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Hello.jpg (14424 bytes)Hello On-line family and friends.  I hope all of you are great, and doing marvelous.   I can’t thank you enough for all your concerns regarding my brief absence.  Please know that I am just fine, and so is my husband Todd. 

Regarding my absence, you may recall I stated in my last e-mail (some weeks ago) we had opted to stay away from Trinidad during Carnival and chill here at home in the US.  However, that decision “flew out the window;” along with plans, business, Weekly E-Newsletter, daily grind, commemorating black history month, and every darn thing else.  Thankfully, I was able to book a room for the Pet in our local Pet Hotel without much notice; made some quick travel arrangements, and off we flew to Trinidad without alerting anyone of our decision; including my family in Trinidad.  Needless-to-say, we arrived a little after Carnival; but the fact is WE GOT THERE, and it was the best decision we made! 

Everything about this trip was awesome.  The island was somewhat quiet (being that it was after Carnival); but we couldn’t care less. …we had a terrific time!

Oh dear…my family…my joy and happiness.  Well, my Mom was extremely surprised, and tearfully happy!  In fact the way she held her heart, it was quite obvious it had skipped a beat or two the moment I stepped into her bedroom.  Observing her expression, I was pleased that a cousin I dealt with at the airport didn’t alert my Mom of our arrival…Mom was truly surprised!!  My brother who is a little more reserved and calm was surprised as well; and WOW the smile on his face was worth a million dollars!   His wife, and especially his kids…our adorable nieces were ecstatic.  These little girls screams of joy, and cheerful chatter about everything are still ringing in our ears (PLEASANTLY.)  Of course, Todd and I didn’t have a moments rest when we were in their presence, and we didn’t mind it a bit.  Every day was for them, as well as every night; up until the time we left their home for our hotel.

Hum, we found it to be rather interesting that I had started becoming WELL the moment the plane touched down [after being quite ill for several weeks before we left America.]  And once we were settled into our hotel Todd and I found the illness…my symptoms began subsiding rapidly.  Umm…could it have been the fresh air; the tropical rainforest type weather [downpours of rain that would cease after some minutes, and immediately thereafter the sun appears; which kept the place nice and cool.] Was it the blue mesmerizing ocean with its rough waves splashing against the shores, along with the calm…warm ocean breeze?  Or could it have been the traditional foods that I was craving before I left America?  [Which my Mom and brother along with his wife made sure I got everything I craved, and lots more.] I must say though the Bake and Shark we purchased from “Uncle Sam’s Shark and Bake” in Maracas Beach was outstanding.  Umm…Umm…Umm…yummy!  


What swept me away and eased my mind, body and soul; and which obviously helped me to continue recovering nicely: was the long drives through the beautiful mountains on the North Coast of the Island to the beaches…[Maracus to Las Cuevas to Tyrico Bay to Blanchisseuse; and beyond.]  Indeed, they were extremely healing!  I must admit though; at times a bit nerve racking due to the roads being extremely small, winding and rugged.  Also building castles in the sand on the beaches we visited with my nieces, and watching them along with my family play happily together while enjoy the water immensely.  That did absolute wonders for me!  And finally the excursion to the historical and famous Pitch Lakes was soothing, and truly educational; as well as our visit to the famous and hunted “Lopinot Coco plantation”; [which is located quite close to the town I grew up.]  Aha, the sheer beauty of this place of my birth was breathtaking and extremely therapeutic.  

One important thing we had an opportunity to accomplish in Trinidad was Todd meeting his cousin Michelle Mangatal.  [With a name like Mangatal it is seldom that you run into other people with that name.]  Todd and Michelle made contact on Facebook some time ago; and we couldn’t wait to meet her.  After making arrangements, we decided to hook up with her and her dear friend Eric [a day after Todd’s birthday and one day before Michelle’s birthday] for cocktails at our hotel.  After “rounds upon rounds of cocktails” under a nicely moonlit sky, we decided to continue the drinking in St. James; and of course ended up at the popular...renowned "Smokey & Bounty.[Smiling and Singing] ”...Oh what a night in early March in 2012...!”  By the way did I mention Michelle was more beautiful in person than her pictures on Facebook .  And after conversing about the Mangatal family background and the Martinique connection; we are absolutely certain these two Mangatals are cousins.  In fact, according to Michelle; Todd has quite a bit of family members that were born in Trinidad and reside in Trinidad. What a small world…huh?  And doesn’t Facebook do wonders? It brings all of us (long lost family members and friends) closer together…INCREDIBLE!

Well, I must take this opportunity to express our sincere THANKS to Michelle and Eric for a wonderful time, good drinks, good food, and great conversations…the “lime” was absolutely terrific.  By the way; the atmosphere at "Smokey & Bounty" along with the other bars on the streets of St. James was awesome; drinks were flowing; and the music was right...Reggae…Soca…Everything.  We also ran into Singing Sandra during our night out with Michelle and Eric, and was able to capture a few photos of her.  Most importantly on this special night we also ran into another Mangatal (one of Todd’s cousins) Ms. Liz.  Again I’m singing …Oh what a night in early March in 2012!…”   



Before I close I must mention the music scene in Trinidad we are so passionate about.  I find it amazing that this country with such a significant music industry would forget about their own Soca, Calypso and Kaiso music the day after Carnival.  It was truly mind boggling listening to the radio stations we tuned into and finding it was all about Jamaican dancehall, American Hip Hop and some Pop music.  NO Disrespect, but Hum…Reggae Dancehall Artist/Star Vybz Kartel “ran the airwaves,” along with Reggae Artist Konshens, and a little of dancehall artist popcaan thrown into the mix.  Whereas the weeks before we arrived in Trinidad it was total Soca music being played on the radio stations we had tuned into via the NET.  

On a serious note regarding this issue; Todd and I both are passionate about this music and strongly feel that it has great potential to crossover and reach a larger/mainstream audience.  As a matter of fact, we intend to play an integral part in helping take the music of Trinidad to that level.  First and foremost though; we believe if Trinidadians and the Trinidadian Soca/Calypso Artists want their music to grow, crossover to other markets, and be recognize as Jamaican music is today; THEY MUST TRULY EMBRACE THEIR MUSIC, BE PROUD OF IT, AND PLAY IT YEAR ROUND…NOT just during the carnival season!  [I must commend the one or two stations whose format is strictly Soca year round though!]  As for me with my personal taste for Soca; my brother made sure I got my “fill”.  With all his great Djing skills, he got my nieces and I “wining up a storm” everyday.  LOL, a few times we even “dropped on the ground and rolled” (Per Soca Star Fay-Ann Lyons hit song "Miss Behave" that placed 2nd in the National Road March Competition - 2012 Carnival.

As I reflect on this important time spent in Trinidad, and away from all the “ripping and running” in an effort to meet deadlines and accomplish goals; I find (1) it was phenomenal; (2) that the older one becomes; the more one appreciates things.  Most importantly, (3) I find it extremely important to STOP with the madness of trying to fulfill all your commitments; STOP with the daily grind, the horrendous schedules, and everything that is taking a toll on your entire being; AND TAKE A SMALL BREAK FROM EVERYTHING!  Todd and I have realized the illness that "knocked me down" for so many weeks before I left on this trip arose from simply missing my home, and missing my family.  Plus being burnt out played a major role as well.  Another important thing I realized from this trip is how much more Todd has fallen in Love with Trinidad.  It was cool just observing his face on a daily basis while hanging with the family, chilling and chatting with the nieces as they made all their plans, eating the foods, liming, and the sheer joy he expressed during his birthday celebration with the family.  Indeed it was the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time.  During our discussions he indicated the one thing that made him the happiest was being able to make the dreams of our nieces come true [per the 6 year old.] Her sharing this with us touched him deeply, and tugged at my heart.  We are so glad and very thankful to be able to make their little dreams and wishes turn into reality!!!  


Ok…Ok…Ok…LOL, enough about me/us and our time away.  LOL, Although; I am not one for everything to be all about me.  I just had to share the experience and let you know how important it is to slip away…just drop everything in a moment’s notice and get away from EVERYTHING for a while  Thank you so much for bearing with me and reading.


Now that I am back, it’s time for me to fully get back in the “swing of things” and get back to business. 

 Naturally, I have missed weeks and weeks of commemorating and celebrating black history.  Additionally, it’s the 2nd week of March, and I have missed some weeks of acknowledging, honoring, commemorating and celebrating strong, beautiful, diverse, kind, independent, intelligent, courageous and successful WOMEN during this Women’s History Month~~~with its theme Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment.  I have also missed International Women’s Day (unfortunately.)  However, as I look back, I am glad I had an opportunity to began commemorating women in February since the Black History Month’s theme was: ”Black Women In America: Culture and History.”  Bear with me as I try to pick up where I left off.

Recently, through my readings I discovered there was one (1) extremely talented woman who was invited to be a speaker at the 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous “I had A Dream” Speech.  Did you know this?  The initiator and organizer of this March Mr. A. Philip Randolph [International President of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters + President of the Negro Labor Council + Vice President of the AFL-CIO] invited the lovely and talented dancer/singer Josephine Baker to speak…address the attendees of this historical, powerful and successful March. 

Most people’s first instinct would be why Josephine Baker?  She was a dancer and singer…what’s her connection?  What does she know about civil rights, marching for jobs and freedom…she spent most of her life in France in the entertainment industry?  To me it made quite a bit of sense though; because I recall reading about Ms. Baker’s experiences with racism right here in her homeland America, and her refusal to perform at any club or theater that was not integrated.  Moreover, the hurt and disgust she experienced after the New York Times called her “A Negro Wench” upon her return to the U.S. to star in Ziegfield Follies.  [A New York times review].

However, I wasn’t really aware that Ms. Baker had become such a vocal opponent of segregation and discrimination.   Below are the compelling words Ms. Freda Josephine Baker spoke on that historic day on the Lincoln Memorial – August 28, 1963 as she addressed approximately 250,000 people who attended the historic March.  Professionally, dressed in her uniform of the French Resistance, where she was active in World War II~~~her words gave us a glimpse of her experiences in America as a black female performer. CHECK IT OUT BELOW.

Join me as I commemorate Ms. Freda Josephine Baker.  To learn all about Ms. Freda Josephine Baker, please CLICK HERE!

Friends and family…you know I have lived a long time and I have come a long way.  And you must know now that what I did, I did originally for myself.  Then later, as these things began happening to me, I wondered if they were happening to you, and then I knew they must be.  And I knew that you had no way to defend yourselves, as I had.

And as I continued to do the things I did, and to say the things I said, they began to beat me.  Not beat me, mind you, with a club—but you know, I have seen that done too—but they beat me with their pens, with their writings.  And friends, that is much worse.

When I was a child and they burned me out of my home, I was frightened and I ran away.    Eventually I ran far away.  It was to a place called France.  Many of you have been there, and many have not.  But I must tell you, ladies and gentlemen, in that country I never feared.  It was like a fairyland place.

And I need not tell you that wonderful things happened to me there.  Now I know that all you children don’t know who Josephine Baker is, but you ask Grandma and Grandpa and they will tell you.  You know what they will say.  “Why, she was a devil.”  And you know something…why, they are right.  I was too.  I was a devil in other countries, and I was a little devil in America too.

But I must tell you, when I was young in Paris, strange things happened to me.  And these things had never happened to me before.  When I left St. Louis a long time ago, the conductor directed me to the last car.  And you all know what that means.

But when I ran away, yes, when I ran away to another country, I didn’t have to do that.  I could go into any restaurant I wanted to, and I could drink water anyplace I wanted to, and I didn’t have to go to a colored toilet either, and I have to tell you it was nice, and I got used to it, and I liked it, and I wasn’t afraid anymore that someone would shout at me and say, “Nigger, go to the end of the line.”  But you know, I rarely ever used that word.  You also know that it has been shouted at me many times.

So over there, far away, I was happy, and because I was happy I had some success, and you know that too.

Then after a long time, I came to America to be in a great show for Mr. Ziegfeld, and you know Josephine was happy.  You know that.  Because I wanted to tell everyone in my country about myself.  I wanted to let everyone know that I made good, and you know too that that is only natural.

But on that great big beautiful ship, I had a bad experience.  A very important star was to sit with me for dinner, and at the last moment I discovered she didn’t want to eat with a colored woman.  I can tell you it was some blow.

And I won’t bother to mention her name, because it is not important, and anyway, now she is dead.

And when I got to New York way back then, I had other blows—when they would not let me check into the good hotels because I was colored, or eat in certain restaurants.  And then I went to Atlanta, and it was a horror to me.  And I said to myself, My God, I am Josephine, and if they do this to me, what do they do to the other people in America?

You know, friends, that I do not lie to you when I tell you I have walked into the palaces of kings and queens and into the houses of presidents.  And much more. But I cold not walk into a hotel in America and get a cup of coffee, and that made me mad.  And when I get mad, you know that I open my big mouth.  And then look out, ‘cause when Josephine opens her mouth, they hear it all over the world.

So I did open my mouth, and you know I did scream, and when I demanded what I was supposed to have and what I was entitled to, they still would not give it to me.  

So then they thought they could smear me, and the best way to do that was to call me a communist.  And you know, too, what that meant.  Those were dreaded words in those days, and I want to tell you also that I was hounded by the government agencies in America, and there was never one ounce of proof that I was a communist.  But they were mad.  They were mad because I told the truth.  And the truth was that all I wanted was a cup of coffee.  But I wanted that cup of coffee where I wanted to drink it, and I had the money to pay for it, so why shouldn’t I have it where I wanted it?

Friends and brothers and sisters, that is how it went.  And when I screamed loud enough, they started to open that door just a little bit, and we all started to be able to squeeze through it.  Not just the colored people, but the others as well, the other minorities too, the Orientals, and the Mexicans, and the Indians, both those here in the United States and those from India.

Now I am not going to stand in front of all of you today and take credit for what is happening now.  I cannot do that.  But I want to take credit for telling you how to do the same thing, and when you scream, friends, I know you will be heard.  And you will be heard now.

But you young people must do one thing, and I know you have heard this story a thousand times from your mothers and fathers, like I did from my mama.  I didn’t take her advice.  But I accomplished the same in another fashion.  You must get an education.  You must go to school, and you must learn to protect yourself.  And you must learn to protect yourself with the pen, and not the gun.  Then you can answer them, and I can tell you—and I don’t want to sound corny—but friends, the pen really is mightier than the sword.

I am not a young woman now, friends.  My life is behind me.  There is not too much fire burning inside me.  And before it goes out, I want you to use what is left to light that fire in you.  So that you can carry on, and so that you can do those things that I have done.  Then, when my fires have burned out, and I go where we all go someday, I can be happy.

You know I have always taken the rocky path.  I never took the easy one, but as I get older, and as I knew I had the power and the strength, I took that rocky path, and I tried to smooth it out a little.  I wanted to make it easier for you.  I want you to have a chance at what I had.  But I do not want you to have to run away to get it.  And mothers and fathers, if it is too late for you, think of your children.  Make it safe here so they do Not have to run away, for I want for you and your children what I had.  

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends and family, I have just been handed a little note, as you probably say.  It is an invitation to visit the President of the United States in his home, the White House.  

I am greatly honored.  But I must tell you that a colored woman—or, as you say it here in America, a black woman—is not going there. It is a woman.  It is Josephine Baker.

This is a great honor for me.  Someday I want you children out there to have that great honor too.  And we know that~~~that time is not someday.  We know that~~~that time is now.  

I thank you, and may god bless you.  And may He continue to bless you long after I am gone.

Courtesy of: Stephen Papich, Remembering Josephine (New York: The Bobbs-Mererill Company, Inc.: 1976), 210-213. Via Blackpast.org


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Tuesday, March 21, 2012

Washington DC

2012 National Women’s History Month
Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2012
Re-enactment of the historical 1913 Women’s Suffrage March
Time: 10:30 A.M.
Location: Marchers will meet at 330 Independence Ave., SW ( C Street parking lot)
The march will take place from 3rd & Independence Ave., SW down to 8th & Pennsylvania Ave., SE . Then we will march back and disband.
For more information, please contact Janice Roane at (202) 382-7805 or jdroane@bbg.gov.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Washington DC


Mrs. Brian Francois (Chris)

The Trinidad & Tobago Working Women’s Committee (WWC)

The West Indian American Military Members Association (WIAMMA) Mr. Jeffrey Smith, Mr. Bobby Adams &

Mr. Desmond Peters (Mr. Desmond) WACK Radio 90.1

In conjunction with the Trinidad & Tobago Association

of Washington, DC

Invite you to a Celebration of Life

Remembering Brian Francois


10:00 A.M. - (Service Begins Promptly)


Please RSVP by Thursday, March 22ND (301-270-2167)



Join us for the celebration

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Music

Partying Brian Style In The Nation’s Capitol

  10:00 P.M. -2:00 A.M.

At the



   Music: Mr. Desmond –WACK Radio & Bobby’s Music Machine

   Donation: $15.00 (proceeds given to Mrs. Chris Francois)

Saturday, April 2, 2012

Washington DC



July 7, 2012


July 13-15, 2012

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March 15, 2012



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