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Dearest Online Family and Friends: We hope all of you are doing well.  Happy President's Day & Happy Black History Month!

Happy President's Day - Hail To The Chiefs

The 3rd Monday in February is approaching; therefore, it’s time to celebrate/observe “Presidents’ Day” here in the United States.  Recognition Of And The Honoring of America’s Greatest Presidents,”  This holiday has a bit of history attached to it, but overall in 1971, President Richard Nixon combined the First President of the United States birthday observance (“George Washington”) and the 16th President of the US birthday observance/holiday (“Abraham Lincoln”) into what it's now known as “PRESIDENTS’ DAY.”  In recent times [today] Presidents’ Day is viewed as a holiday that pays tribute to both President Washington and Lincoln; as well as all those who have SERVED, AND IS SERVING AS PRESIDENT.  

For a witty but thorough explanation/history regarding this Holiday, PLEASE CLICK HERE!  [Courtesy of snopes.com.)

We at Arious officially begin this weeks’ E-Newsletter by humming…LOLHail To The Chiefs”, please feel free to join us or sing out loud if you wish.  [Words of “Hail To The Chief” which has become the official Presidential Anthem and is attributed to Albert Gamse and Walter Scott.]

Hail to the Chief we have chos-en for the na - tion,
Hail to the Chief! We sa-lute him, one and all.
Hail to the Chief, as we pledge co-op - er -a- tion
In proud ful-fill-ment of a great, no-ble call.

Yours is the aim to make this grand coun-try grand-er,
This you will do, That's our strong, firm be-lief.
Hail to the one we se-lect-ed as com-mand-er,
Hail to the Pres-i-dent! Hail to the Chief!







Honoring, celebrating and acknowledging African Americans - Happy Black History Month



As you may be aware, last week I featured for Black History Month the talented pianist, singer, writer, civil rights activist, and actress "Hazel Scott"; and I received quite a bit of correspondence/e-mails regarding Ms. Scott, her works and honors.  I must say, I was extremely pleased to see the interest; and YES I know I should have added some videos of her work.  Therefore, you have encouraged me to add some videos of Ms. Scott’s exceptional performances.  

Oh dear, this amazing black woman was a master on the Piano…she was so very phenomenal!  I am truly proud to share with you, and expose her great talent.  Without a doubt, she is the icon of a strong talented successful black woman.  Click on the pictures below to see these videos.  Additionally, CLICK HERE to read more about her courtesy of The Smithsonian Magazine entitled “Hazel Scott’s Lifetime of High Notes” [Written by: Karen Chilton-author of Hazel Scott: "The Pioneering Journey of a Jazz Pianist, from Café Society to Hollywood to HUAC."]


Video on Hazel Scott's Life and Accomplishments

(Click the picture above to View)

Hazel Scott in Rhapsody In Blue. 

(Click the picture above to View)

Hazel Scott plays in Mae West's The Heat's On

(Click the picture above to View)

Hazel Scott in the Army  "The Heat's On" 

(Click the picture above to View)


Join me as I continue honoring, memorializing, recognizing, commemorating, celebrating and even “biging up” our leaders who are with us today; and the many who have come and gone before us.  Yes, these leaders who have made exceptional accomplishments and contributions throughout history must be commemorated to the fullest.  We must absolutely educate ourselves, and our Children about the rich history and culture of African Americans; and bring awareness to the historical and extraordinary things they have accomplished throughout time.  


If you have read Ms. Scott's biography closely, then you could not have missed that she was married to the outspoken "Adam Clayton Powell, Jr." who was a Congressman; and co-founder of the National Negro Congress.  In fact, he began his political career in 1947; and became the first African American person ever elected to the City Council of New York City (1st Black Councilman of Harlem, NY.)  He again was elected the First African American member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the Northeast; and was elected again...and...again by the people for 11 terms.  He developed "The Powell Amendment" which he added to any bills proposing Federal; Funding for the construction of schools [The Amendment was used to withhold Federal Funds from schools that continued to practice segregation, after the landmark school segregation ruling in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954.]  Finally, he became Chair of the Education and Labor Committee of the House of Representative.

I became more familiar with Mr. Powell through my readings, and I learned he was a true fighter and an audacious civil rights advocate.


  • He seemed to have constantly been at war with Congress for allowing lynching of African American men to continue, and he spoke loudly against it.

  • He rallied against the unconstitutional Southern practice of charging would-be, African American voters "poll taxes."

  • He had some sort of a problem/quarrel with President Truman over the First Lady "Tess Truman" attending a Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) tea.  Apparently, the DAR owned Constitution Hall; which banned black performers, including his wife "Hazel Scott."

  • He was so outspoken and disliked that he was never invited to the White House during the Truman Administration.

  • He blasted and made vicious public statements against the following Presidents if he was not granted a personal session to discuss civil rights or helping the poor (President Truman; President Eisenhower; President Kennedy; and President Johnson.)  He even sent embarrassing "open" telegrams to the Press describing their insensitivity.

  • He was determined to tear down racist practices in Congress by harassing Congressman who were openly racist.  Most important, he fought to stop their habit of saying the "N" word in sessions of Congress.  He even demanded service in the Congressional Dining Room and Barber Shop knowing that African Americans were not served there.

AdamClaytonPowellJr-1.jpg (6326 bytes)Clearly, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was a tough individual, who took a lot of risks.  Indeed, he was not well liked by his peers and many others because he made their lives miserable.  However, my conclusion of Mr. Powell is that he made a major impact on black history, and because of his boldness and brashness; he made it possible for African Americans to have the courage and strength to go into politics.  Yes, he opened the VERY CLOSED doors for many to enter the political arena...becoming Politicians and even President!


I urge you to read more about Mr. Powell, and to do so CLICK HERE!


Join us as we continue with acknowledging and celebrating African Americans throughout this month!  Don't forget about the fantastic and educational exhibit currently showing in Washington DC at the  National Geographic Museum in celebration of Black History Month.  This exhibit is presented by "Mr. Tavis Smiley" [Talk Show Host, Author, Political Commentator, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.]  It is called “America I AM ~~~The African American Imprint” The exhibit celebrates nearly 500 years of African American contributions to this country.  It affords all Americans of all backgrounds to come together and achieve a greater understanding of their shared culture and history.  AMERICA I AM~~~The African American Imprint - www.americaiam.com.  Log on to the site for all the details http://www.americaiam.com.  Kindly please set some time out of your schedule to visit, and take your entire family along with you to visit this educational and awesome exhibit.  It will run from now until May 1, 2011 and it’s at the National Geographic Museum , located at 1145 17th Street NW , Washington, D.C. 20036.  Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $12.00; Children (ages 2-12) $6.00.  For additional prices regarding groups, military, seniors, etc.; log on to: www.ngmuseum.org or call 202-857-7700 (Ticket Sales).  For Visitor Service call: 202-857-7588.




Noteworthy Dialogue


Last Thursday (2/10/11), I made it a point to attend the screening of "Mas Man - Peter Minshall Trinidad Carnival Artist", and WOW it was an awesome film.  [A film by Mr. Dalton Narine.]  This film documented the creations, artistry and fantastic works of the amazing Mas Man Peter Minshall; and for me it was truly impressive.  Through Mr. Narine, I learned quite a bit about Mr. Minshall, and about true "Mas" creating and making.  Mr. Minshall is an incredible visionary, remarkably creative, and absolutely used his imagination to bring his costumes to life.  The themes, colors, portrayals, artistry, mechanics, and beauty he expressed year after year in his Mas bands truly amazed me.  Indeed it was clear to see his vision and all he tried [or may I say] portrayed in his Kings, Queens, Individual, as well as the participants in his band.

As I viewed this movie I found myself thinking that the "Mas" I have seen throughout the years in all the Carnivals I have visited, participated in, and even organized; simply does not compare to what takes place in Trinidad, and what Mr. Minshall created during the years he has competed.  I further felt a bit sad and disappointed that I did not experience in person the "Mas" of Peter Minshall...real "Mas".  

I am NOW completely convinced  that the "Mas" in recent times [specifically in ah foreign] are worthless and has no meaning, theme, lack creativity, etc...lately it is just about how pretty one can decorate a bathing suit or pull on a T-Shirt (claiming they are exposing "Mas" and the culture.)  Nah, I don't think so..."Mas" lately is crap, and I wish our Mas Men will wake up and give life to an interesting art form and to our cultural heritage.  

You must check out this fantastic film.  Get all the information about purchasing by logging on to http://www.masmanthemovie.com .




Congratulations to Buju Banton for winning the 2011 Grammy for Best Reggae Album (Vocal or Instrumental) his “Before the Dawn” album released by his Gargamel Music Inc. in September 2010.  

[The other albums/artists nominated were:  (1) “Isaacs Meets Isaac” by Gregory Isaacs and King Isaac (King Issac Music); (2) “Revelation” by Lee “Scratch” Perry (Megawave Records); (3) “Made In Jamaica” by Bob Sinclair And Sly & Robbie (Yellow Productions/Universal Music France); (4) “One Pop Reggae +” by Sly & Robbie And The Family Taxi (Phase One Communications/Taxi Records); (5) “Legacy An Acoustic Tribute To Peter Tosh” by Andrew Tosh (Box 10/Tuff Gong).]

How ironic…HUH?, last Sunday "Buju Banton" ("Mark Anthony Myrie") won the Grammy, and the very next day (Monday, Valentine’s Day - February 14th) his new trial begun.  Additionally, the Government has added 2 new charges upon what "Buju B" was already charged with.  Therefore, in addition to (1) conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine” and (2) “possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking offense;" he will now be tried for (3) "attempted possession with the intent to distribute cocaine;" and (4) "using the wires to facilitate a drug-trafficking offense."

Yup, he was dealt a real severe blow days before his new trial begun. However, his attorney David Oscar Marcus had filed a motion for the 2 new charges to be dropped; which Judge James Moody has yet to rule on.  In fact, Mr. Marcus had asked/filed a motion for all charges to be dropped due to the prosecution not presenting sufficient evidence to support them.  Judge Moody stated the original charges would not be dropped, but that he would consider the application/motion on the 2 new charges.

 BujuBanton-February2011-2.jpg (4334 bytes)As for the status of this case: Buju B's friends Roy "Gramps" Morgan and Stephen Marley both were Character witnesses, and this past Wednesday testified for "Buju B"; and tried to convince the court of Buju's innocence.  "Buju B" himself took the stand and underwent intense questioning by the Prosecution-District attorney James Preston during cross examinations.  "Buju B" passionately declared his innocence.  He further became agitated while being grilled intensely, and somewhat lost his cool.  It has been reported that he repeated, he was not a drug dealer...he stated: "I know it looks bad, and it may sound bad; but I am not a drug dealer.  Yes, I talked the talk, but I did not walk the walk...I feel ashamed of seeing myself and hearing myself."

As of yesterday (2/17/2011) closing arguments were heard, setting the stage for the 14 jurors to deliberate before they come back with a verdict.

Well, it's a critical time for "Buju B"; his faith will soon be in the hands of the jurors.  Therefore, you must keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  





Be inspired and Motivated to increase your Spiritual Energy.  

[Flashpoint is Presented By Mr. Hollis “Flash” Lashley, (Author, Poet, Musician).  To purchase a copy of Mr. Hollis Lashley motivating book of poetry entitled "Gifts From The Heart" or if you need an uplift; log on to:  http://www.hollislashley.com or  http://www.xlibris.com  Find inspiration, motivation, spirituality & Poetry. Comments or Suggestions are always welcomed via phone: 202-299-8638 or via e-mail found on www.hollislashley.com.]



As the questions began to fly like a flock of Flamingos coming in to roost in the Caroni swamp at twilight, I had to explain my absence from Brooklyn for such a long time.

As the conversation continued, I was introduced to DJ Blaze, a Trini whom I met for the first time.

Of course the topic in time turned to music, including analyses of calypso and the changes over the years.

“Aye, Flash. Wey it was that yuh come second in a calypso competition in Brooklyn?”

A man to my right asked.

“If I am not mistaken, I think it was at the Rainbow Terrace on Nostrand” I replied.

“Not only did I come in second, but the man who beat me was drunk,” I emphasized,

“ and after the competition I remember Birdie asking the judges, How come allyuh put Flash second when every body know he win?”

One of the judges turn to Birdie and remarked, “That is yuh pardner? Why yuh didn’t say something earlier?”

Well, the crowd laughed and laughed , but the fact remained that in Brooklyn, at least at that time, they would set up the competition in such a way that the big first prize was never really paid out. The first place winner would be given a trophy and a bottle of something to drink, and the big prize mentioned on the flyer would do just that, Fly.

Tut meanwhile was consuming water like a hot radiator. He does not drink alcohol, had

to drive to Queens, and of course was still calling home, making some strange sounds as

if he was being strangled with a pillow.

“Bloogles, choonkee choonkee, yuh sheepin yet? The house warm enough? Yuh miss mih, yuh miss mih?”

At one time the whole place get quiet, with all eyes focused on him.

I had to intervene and tell them that he was a night nurse and was trying to make one of his patients comfortable.

Mike looked at me and responded, “Yeh….. Right!”

Calypso talk start again, and Blax start telling the crowd about the latest music coming out of the Caribbean, including T and T of course.

Mike and Blax wanted Grey Goose, while Reds only wanted Absolut straight, no ice.

I asked Blax if he did not think that the Goose tasted better.

“Absolutely Not,” was his reply.

“And why should I drink goose. Goose is to eat, not to drink. It have food, and I not hungry…… Yet.”

Soon afterward, Harold strolled in.

“Flash boy, whappening. Yuh here?”

What else could I say but “No, is not me. Is a ghost.”

“Yuh still talking chuppidness eh. Anyhow, what yuh drinking?”

“ I’ll take ah Absolut Goose” and then the talk turned to All Fours and the days of  Sunday competitions in Brooklyn.

....To be Continued...(More Next Week, so stay tuned)

Hollis P. Lashley. © 2011.

Hollis Lashley, Author, Gifts From the Heart
Need an Uplift? Visit www.HollisLashley.com
Find Inspiration, Motivation, Spirituality & Poetry.
For Copies of "Gifts From the Heart" see web site or
Telephone: 202-299-8638
Comments or Suggestions? I welcome your emails.
Harmony, Peace, & Love in Your Life Always





I would like to wish a wonderful birthday to my cousin Gregory B, and to my friend Sonia Bernard. All the best to both of you on your special day.

On-line Family since the beginning of the month I have been using my Facebook status to share important facts regarding Black History Month.  Join me on Facebook as I celebrate and honor African Americans in my little way "Educating Oneself and Celebrating Black History Monthhttp://www.facebook.com/ariousentertainment 

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Enjoy your Presidents' Day Weekend.




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February 19, 2011

Washington, DC




February 19, 2011

North Brentwood, Maryland



"Wrestling with the Image"

Exhibit running until March 10, 2011

Washington DC

Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th Street, NW Washington, DC.

[World Bank in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the OAS, and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat.]

"Wrestling with the Image": Caribbean Interventions, an exhibition of contemporary art from 12 Caribbean countries, was launched at the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) in Washington DC. Featuring work by artists from the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Suriname and T&T, the exhibition is crated by artist and curator Christopher Cozier and art historian Tatiana Flores. Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions presents works in a variety of media, including photography, video, painting, graphic arts, sculpture, and installation. According to a release, the scope of the objects demonstrates how the region’s contemporary artists are confronting stereotypes about the Caribbean without denying their own surroundings or rejecting the worlds in which they operate. 

“Through investigations on history, tourism, globalization, popular culture and gender, these artists urge us to reconsider our own expectations on how a Caribbean image should look. Characterized by scholars as ‘the laboratory of globalization,’ the Caribbean is a multifaceted locale that transcends geographic boundaries. Its culture has European, African, Asian, Latin American, and Native American roots,” said Cozier. “This is a conversation about movement in the Atlantic world, a dialogue about dispersal rather than displacement.”

Many of the artists themselves no longer live in the Caribbean, residing in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, nevertheless, their experiences are the result of complex historical, economic, and cultural processes that are part and parcel of what it means to be Caribbean. Past and present, local and universal, and self and other are among the dichotomies addressed in this exhibition. The exhibition forms part of the About Change emerging artists’ program, an initiative of the World Bank in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the OAS, and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Secretariat. Wrestling with the Image continues until March 10 at the Art Museum of the Americas, 201 18th Street, NW Washington, DC.

• For more information, or to arrange interviews with any of the Trinidad-based participating artists, please contact Mariel Brown at 796-4118

Below Picture is "Entourage", by Ebony Patterson from Jamaica



March 2, 2011

Trinidad, West Indies















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