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Hello.jpg (14424 bytes)Dearest On-line Family and Friends: We hope all is well with you and yours.  Happy President's Day; and Happy Carnival to those who celebrate this festive & respective occasion.

Overall, PLEASANT is the one word that describes these past 7 weeks in 2012.  At this time of year normally anxiety besieges our lives as we work hard towards our resolutions.  However, so far [personally] it has been interestingly cool; and I must admit it has already produced more memorable moments than in previous years.  

Of course the intricacies of life still succumbs our every being; but this year I especially find my conviction, determination, and positively keen mindset totally result in the successful eradication of all impossibilities and difficulties.  Simply speaking no longer does the disparagement; rivalry; hating and monumental challenges we experience on a frequent basis knock us down and completely stop us (as in the past).  Instead amazingly all issues are overcome calmly, effectively and completely through faith, and a powerful state of mind; without worrying, fretting, or words being exchanged.  Lately, I strongly feel a positive warm presence surrounded by pleasant calmness [peace;] so much so that [I smile as I say] it feels as if an angel is watching over us.  No more do I/we worry about trivial things/issues/people; instead I sit back and watch in amazement how everything works itself out nicely and in a positive manner with divine perfection.  We are so thankful to have accomplished this integral step in life - along this incredible life's journey. 


On a lighter note! I thought it would be funny to share with you that my Valentine’s Day WAS A SURPRISING ONE this year.  Of course, my husband Todd and I never partake in the "hoopla" of the buying of gifts, etc.  From time to time we would exchange cards.  However, this year I guess Todd felt he needed to change things up a bit.  And to my surprise he walked in the door with gifts. 

Actually, I didn’t even notice he had gifts in his hands; instead our pet did!  This smart animal began acting very excited and to me was saying things (YES...LOL, our Pet tries to talk.  Crazy right?)  Me focusing on the Pet’s face and movements, I therefore began communicating and asking “what’s up with all this excitement?”  Meanwhile, I didn’t realize Todd was reaching over the sofa behind me with the gifts.  Clearly, the Pet spotted them and was trying to reach past me to get to them excitedly.  Once I realized what was going on, I couldn’t help but laugh heartily; because I was a bit shocked about the gifts; and shocked also about the Pet being so overly excited. 

It was a great surprise, and I was thankful for the gifts.  Of course I had to converse with the Pet explaining that the gifts were for me.  But the Pet didn’t care, and proceeded to fool around with unwrapping the gifts.  It was truly the funniest sight!  I wish I had thought about capturing this funny display on camera.


FEBRUARY is soaring by - in all its glory and nobility!  This special month affords us the opportunity to express and apply the true meaning of Honor (Black History, plus US Presidents) and even Love (Valentine’s Day).  Additionally, Fun and Excitement are two other important factors that must be added into the mix this year due to February being known as “The Month of Carnival.”

Around the globe, and in my island of birth Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago) this weekend-beginning February 17-19th, and the first 2 days of next week 20th & 21st is extremely special, and THE most spectacular time of year in my Country.  IT IS CARNIVAL…the celebration of my rich heritage…my culture…ME.   It’s a weekend of music, revelry (full of Mas and Color), dancing, drinking, entertainment, excitement and fun.  This wonderful hypnotic festival fondly known as “The Greatest Show On Earth” is simply magical for many.  Folks tend to forget all their troubles…LOL just about everything, cast away their inhibitions and fully lose themselves (mind, body and soul) in the euphoria of Carnival…the festivities and celebrations.  Everything about Carnival is infectious, and strangely it seems everyone come together as one in merriment…every creed, color and race.  The experience is unforgettable.  Biasly, I say Trinidad Carnival is "the Carnival of All Carnivals;" it is absolutely magnificent, and the experience is one you will never forget…IT IS SUPER AWESOME!!!!

As I have done in past years ~~~ I have somewhat described in my words...from my experiences what takes place during this festive weekend ~~~BELOW!   In hopes that you understand and “feel” the special joy I, and many from my country around the globe feel about Carnival.  Keep in mind though, for you to truly UNDERSTAND it and “FEEL” it; you must EXPERIENCE it!  

I believe everyone from my country [in my circle] have traveled to Trinidad to enjoy all the festivities.  Silly me opted to chill.  From all the reports I understand over 250 thousand folks booked their flights with Caribbean Airlines; and I can only imagine how many more hundreds of thousands booked with other airlines.   I am certain NOW it will be a record year for the amount of people who visited Trinidad to experience Carnival in all its splendor.  I say to the masses, ENJOY YOURSELF FULLY, AND KEEP A KEEN EYE OUT WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR SAFETY.

For an in-depth historical look at Carnival CLICK HERE to read!  [Courtesy of: Trinidad and Tobago National Library & Information System Authority.] Additionally, you can log on to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago to learn more about Carnival. CLICK HERE!

As a child and young adult growing up in Trinidad, for me it was a season full of excitement, the Soca and calypso music, the sweet steel pan music, the Mas (costumes), the fetes (parties), the feeling of freedom and a time where many say "forget all your troubles and just have fun".  

Carnival itself "The Greatest Show on Earth" as we call it, is a festival that is approximately 173 years old, which was originated in the clash and mesh of African and French cultures on the 18th century sugarcane plantations of the West Indies.  The history states (briefly): the French-Creole planters spent the two months between Christmas and the day before Lent indulging in life's pleasures, then covered themselves in ash and repented for their sins when the 40 days of lent began...African, emancipated from slavery in 1838, used carnival rituals to commemorate their sufferings on the plantations and at the same time lampooned the lifestyle of their former masters through costumed characters.  Which has been well preserved throughout the years.

Some important highlights of Carnival is as follows: Steel Pan competitions, Calypso and Soca artist Competing for certain titles: (1) Chutney Soca Monarch; (2) International Power and Groovy Soca Monarch, and (3) Calypso Monarch.  The climax begins on the Saturday before Carnival with Kiddie's Carnival during the daytime, and The Steel Pan Finals at night.  Of course, there are tons of hot events taking place all over the island.  Sunday night before carnival  is the "Dimanche Gras", which is where judges choose a king and queen of the masqueraders [King, queen and even Jr, king and queen, etc.] in an open air stage at Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain.  Each competitor's costume must convey the theme of their bands, and they must demonstrate their technical process in handling the costumes.   Judges also look for the technical expertise in designing and arranging the costumes.

For many there is no time for sleep, so after the Dimanche Gras folks attend fetes and lime (hang out) at different events or even on the streets during the entire night until morning as  "J'Ouvert" Morning approaches.   J'Ouvert (opening day), the festival begins with a reenactment of the "Canboulay" (meaning burning cane) which history states: were riots that took place in 1881, when British colonial soldiers were beaten back with sticks and stoned by African masqueraders for attempting to stop them from taking part in Carnival.  During the early hours in the dark of J'Ouvert masqueraders take the form of huge bands of revelers, liberally daubed in mud, black oil, different colors of paint (blue is most popular), powder and even chocolate (which is very popular now-a-days).  Many wear costumes or make themselves up to look like caricatures of notable figures and even devils, just drinking, reveling and partying in the streets throughout the early morning on the Monday of Carnival "Carnival Monday).  This is an important time for Steel bands, many of the bands consists of steel pan musicians, beating and playing their steel pans.

The "fete-ing" continues throughout the night and it carries through to the big explosion of Carnival that takes place the next day "Carnival Tuesday".  The color and spectacle of the creativity from costume designers is exposed on this day.  Thousands of masqueraders assemble at designated spots around the city adorned in their beautiful costumes dancing to the latest soca compositions pumping  thunderously by DJs on huge trucks, that head to the contest on the savannah stage.  Once they arrive, the tens of thousands of men, women and children cross the vast savannah stage moving to seductive and rhythmic Soca music showing off their costumes.  Note:  Masquerading also takes place in many cities across the Island.

The celebrations promptly ends at midnight on Tuesday, and the next day rings an astonishing return to normalcy.  You will find many visitors and locals the next day (Ash Wednesday) converging on to numerous beaches to chill out and relax before they go back to their daily routine, while you will find many thousands making their way to Catholic Churches to have their sins absolved with  promises to be good throughout the rest of the year (at least until Carnival the very next year).

Me trying to give you a glimpse of this event/festival/celebration from a more historical perspective simply does not explain the excitement and fun taking place on this small rich island.  Just imagine the entire island at a party...a huge street party, where everyone simply forgets about their daily troubles, they are drinking, eating, dancing and being consumed by music all around them.  When one party or event ends you are making arrangements to attend another.  For the locals the partying begins right after Christmas on Boxing Day (now-a-days it begins before Christmas), and continues for months and finally climaxes on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.  It explodes on the Monday and Tuesday (before the day of  lent begins - Ash Wednesday); with masqueraders parading through the streets and even folks who are not in costumes, just dancing and partying at this huge street party.  At times it is unimaginable for many, but it's truly the best relief from the hard day-to-day stressful life for the hundreds of thousands who converge on to the island from around the world.  Everyone must try to get to Trinidad to experience Carnival!!!

May I ask…how traumatic was it for you when you heard Superstar Whitney Elizabeth Houston died?  If you are like many around the world who absolutely loved this woman, then you were stunned and speechless.  The sudden death of this incredible singer and actress earlier this week (2/11/12) took so many by surprise and her passing “ripped” at many of our hearts. 

Such a beautiful and elegant woman who burst onto the music scene in the early 80s; with her incredible voice, and touching romantic ballads.  Oh, how she touched our souls to the core when she belted out [with her phenomenal voice] those poignant passionate lyrics.  As I reflect on her music, it is obvious that she absolutely uplifted our feelings and in some way her music improved many of our lives.  

Moreover, as I reflect on her life; me as a young woman with business embedded deep within, I marveled at what her dear friend and music mogul Clive Davis created.  He signed her to his Arista Label and carefully guided her/career to ultimate superstardom.  We watched her become a princess, a diva, a great performer, superb actress, win numerous awards, break records and made history.  And most importantly we watched her become a millionaire!  A story only dreams are made of.  Gosh, how I fondly remember practicing her songs nonstop as a young girl, and even professionally performing them…how about you?

It was awful the day the news of her substance abuse hit the airwaves many years ago.  I was upset and disappointed with her then, and I don’t think I ever looked at her the same; ever again.  Questions of ?HOW? kept running around my head…how could someone so talented, become so troubled??? What could be so bad in her life that she opened the doors to demons, let them walk in and take full control of her life??? What was missing in her soul??? 

She seemed to have had a nice life; after all her mother Cissy Houston is a Gospel singer/star, and Whitney was afforded the opportunity to sing with her beloved mother frequently at an early age.  Her cousin Dionne Warwick is an exceptional singer, and star as well.   What then could have been the problem?  Many say Hollywood is to blame; but how?  When she got her “big break," she was already pretty much living the Hollywood life with the successes taking place all around her ... with her talented family.  

I simply don’t know what could have driven this woman to succumb to the demons…["Substance Abuse."] And I have never gotten over my anger or disappointmentWhitney simply had it all…all that so many of us wish for.

Honestly, the sadness, madness, and disappointment I feel is the same I have for the Legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson.  To this day I can’t talk about him; because he disappointed me with the massive amounts of drugs he was dependent on to live, which ultimately killed him.  I can’t understand it, and quite frankly don’t think I ever will.

I know many of you may be a little upset with me for touching on Whitney’s troubles.  But I ask you to forgive me!  Sharing my honest feelings freely on this forum is something I often do.  Who knows, maybe these few little words will reach someone, and perhaps…maybe help in some form or another.

Despite my personal feelings, I must say I did admire and love Whitney Houston, and absolutely loved her voice and her passion for her art form.  There is NO song from her long list of hits and non hits that I didn’t love.  In fact, one of my favorites is her re-make of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman”.  Indeed she inspired me, and I know she inspired many.  Her valued contributions to the cultural, historical and economical growth of this nation and to our rich heritage is amazing.,  And she was an extremely talented lady, with an exceptional voice; who acted, produced, wrote and participated in many aspects of the music and acting industry.  She broke records with her music, and was the most awarded female artist of all time (approximately 415 awards.)  On this 3rd week in February it is absolutely appropriate to highlight Ms. Whitney Houston during this Black History Month - "Black Women In America Culture and History."  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN ALL ABOUT WHITNEY, AND TO SEE A GREAT TIMELINE OF HER LIFE AND SUCCESSES.  [Courtesy of Wikipedia.]




Whitney Elizabeth Houston “Nippy” our cultural icon will be laid to rest today 2/18/2012 in her place of birth - Newark, New Jersey.  May her soul rest in peace!  And may the lovely memories we have of her forever linger in our minds.  I understand the Governor of the great state of New Jersey Mr. Chris Christie has ordered flags at State Government buildings in New Jersey to be flown at Half-Staff in Ms. Houston’s honor and memory

Additionally, Ms. Houston’s funeral will be broadcast on CNN and over the web (streaming).  Check your listings to tune in.  





In closing THANKS to you the many who joined our social network www.MyCaribbean.us.  


It's truly a fantastic network, very much like the popular "Facebook" but geared to folks who are Caribbean, and to those who love everything Caribbean.  We hope you log on frequently, and participate in the discussions, chat, post your events; share your photos, videos, music, etc.  Most importantly, we hope you WILL share this site with you friends and family members.  Please let them know that it's pretty cool; and they should log on and join.  I felt it was very important to share Todd's Special Message about www.MyCaribbean.us  once again.  See below!



Todd Mangatal

We  have been working on a lot of exciting things here at Arious Entertainment Group and we have lots of electrifying things planned for the future.  For the last 9 years we have been communication with all of you through our weekly E-Newsletters "The Arious Grapevine', and for us it has been extremely delightful having a forum to express our thoughts and opinions on various issues and events happening in and around our community today.  Most importantly, it's wonderful to be able to share it all by just one click of a button.  Obviously, what I have been saying for years about this internet is true, "the internet is the new frontier", because each and every day new doors of communications are opening!  

The latest breakthrough of communication is the social network.  Social networks have become one of the most popular forms of communication, and they have changed the way we communicate in a very short time.  Social networks have only become extremely popular in the last few years, and they have become essential for business and pleasure.  I'm sure many of you are members of some of the more popular social networks such as: "Facebook", "Twitter", "Linkedin", and "MySpace", etc.  A lot of people say they are addicted to their social networks and I agree.  One can certainly become addicted, but they can also be a great tool.

After dealing with "Facebook", "Twitter", "Linkedin", and "MySpace"; which are large communities filled with a broad range of people from all walks of life.  We thought a targeted network for the Caribbean would be very exciting and useful in uplifting and educating.  Therefore, a few short years ago we set out on a venture to create the ultimate Caribbean Social Network, and today we are proud to of it's growth and are totally ready to take it to the next level.

M y   C a r I b b e a n  is a social network all about everything Caribbean.  We believe this will be a great tool to link up the Caribbean community, people, lovers of everything Caribbean, and those who would like to learn about other cultures. The possibilities are endless of what we can achieve as a team at www.mycaribbean.us 

M y   C a r I b b e a n has everything that the other networks offer, except our target is the Caribbean.  In addition to this being a great tool in promoting and exposing the vast cultures and traditions of the various Caribbean countries; this will be a place to meet new friends, and link up with old ones.  Being that My Caribbean is a community, this means everyone are invited.  

We have been up and running for approximately 2 years, and the site is still wonderful.  We currently have over 1300 members from around the world who represent the English, Spanish and French speaking Caribbean, which is really exciting!  We currently have over 490 videos, and over 5,000 pictures.  Some of the features of My Caribbean starts with "your spot", everyone gets their own personal page that they can design the way they like.  It is a place to express and promote you.  

Since this is a social network, there are many ways to be social starting with our "On-line CHAT" feature.  Immediately and instantly you can chat with anyone on the network worldwide publicly or privately.  Of course, this is a great way to save on long distance charges.  

Additionally, for those of you who like to express yourself, there is a "Blog" section included in your network so you can speak your mind.  There is also (1) an "Event" Section where you can list your events and invite your friends and family to attend, as well as track your RSVP's.  (2) For those of you who like to have discussions, we have a "Forum" section where you can start your discussions and others can comment.  (3) You can post your photos.  (4) Add you favorite music.  (5) Upload you favorite videos.  And (6) Start Groups on subjects that interest you.  Plus much...much more.  The best part of this...IT's FREE!  Yup, just like all the other social networks...IT IS ALL FREE!

I would like to personally invite you to come on over to www.mycaribbean.us and "MAKE IT YOURS".  See you there, and hit me up so we can become friends!

Let me know if you like it  todd@mycaribbean.us



Cordially invite you to join

M y   C a r I b b e a n

An exciting Social Network especially for the Caribbean & for those who are interested in, and love everything Caribbean! www.mycaribbean.us 

Log On and check it out, it's absolutely free.

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If you have a "Facebook" page or a "MySpace" page & you are interested in things Caribbean, you will love My Caribbean. So LOG on & check out some of the hottest Caribbean Music, hottest Videos & lots of beautiful photos.

Please join us by Logging on and Making it yours & help make My Caribbean all it can be!

~Make It Yours~




Have a nice President's Day weekend, and for the Carnival lovers and to those who have traveled to Trinidad to experience it;  PLEASE ENJOY AND BE VERY CAREFUL!

Please know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   Thank you for your feedback, and your loyalty.   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.   

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February 17 2012



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