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Dearest Online Family and Friends, we are hopeful your year is going well for you thus far.

By now you must be aware of the 8.9 Earthquake that rocked Japan today (during the evening hours on Friday Japan time), with aftershocks measuring as large as 7.1 and below.  The quake triggered a Tsunami (which has been reported) caused waves to swell up to approximately 30 feet, that slammed into the Northeast Coast of the country.  Additionally, Tsunami alerts and warnings have been issued across the Pacific region. 

I ask that all of you/us among our online family keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers during this time of sorrow, loss of life, and destruction.  Furthermore, I pray that during the midst of the suffering caused by this catastrophic earthquake that the people of Japan are given strength to make it through this devastating time, and that they are given comfort and courage as well.  May those who are suffering from injuries or emotional and spiritual distress be healed and comforted.  May they be given hope and encouragement to move ahead through this awful time.



What A Carnival

...I is ah Trini..ah Trini...I'm ah Trini...ah Trini...Yes, ah Trini...ah Trini... LOL, funny that the patriotic and groovy lyrics of Soca Artist Benji’s huge hit “I Is A Trini” is still ringing in my head.  On-line family for me and many others across the US and globally, it was all about Trinidad and Tobago this past weekend; because the “Greatest Show on Earth”~~~Trinidad and Tobago’s CARNIVAL took place.  From all accounts it was SUPER AWESOME!!!  Sleep was something I got very little off this past weekend, and I am certainly still paying for it today. LOL!!!

Despite all the talk I am hearing about this years’ Carnival being the most disorganized and absolutely mismanaged; I am extremely happy NOT to have experienced that madness [the chaos and confusion.]   Instead, from my viewpoint it was marvelous; absolutely the best Carnival ever.  And with our front row seats we were able to fully experience the euphoria of Carnival.  As one of our E-Newsletter contributor’s stated: [which I most wholeheartedly agree with] “My seats at this years' Carnival festivities and Events were VIP."

Thanks to http://www.carnivaltv.net with their high definition stream of the Carnival I/we certainly had VIP seats.  This afforded me the special opportunity to see the stunning explosion of colors; do my own judging of the many competitions and costumes; listened and absorbed the conscious and controversial lyrics of the Calypsonians; danced along to the pulsating music (pan, live performances and disc jockeys); and was in awe at the creativity and revelry from the masquerade bands.  Even though I was awfully homesick, I was very thankful to "Carnival TV" for the great free service, and for successfully streaming LIVE all of the spectacular Carnival festivities and events with very little problems.  As a matter of fact, I am very proud that my culture was exposed to the fullest on such a large scale to approximately 86 countries around the globe via the exciting world wide web (The Internet). Oh, how technology has progressed!!!  We once again want to send a special Thank You to the owners/producers of "Carnival TV": "Advanced Dynamics Limited," "BeachHouse Entertainment," and Powered by "Flow"  http://carnivaltv.net/who_we_are.html

Many of the competitions were fierce this year due to the 2 million dollars that was awarded by the Trinidad and Tobago Government to the 1st place winner of quite a few competitions.  With such a huge cash prize, you can just imagine how competitive and entertaining all the performances were; and indeed all the performances were absolutely enjoyable!  

We at Arious would like to CONGRATULATE all the winners: (1) Machel Montana placed 1st in the Power Soca Monarch competition, taking home the $2 million prize; (2) KES, place 1st in the Groovy Soca Monarch competition.  The winner of the Panorama (Large Band) 1st Place was awarded to Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars and medium bands to (a tie): (1) Katzenjammers; and (2) Valley Harps.

As for the National Calypso Monarch, I was surprised by the judge’s choice for 1st Place.  26 year old KareneAsche-2.jpg (34470 bytes)Ms. Karene Asche placed 1st in the competition.   Ms. Asche is the first female to place 1st in the competition in almost a decade, and she made history being the first to win the $2 million Government initiative (the largest ever cash prize.)   Ms. Asche is no stranger to the competition, because she has won the Junior Calypso Monarch competitions in 1998 and 2003.  CLICK HERE to see one of her two performance “Uncle Jack" or the picture above to the left; [the other song she performed was “Be Careful What You Ask For."]  The youths are our future, so I am very happy for her, and her success.

The gentleman who I picked to win the competition, but who placed 2nd is “Sugar Aloes” - Mr. Michael Osuna.  I was completely engrossed with "Sugar Aloes" performance of "The Cause Of The Problem."  The lyrics of this song is "profound", and holds true meaning in many of our lives across the globe [in the African American communities.]  Personally, it meant a lot to me, because it is a topic I am very conscious of, and have written about on numerous occasions: "The Crabs In A Barrel Mentality. "  "Sugar Aloes" clearly pointed out in his song: If we continue living with the crab in a barrel mindset way, we will certainly never get anywhere in life [one will never progress.]  I have shared the chorus of "The Cause of The Problem" below.  "Sugar Aloes" 2nd performance of his song “Not One Word” was "deep" as well.   Click Here or the picture to the left to view Sugar Aloes Performance of "The Cause of the Problem" at the Calypso Monarch Competition (Dimanche Gras 2011.)  [Courtesy of: The Wood Man Steve and Powered by: YouTube.]

"Cause, when we see a bro--ther climbing up a ladder; before he get on, we pulling him down.  

And when we see a sis--ter slip and tumble in the gutter, with a blazing tongue we crying she down.  

It’s a bring down mentality, a pull down philosophy; that is the root and the cause of the cancer that really killing we."

Chalkdust.jpg (26191 bytes)I must also congratulate Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka “Chalkdust” for placing 3rd with his “Manning-Jitis” and “Wounded Pride” calypsos.   Additionally, I truly enjoyed the performances and lyrics of (1) Joanne Rowley "Tigress", especially her calypso entitled "Woman to Woman"; (2) Kizzy Riuz with her calypso entitled "Engine Stall"; and (3) Tamika Darius with her interesting and daring calypso "Ungratefull".  I must also mention that I was pleased with the tribute Calypsonian Kurt Allen did for the 100th anniversary of  "Attila the Hun;" it was fantastic.  [Attila the Hun (also spelled Atilla the Hun) was the name taken by the prominent calypsonian born Raymond Quevedo (March 24, 1892 - February 22, 1962). He began singing in 1911 and was at his most prominent in the 1930s and 1940s. He was one of the pioneers in spreading awareness of calypso beyond its birthplace in Trinidad and Tobago."

Congratulations to the 1st place winner of the King of Carnival Mr. Wade Madray whose portrayal "Pacific Tsunami" captured the judges (pictured to the right).  

The 1st place winner of the Queen of Carnival - Ms. Percia Marchan 's portrayal was "D Jeweled Chandelier."  (pictured to the left.  


Carnival Tuesday, I was mesmerized throughout the day as I watched the spectacular Parade Of Bands as they danced across the massive stage in Port of Spain, Trinidad.  I was fascinated by the sea of colors and the stamina of the masqueraders.  Due to being accustomed to a certain quality of Mas, I was  happy  to learn that Brian Mac Farlane's masquerade band "Humanity, Circle of Life" was awarded the 1st prize for Band Of The Year. Mr. Mac Farlane's band was beautiful and so very different from the normal bikini's that is more or less recognized as Mas in these recent times. (Mac Farlane band members in costume is pictured below.)

To find out in detail who the winners are of all the Carnival competitions, PLEASE LOG ON TO The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago website:  www.ncctt.org.     Indeed Carnival 2k11 was Marvelous!!!  I, my mind and soul enjoyed it immensely from afar!!!  


Honoring Notable Women In March - Happy Women History Month


The Empowered Woman

---By Sonny Carroll. Copyright © 2003 Sonny Carroll & Pearls Of Wisdom.

The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world
with a sense of confidence and grace.
Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom.
Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or  hesitation
and the life she leads is of her own creation.

She now understands what it means to live and let live.
How much to ask for herself and how much to give.
She has a strong, yet generous heart
and the inner beauty she emanates truly sets her apart.
Like the mythical Phoenix,
she has risen from the ashes and soared to a new plane of existence,
unfettered by the things that once that posed such resistance.

Her senses now heightened, she sees everything so clearly.
She hears the wind rustling through the trees;
beckoning her to live the dreams she holds so dearly.
She feels the softness of her hands
and muses at the strength that they possess.
Her needs and desires she has learned to express.
She has tasted the bitter and savored the sweet fruits of life,
overcome adversity and pushed past heartache and strife.

And the one thing she never understood,
she now knows to be true,
it all begins and ends with you.


Since clearly this E-Newsletter is dedicated to Trinidad and Tobago this week, and in commemoration of National Women's History Month, plus International Women's Day that recently passed ; I think it is only appropriate to honor THE notable woman who is the leader of this lovely country (Trinidad and Tobago)~~~The Honorable Kamla Persad-Bissessar! 

Scores of us know she won the election earlier this year and made history becoming the First Woman to hold the Office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  However, many of us know very little about her, and her background...her history Indeed, our HISTORY IS OUR STRENGTH; therefore, I will spend a little time sharing the history of this exceptional woman. 

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar a wife, mother, and grandmother; seemed to have had a fascinating political career.  In fact, her career on a whole was interesting.  She started her political career in the 80's; and in 1987 she won the election to her local council.  When she decided to seek a Parliament seat she lost; but in 1994 she was asked to serve as a Senator with the United National Congress ("UNC") under the leadership of Basdeo Panday.  A year after joining the Senate her party UNC won the elections and Ms. Persad-Bissessar was appointed and became the 1st woman to served as Attorney General; Minister of Legal Affairs; and Education Minister.  She also was the first woman to serve as Acting Prime Minister when Mr. Panday traveled out of the country. Her other accomplishments as being the first woman are: (1) She was the first woman Deputy Political Leader of the United National Congress; and (2) the First woman Leader of the Opposition Party.





I received word from one of the strong women in my community and host of CaribNation Television - Ms. Derrice Dean; who informed me/us about a Television program that will be aired on Sunday, March 13th that features and honor Haitian Entrepreneur, Solanges Vivens.  To learn all the details, see the note below from Ms. Deane.

In recognition of Women's History Month and especially the 100th anniversary of Women's History Day, CaribNation recognizes the work of one Caribbean woman making a difference in the lives of children in Haiti and the elderly in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

We invite you to tune in to CaribNation Television on the Megahertz network, channel 451 (Fios) at 3.30 p.m. Sunday March 13, 2011.  Please note this is the new air time, every Sunday afternoon, and Wednesdays at 11.30 a.m.  You may set your DVR to tape it if you will not be at home.  Please check www.MHZnetworks.com for specific regional and service listings.  You may also check our website for more program information at www.caribnationtv.com.  Please pass the word on.  Thank you.

Kind regards,
Derrice Deane
Host, CaribNation Television
(MhZ Cable Channel 451)

Sundays 3.30p.m. and Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m.




Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]

The memories of All Fours and Brooklyn kept on circulating in my mind like the soothing strains of an old gospel song, melding past present and future hopes into one pleasurable conscious experience.

It was homecoming and a renewing of  the ties of a village world which has at some time, affected all of us who have come to the Babylonian Metropolis in search of our El Dorado's and our dreams of Green.

It was ethos and pathos, ying and yang, comedy and tragedy; all playing their parts on that vast stage of the mind, in a moment when all judgments are being suspended because one has chosen to just be in the unfolding now of one’s existence.

 It was an awareness which cut through the pretensions which we wield so very consciously in our every day interactions that we many times fail to observe the various layers of contradictions with which we swaddle our tenderness, in order to appear as though we are one of the chosen few who have made it, or who are superior to those we deem to be beneath us.

In the reality of our illusionary existing, we cannot recognize that we are actors on the stage of an amphitheatre which tethers on the brink of extinction, with its only backdrop being the void of our ignorance, the audience; all those who can feel the pain and the joy of our spiritual origins and our ongoing grasping to discover ourselves.

Brooklyn, and Washington, DC; like a pair of mismatched socks on the feet of toddler, one warm and friendly, the other thin and barely able to keep in the heat; but both being advertised as user friendly and possibly the best pair on the planet, until you put them to the wearing.

Power and Force, Glitz and Ritz, Life and Living, Pretenders and Potentiates all vying to be stars in this three ring circus owned by the Company called “Birth, Death and Redemption, Esquires.”

Brooklyn, where the lights come on, and the people come out to parade where the shadows are soft enough to deny the encroaching reality of accumulating years, where one can visit a hole in the ground which is no larger than a mausoleum, but which accommodates a large group of the few, the brave, the walking wounded, the disillusioned, the hopeful, the talkers, the silent ones, all coming together to celebrate the daily “Ambakaila.” Sometimes there is music, sometimes just a dull throbbing as though Mother Earth is simply reminding us that she still has a beating heart which is being weighed down by our dishonor; and sometimes there is an eerie silence, made pregnant by its noisy discomfort and its clanging discord.

Brooklyn, where the Metropolis has forged its own heroes, where worlds are made manifest in ways which can baffle the reality of physics, and where friendships mean much more than a word used to described a desire.

At this time in the morning, I think of Lisette, my grandmother. I think of her pipe which she occasionally smoked after her daily glass of after dinner wine, and her words of encouragement to spur me on to love reading. She lived to about 95, refusing to chase after the runs to make a century, but I can see her now and smell her grandmotherly smells which would linger on my skin when it was cold and I needed something to sleep in. Those were the pre pajama days when utility was the fashionable trend of the times.

I remember the novel she gave to me when I was 13 years old, “L’Auberge de la Noble Rose.” If I am not mistaken, I lent it to Elmo and I am still waiting for him to return my book. If you see him, please remind him that I am still waiting.

I can still see Lisette in her little two room mansion in Laventille, near to the Community Center, and her walking from her home to Morvant to visit her daughter, my aunt, and doing so while she was well into her eighties. I remember those days of innocence and growth and hoping and wishing, and yes polishing those attitudes which would serve you for the rest of your life, depending of course on how you define “Life”

I remember the patois, which by the way I was too stupid to learn.

 I remember the many species of mango that we ate as children, and which seems to have disappeared into oblivion today. Doudouce, Zabrico, Starch, Long, Rose, Calabash, and the host of others. I sit here lost in thought and I am tempted to pick up my cuatro whenever I can get to it and sing to the tune of ‘Where have all the flowers gone?”

Where have all the mangoes gone

Long time passing

Where have all the mangoes gone

A long long time ago?

Where have all the mangoes gone

Gone to children everyone

When will they ever learn

When will they ever Learn?

Where have all the children gone? Gone to adults some of them.

Where have all the adults gone? Gone back to dust everyone.

Tell me where is that dust Now? Back to mangoes I am sure.

And so we fill in our verses, and our songs continue, either so that only we can hear or so that others can. Sometimes we sing with a few others, sometimes we sing to a crowd. Sometimes we sing out of tune, but with our untrained ears we cannot hear ourselves. And yet sometimes too, we do not know how to sing, but week after week we practice with the choir, and the conductor allows us to fill up a space, not because we deserve to, but because we diligently came to practice, in spite of our lack of skill, and more importantly because we are not aware of our lack thereof.

  See you later, mamatater.

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

Hollis Lashley "Gifts From The Heart" is for sale, or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638






To all our friends who made it out last Saturday, to celebrate my husband "Todd's" birthday with us; please know that we sincerely appreciate you taking the time.  Todd had a fantastic time; and LOL, as I look back at pictures it looked like I thought it was my birthday.  From my recollection, it was an enjoyable time for me too.  HappyBirthday-roses.jpg (7061 bytes)Thank you all for sharing this special time/birthday with us.

There are so many people in my circle who are celebrating birthdays this week; therefore, I want to wish them a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Enjoy your special day my friends, and all the best to you: Hollis Lashley (Happy Belated Birthday); Happy Birthday: Abosede A., Andy Ramano, Karen DeSouza-Goring, Mark Humphrey, and Dera Thompkins. 


As always feel free to comment regarding this commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our “Arious Grapevine”; and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.  Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address: susan@ariousentertainment.us.

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"America I Am ~~~ The African American Imprint"

Exhibit running until May 1, 2011

Washington DC

The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.

National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc. log on to www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.

For Additional details, log on to http://www.americaiam.com



March 26, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia

The D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
Proudly Presents the
 “Yes, I Can Be a Health Care Professional!”
In Partnership with
Hands-On Workshops, Ask the Expert Fair, Network with Health Professionals, Dance Party, Stage Play, Lunch, Prizes and More!
Opening Keynote Speaker
Dr. Hassan Tetteh
Cardiothoracic Surgeon 


Date:               Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time:              8:30am-3pm for Students, Parents and Educators
                        Registration begins at 8:30am
                        Conference begins promptly at 9:00am
Place:             D.M. Therrell School for Health Sciences and Research
                        3099 Panther Trail SW
                        Atlanta, GA 30311
Who:               Students (Elementary through High School), Caregivers, College and Post-baccalaureate Students, Health Professional Students, Resident Physicians, Educators, Community Members and Practicing Health Professionals
Cost:               FREE
For more information:          Call Ms. Tavarez (718)920-6626
Register:     RSVP www.mimatlanta2.eventbrite.com Deadline 3/18/11



April 7, 2011 

Washington DC

6:30 pm



IDB Cultural Center | Inter-American Development Bank , 1300-1330 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC at Metro Center

“The Pleasure of Disorientation: A Discussion of Caribbean Visual Arts” by Dr. Erica M. James.

Dr. Erica M. James, Director of the National Gallery of Art of The Bahamas (on leave), will cover the spectrum of 20th century to contemporary fine arts from the region.  She is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Art History and Archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and her research interests center on the Arts of the African Diaspora, particularly in the Caribbean and the Americas.  Dr. James notes, “That fine art from the Caribbean is relatively unknown is axiomatic.  In fact, at the annual Art Basel exhibition held in Miami Beach, Florida in 2009 was the first time a Caribbean Art Show was included in the national program.”

Free and open to the public. 

Photo ID required for concerts, lectures and films held at the Enrique V. Iglesias Conference Center, 1330 New York Avenue.

www.iadb.org/cultural  202.623.3558














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