppose, reassured by her faith and prayers, she slowly approached our night niche, as we of course were trying to suppress a laughter which was bubbling up with the force of a volcano, and which suddenly erupted with the force of unreason.

Laughter and mirth mixed with youthful indiscretion as Joan and I punctuated the Religious with humorous. We howled with laughter.

In the twinkling of an eye, the litany of prayer stopped, no doubt because of the realization that the supernatural specter was only flesh and blood engaging in its own activities. In the place of prayer, there was a stream of profanity to make a sailor blush with shame. The woman hurled curses and insults which were meant not only to destroy, but also to cause unborn generations never to see the light of day. Far from stemming the tide of our laughter, the pronouncements of Obeah laden threats simply opened the floodgates of our amusement, causing us to laugh even harder.

Her fear and anger being spent, she slowly wound her way to her abode, no doubt thoroughly reassured of her positive relationship with the Almighty, and perhaps with a little trembling as she lit her kerosene lamp with the words inscribed on the shade, “Home Sweet Home.”

Yes, I remembered this simple yet profound little village world, where Pesche, and Mikey and Audley and I would sit under “The Diamond Horse Shoe” parlor at night, kneading our hopes and polishing our dreams as our youth sped by unheeding of our inability to predict a future which always comes, regardless of whether we are adequately prepared or not.

I remembered the Morvant I knew and loved, as it was then.

More to Come..

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

Hollis Lashley "Gifts From The Heart" is for sale, or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638





We hope our Irish Friends Among Our On Line Family had a great St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, March 17th.



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We absolutely must keep the people of Japan in our prayers.


There are quite a few people in our circle who are celebrating birthdays this week; therefore, I want to wish HappyBirthday-roses.jpg (7061 bytes) them a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Enjoy your special day my friends, and all the best to you: Hollis Lashley (who only had his birthday yesterday...so we were not late!)  Happy Birthday to my dear friend Gloria Smith. Happy Birthday again Andy, we intend to pass through your celebration this weekend!  I must say we had a lovely time at Sister Dera Thompkins birthday celebration last weekend.  Additionally, birthday greetings are being sent to J Little (400 Club-Miami); Jimmy, Taylor, Ruth, Shalonda, Tilly, Peggyann, Della, Marvin, Louis and Hinton.


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Exhibit running until May 1, 2011

Washington DC

"America I Am ~~~ The African American Imprint"

The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.

National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc. log on to www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.

For Additional details, log on to http://www.americaiam.com



March 26, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia

The D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
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Date:               Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time:              8:30am-3pm for Students, Parents and Educators
                        Registration begins at 8:30am
                        Conference begins promptly at 9:00am
Place:             D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
                        3099 Panther Trail SW
                        Atlanta, GA 30311
Who:               Students (Elementary through High School), Caregivers, College and Post-baccalaureate Students, Health Professional Students, Resident Physicians, Educators, Community Members and Practicing Health Professionals
Cost:               FREE
For more information:          Call Ms. Tavarez (718)920-6626
Register:     RSVP www.mimatlanta2.eventbrite.com Deadline 3/18/11



March 27, 2011 

Baltimore, Maryland


April 7, 2011 

Washington DC

6:30 pm



IDB Cultural Center | Inter-American Development Bank , 1300-1330 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC at Metro Center

“The Pleasure of Disorientation: A Discussion of Caribbean Visual Arts” by Dr. Erica M. James.

Dr. Erica M. James, Director of the National Gallery of Art of The Bahamas (on leave), will cover the spectrum of 20th century to contemporary fine arts from the region.  She is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Art History and Archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and her research interests center on the Arts of the African Diaspora, particularly in the Caribbean and the Americas.  Dr. James notes, “That fine art from the Caribbean is relatively unknown is axiomatic.  In fact, at the annual Art Basel exhibition held in Miami Beach, Florida in 2009 was the first time a Caribbean Art Show was included in the national program.”

Free and open to the public. 

Photo ID required for concerts, lectures and films held at the Enrique V. Iglesias Conference Center, 1330 New York Avenue.

www.iadb.org/cultural  202.623.3558



April 9, 2011 

Baltimore, Maryland














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