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Dearest Online Family and Friends: I am hopeful your week was progressive, uplifting and cool; as mine somewhat was.  I do hope all of you are doing very well.  Happy Black History Month!

Life and Its Choices - Grammy Award Winner Buju Banton and his Verdict

Life.jpg (4216 bytes)Oftentimes I wonder about this lovely thing call LIFE.  The day-to-day challenges and frustrations; the toughness and never ending struggles; the heartaches; the experience of things sometimes not working out the way we hoped; and the joys and successes.  Most importantly, along the winding road of life we find it has no guarantees; is absolutely not easy; and made up of CHOICES.  Yes, quite often through life we are placed in positions where we have to make some tough decisions and important CHOICES that would affect us forever and how we live; as well as our families and friends.

In recent years, unfortunately I have witnessed a few associates and friends in my world making some of the weirdest choices.  Many of them clearly have guardian angels in their lives [in some form or another;] who are guiding them along a successful path.  However, I find on many occasions they tend to not hear or listen to their guardian angel, and sometimes dismiss them from their lives by their actions.  This always leaves me in wonderment because when I look at/and analyze their situation/s the correct choices and answers are so very clear.  However, they never seem to see it.  From time to time, I wish I was given simple chances and choices many around me often receive; but I guess the road along my life is a lot more difficult than many.

My words above leads me to share the following lovely and interesting quote with you as I digest the verdict of Reggae Superstar and Grammy winner "Buju Banton" (Mark Anthony Myrie). 

Life’s not always fair…sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow” by Terri Guillemets.

BujuBanton-February2011-1.jpg (8571 bytes)Hum, "Buju Banton" was not only sliding down a rainbow, he was riding a rainbow of success.  A life filled with sold out concerts, traveling across the globe doing what he loved dearly, writing, singing and preaching to the people through his lyrics.  "Buju Banton" ~~~ The voice of Jamaica wrote to his family, friends and fans the following (which was sadly read to the world by his attorney David Oscar Marcus this past Tuesday.) Mr. Marcus appeared to be upset and disappointed as he emotionally read Buju’s words.

Our Life and our destiny are sometimes predestined. But no matter where this journey takes me, remember I fought the good fight. It was a great man that said my head is bloody, but still I’m bowed. I love you all. Thank you for your support. Continue Loving God” 

- Buju Banton (Mark Myrie)

"Buju B" made an awful choice, and put himself in a terrible position when he decided to deal with a substance he knew was poison in all forms.  Indeed, the devil appeared before him, and he chose to follow.  It breaks my heart that he made such a bad and unintelligent choice in his life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011, Mark Anthony Myrie aka “Buju Banton” was found guilty of 3 charges by a jury of 12; of which three were African American women.  He was found guilty of “conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine;” “knowingly and intentionally possessing a firearm in furtherance of and during the course of a drug-trafficking crime;” and “aiding and abetting others in using a communication facility in the commission of a felony.” He was found not guilty for “attempting to possess five kilograms or more of cocaine."

Click on the picture below to see an account of the last day of Buju B's trial when the verdict was handed down by the jurors.  It's an exclusive report documenting the happenings of Buju Banton's final day of trial on Feb. 22, 2011.  This includes reactions and comments regarding the verdict from Buju's fans, friends, family, manager and attorney.

Buju Banton, Reggae Icon & Grammy Award Winner  - 2007 Hit Song - "Driver A"

Buju Banton plays The Boss in this classic clip accompanying his classic hit tune "Driver A." Director: Troy Antonio

Gosh, this is so sad!  We are aware "Buju B" has had his ups and downs; but we saw him rise, witnessed his growth and was extremely happy to see how he evolved into a very much loved and respected reggae superstar.   In some form or another Buju’s music and lyrics has carried us through some tough times in our own lives; and this blow leaves us in state of great solemnity. 

I said it before, and I say it again. “Why Buju…why?”  You absolutely knew better…why did you have to even complete a taste test.  Why did you put yourself in such an awful position!”  The many outcries from Buju’s fans are that he was set up/deceived.  Quite frankly Buju B knew better, he was aware of the evils; he sang about them and clearly through portions of his life experienced it; fought it and moved up the ladder to success.

Throughout the years, pride and joy is all I felt for this recently Grammy Award winning reggae artist; as he released album after successful album. It was awesome watching his growth and witnessing how he developed into a successful reggae superstar.  The verdict was certainly heartfelt, and I absolutely feel his pain and his family’s pain.  He is truly about to bear the intolerable. 

I am certain "Buju B", as well as his family and friends must be struggling to make sense of all that is transpiring around them in their lives, and digging deep within to find the true purpose of LIFE.

"Buju B's" attorney indicated he will immediately file for an appeal; and as of today the date for sentencing has yet to be established or announced.  [Buju is facing 15 years to life.]

Perhaps all of this is for a reason, and if it is; only the man Mark Myrie would know what that is. I pray that he victoriously breezes through this tough time in his LIFE, and will become even more stronger and more successful.  All the best to you "Mr. Mark Anthony Myrie!"!!!

I sadly close my thoughts and words about "Buju Banton" with the following quote from an unknown author regarding LIFE!

Life is a beauty; admire it.  Life is bliss; taste it

Life is a dream; realize it.  Life is challenging; meet it.

Life is a duty; complete it.  Life is a game; play it.

Life is a promise; fulfill it.  Life is sorrow; overcome it.

Life is a song; sing it.  Life is a struggle; accept it.

Life is tragedy; confront it.  Life is an adventure; dare it.

Life is luck make it.  Life is too precious; do not destroy it.

Life is life; fight for it.




Honoring, celebrating and acknowledging African Americans - Happy Black History Month - Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riot 1921.  Join me as I continue honoring, memorializing, recognizing, commemorating, celebrating and even “biging up” our leaders who are with us today; and the many who have come and gone before us.  Yes, these leaders who have made exceptional accomplishments and contributions throughout history must be commemorated to the fullest.  We must absolutely educate ourselves, and our Children about the rich history and culture of African Americans; and bring awareness to the historical and extraordinary things they have accomplished throughout time.  



Strangely, one morning this week while dreading that I had to get out of bed; my husband "Todd" abruptly woke up out of his sleep, and said to me: "Susan you need to write abut the Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riots that took place in 1921."  He explained he had an odd dream about it, and since we are approaching the end of celebrating Black History Month, I must write about it.  Weird thing though; he has no idea why he dreamt about this riot, and he truly has no real facts or knowledge about it.  Anyway, he explained the dream to me in detail and we both became a bit disturbed about the scenes he witnessed [in his dream.]  This left us both wondered what did it all mean.

Some years ago I read about/and mention this riot in one of our past E-Newsletter; but I found there was little detail about it to share.  Therefore, I was eager to complete the research so I could learn all I can about this Race Riot.  Oh dear, I became extremely nauseated, angry and disgusted as I completed the research.  This race riot that begun on May 31, 1921; in a town called Greenwood, better known as “The Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma was absolutely horrible.  This was a dark day in history for the African American residence who built this successful town.  It was destroyed by the evils of jealousy.  

In brief, Tulsa was a thriving, bustling, wealthy town with about 100,000 residence.  The African Americans in Oklahoma were prosperous; in fact they owned their own businesses and was quite wealthy.   So much so, that it caused bitter resentment on the part of the “lower order of whites” who felt that colored men/people of an “inferior race were presumptuous, and it irked them to see how progressive and successful the colored man/woman had become despite segregation in this town.

The facts states: 

  • A woman who was an elevator operator in one of the downtown buildings in Tulsa (The Drexel Building) stated a 19 year old boy attempted to sexually assault her. She stated he attempted to rape her in the elevator.  [However, facts stated the young man tripped while getting on the elevator reached out and touched the young woman in an attempt to break his fall.]
  • Due to this woman's report, the young man Dick Rowland was arrested.
  • Later on during the evening of May 31, 1921, the alleged assault was published in the afternoon paper “The Tulsa Tribune”) and there was lots of talk regarding the young man being lynched.  
  • The news of the lynching of Dick Rowland reached the African American citizens in Greenwood, and they became worried for the life of this young man.
  • In an attempt to save Dick Rowland’s life some African American men marched to the courthouse to make sure this young man was not taken out of the custody of the sheriff and lynched.  However, upon arrival there was a huge mob of white men with guns. 
  • The sheriff persuaded the African American men that the young man would not be removed from his custody by the white mob and would be kept safe.  He further convinced them to return to their homes.
  • Due to a white man attempting to disarm one of the colored men; a shot was fired.  
  • Needless to say, this was the beginning of the Race riot.  
  • Being that the African American men were outnumbered they were forced to return to their neighborhood.  
  • During the early morning of June 1, 1921, a mob of approximately 10,000 white men attacked Greenwood “The Black Wall Street” with machine guns, and airplanes that bombed the homes and businesses.  
  • The white mob shot and killed many citizens of Greenwood, they looted the homes of African Americans taking anything of value...in fact everything; and finally burned the homes.  [They went from house to house looting and then setting them on fire]  The same were done to the African American’s businesses.  [Homes, shops and business were methodically burned block after block.]  
  • There was also an air assault, where planes swooped over the town and dropped bombs onto buildings, shops and homes.

From my readings there were massive bloodshed, hundreds of African American lives were selfishly taken by gun shots, and by fires that consumed their homes, businesses, and stores [which were set by the white mobs.]  Thousands were badly injured, as well as homeless.  The worst part about this riot was that it all was blamed on the African American population/citizens; in fact it was dubbed the “Niggar Uprising”. The amount of African Americans that were killed was far more than what was reported.  The saddest thing about this entire situation was learning how the African Americas~~~the citizens of Greenwood lives were destroyed on this sad and dark day.  It was a holocaust...many lost their loved ones; their homes burned to the ground, their shops and businesses destroyed; their city completely demolished, and their souls were completely ripped out.  

The aftermath was even more devastating. The mayor called in the National Guard who was suppose to be protecting the African Americans, but instead treated them as criminals and animals.  They barely received treatment; and they were humiliated, week, hungry and their hearts were bleeding.  It seemed only the Red Cross genuinely helped.

Learning about this sad time in history tore me apart, and I was truly sickened as I read all the reports and investigations of this riot.  It was clear also that the actual events were covered up; as well as the correct number of those who were killed.  I also learned many bodies were buried by the white mob in mass graves, so a true account of the dead would not be made.  

You have to take some time to read all the details about this 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riots.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE NAACP OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION OF THIS RACE RIOT entitled "The Eruption of Tulsa": An NAACP Official Investigates the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921".  CLICK HERE TO READ ANOTHER INTERESTING DOCUMENT entitled  "Now Tulsa Does Care": A White Tulsan's Perspective on the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921"

We are still not quite sure why Todd dreamt about this. Something that took place in 1921, and a subject he has had no specific knowledge about.  We thought maybe the Television may have been on and was on the history channel; but it was not, nor was any such program listed in the TV listings.

I was happy to find during my research some extremely intriguing and informative videos that details the riot, which I have added below.  If for some reason you cannot access them below; CLICK HERE to go directly to the page where they are housed; which can be assessed and viewed easily. (1) The first two videos are Part one and two of a report on the Race Riots. Reported by: Tim Estiloz, who recounts the infamous and deadly event which occurred on May 31, 1921; and (2) You will also see I have added 8 videos; which is a series (Part 1-8) of a very interesting documentary on the Race Riot.  It includes interviews from survivors, historians, authors, and writings from some who experienced the devastation.  [Courtesy of the Black Business Bureau and powered by YouTube.]


Video of The infamous and deadly 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riots. Reported by Tim Estiloz who recounts this dark day in history

Part One

(Click the picture above to View)

Video of The infamous and deadly 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma Race Riots. Reported by Tim Estiloz who recounts this dark day in history

Part Two

(Click the picture above to View)


Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street" 

Part 1

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street" 

Part 2

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street"

Part 3

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street"

Part 4

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)


Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street" 

Part 5

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street" 

Part 6

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street"

Part 7

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)

Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riots of 1921 "The Black Wall Street"

Part 8

(Courtesy of Black Business Bureau and Powered by YouTube)

(Click the picture above to View)



Let's continue with acknowledging and celebrating African Americans up until the end of the month.  In fact, I feel you can continue celebrating throughout the year!  Don't forget about the fantastic and educational exhibit currently showing in Washington DC at the  National Geographic Museum in celebration of Black History Month.  This exhibit is presented by "Mr. Tavis Smiley" [Talk Show Host, Author, Political Commentator, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.]  It is called “America I AM ~~~The African American Imprint” The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.  AMERICA I AM~~~The African American Imprint - www.americaiam.com.  Log on to the site for all the details http://www.americaiam.com.  Kindly please set some time out of your schedule to visit, and take your entire family along with you to visit this educational and awesome exhibit.  It will run from now until May 1, 2011, and it’s at the National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc.; log on to: www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.




Noteworthy Dialogue

I confess; I am a bit upset with myself because I am not managing my time very well.  You see, when I prepare our weekly E-Newsletters (lately); after sharing it and reviewing the feedbacks I receive from you.  I find I exclude some important things such as photos, or links, or videos.  Please forgive me for not being thorough.  

We did however receive some fascinating e-mails regarding the few paragraphs I wrote on Trinidad and Tobago's "Mas Man - Peter Minshall."  More interestingly, I got into some interesting dialogues, that I feel I must share with you.

First off, let me apologize for not adding a few pictures of Peter Minshall’s creations; which you will see below.  I also failed to share with you some of Mr. Minshall greatest accomplishments.  PeterMinshall.jpg (14270 bytes)In fact; this interesting, talented and artistic man used the themes and the awesome costumes he designed for his mas/mas bands to make social commentaries; and to share with the world lovelyTrinidad and Tobago.  

Mr. Minshall was invited/hired to design and produce the opening ceremonies for several Olympic Games. (1) 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona Spain; (2) 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia; (3) Part of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (a 12 Minute segment); and (4) 2006 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.  Additionally; he designed for and produced the opening ceremony of the 5th Summit of the Americas that was held in Trinidad in April 2005.  [The newly elected President Barack Obama was in attendance.]  In past years he also designed and produced the opening ceremony for the 1997 Pan-American Games in Indianapolis, Indiana; as well as the 1994 Soccer World Cup finals in Chicago, Illinois.  In addition to the above, I learned he has worked on two immense Concert-Spectacles in Paris, the 1990 event at La Defense, and the 1995 UNESCO "Concert for Tolerance" at the Eiffel Tower.

I found myself somewhat arguing with some of my fellow countrymen about Mr. Minshall and his work, and they seemed to think Mr. Minshall is "overrated."  That may be the case, but as I see it he is the only person who was able to fully expose our Carnival culture to the world, through all of the opening ceremonies he so well produced.  People around the globe successfully got a glimpse of our culture...witnessed it, experienced it, and appreciated it through ~~~ the eyes of Mr. Minshall.

My friends further pointed out that other Trinidadians were able to share/bring attention to Trinidad through (1) Olympics, (2) beauty contests, (3) sports (soccer), (4) entertainment, etc.; of which I did not disagree.  However, be that as it may; [in my humble opinion] overall I strongly feel this man was able to revolutionize how the world look and think about our carnival; and most importantly he exposed our culture to mainstream America and the entire world.  His profound contribution to the exposure of Trinidad and Tobago/its Carnival/its Mas is awe-inspiring.

I reiterate what I stated last week: "Mas lately [mainly here in ah...foreign] is crap, and I wish our Mas Men will wake up and give life to an interesting art form and to our cultural heritage.  

You must check out this fantastic film "Mas Man".  Get all the information about purchasing by logging on to http://www.masmanthemovie.com .






Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]


ORDINARY SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS!     (Series Continues)   To see past Ordinary Spiritual blessings CLICK HERE!!

When Harold started the ‘All Fours’ talk, old memories began to surface like the high tide coming in at the beach on a moonlight night.

Sunday Evenings with the All Fours League in Brooklyn, playing with teams like ‘Carib’ and ‘Angels’ and ‘Brooklyn Limers’, First Hang Jack, Most Bull’s Eye, men trying to thief and hiding cards in their shirt sleeve, noise, old talk and fatigue, Boysin and Winston (may his soul rest in peace wherever he may be} and of course  my old pardner Morgan, remembering that we were a team of players that it was hard to beat.

I remembered the time when some team from Queens came in to Brooklyn for a fete match, and I and Morgan were playing against two men formally from Caroni in T and T. Before the match started, they were boasting about how even the birds in the swamp would keep quiet when they were playing. They called themselves Ramadin and Valentine after the legendary pair of West Indies bowlers on the cricket team in the days of Calypso Cricket glory.

They went outside to make sure that they had their signs correct. To those who do not know, ‘All Fours’ is a game that is played with signs, almost like ‘Bid Whist’, but each game is played until a pair reaches fourteen chalks, or points if you prefer that term.

Ramadin was the talkative one, regaling the crowd with stories of his exploits in the All Fours arena. He mentioned his many trophies, the number of ‘Icy Hots’ he had won, the humiliation he had meted out to opposing players, and to top it off, he started to sing ‘Bologie’, an old Indian tune, with a voice like a crapaud, and a wine like it turn into water. It was that weak.

There were eight tables, with I and Morgan playing on table number eight, our favorite number.

In the speech before the match, Mr. Ramadin ( the acting captain of  the team calling themselves BQE) was very loud and made sure to apologize for in his words, “the cutarse we are about to inflict on our children.”

The BQE team was animated, in their glory, boasting that they could not remember when last they had lost a fete match.

The match took place at the old Burroquites place at the corner of Church and East 38th Street, and in those days Apo and Lester and those boys from Morvant used to be in their glee, especially during the labor day weekend when fete would be jamming nonstop, and liquid libation would be flowing like the waves at Maracas beach.

It was a typical Summer day, not too warm, with the sky as blue as it could be in Brooklyn given the natural tendency of smog to dominate nature’s blue. One could almost describe it as Industrial grey of the brighter kind.

One o’clock. Match began. Morgan got the first hang jack. Valentine’s jack, if I may elaborate a little.

Ramadin got mad and started to make noise with his pardner. We won the first game, fourteen to five.

Game number two. Same kakhi pants. Ramadin more mad. A cool breeze could not stop the sweat from popping out all over Ramadin’s face. Meanwhile, Valentine was as quiet as a mouse, and I mean a dead mouse.

At the end of the first half, the score on table eight was seven to zero, of course in faver of Morgan and his pardner, Sir Hanga Ganga.

Half time; food being served, libations passing, fun, music old talk, comradery being shared like dinner mints.

And everyone asking, “Anybody see Ramadin and Valentine?”

Stay tuned)

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart
Need an Uplift? Visit www.HollisLashley.com
Find Inspiration, Motivation, Spirituality & Poetry.
For Copies of "Gifts From the Heart" see web site or
Telephone: 202-299-8638
Comments or Suggestions? I welcome your emails.
Harmony, Peace, & Love in Your Life Always





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"Wrestling with the Image"

Exhibit running until March 10, 2011

Washington DC

Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th Street, NW Washington, DC.

[World Bank in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the OAS, and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat.]

"Wrestling with the Image": Caribbean Interventions, an exhibition of contemporary art from 12 Caribbean countries, was launched at the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) in Washington DC. Featuring work by artists from the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Suriname and T&T, the exhibition is crated by artist and curator Christopher Cozier and art historian Tatiana Flores. Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions presents works in a variety of media, including photography, video, painting, graphic arts, sculpture, and installation. According to a release, the scope of the objects demonstrates how the region’s contemporary artists are confronting stereotypes about the Caribbean without denying their own surroundings or rejecting the worlds in which they operate. 

“Through investigations on history, tourism, globalization, popular culture and gender, these artists urge us to reconsider our own expectations on how a Caribbean image should look. Characterized by scholars as ‘the laboratory of globalization,’ the Caribbean is a multifaceted locale that transcends geographic boundaries. Its culture has European, African, Asian, Latin American, and Native American roots,” said Cozier. “This is a conversation about movement in the Atlantic world, a dialogue about dispersal rather than displacement.”

Many of the artists themselves no longer live in the Caribbean, residing in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, nevertheless, their experiences are the result of complex historical, economic, and cultural processes that are part and parcel of what it means to be Caribbean. Past and present, local and universal, and self and other are among the dichotomies addressed in this exhibition. The exhibition forms part of the About Change emerging artists’ program, an initiative of the World Bank in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the OAS, and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat. Wrestling with the Image continues until March 10 at the Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th Street, NW Washington, DC.

• For more information, or to arrange interviews with any of the Trinidad-based participating artists, please contact Mariel Brown at 796-4118

Below Picture is "Entourage", by Ebony Patterson from Jamaica




"America I Am ~~~ The African American Imprint"

Exhibit running until May 1, 2011

Washington DC

The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.

National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc. log on to www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.

For Additional details, log on to http://www.americaiam.com



March 2, 2011

Trinidad, West Indies



March 3, 2011

New York, NY



March 4, 2011

New York, NY














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