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Greetings Dearest Online Family and Friends:  I hope you are wonderful, and you are truly enjoying this spectacular holiday season!!!

Ahaaaaa, it’s so beautiful to be able to sit in front of this computer and vibe with you again.  Wow, I have missed one week of connecting with you and it feels like a lifetime.   Weird huh??? 

Well, for some weeks now the true and secure income generator in my life has been hard-hitting on my mind, body and soul.  It has had me bouncing between Chicago and Washington managing two important offices…efficiently I might add.  However, it has taken up quite a bit of my time; and somewhat of a toll in my business, and even personal life.  Even though this new assignment is demanding and challenging, I know I CAN, and know I WILL; so I ask you to hang in there with me until everything gets back to normal.  I anticipate normalcy will return to my life [again] in early January 2012. 

Now, that the holiday season is in full swing we find our calendars filling up due to the must attend holiday parties and get-togethers; and everything around us begins to move in a rapid pace. [right???]  Yup, the worrying of a number of things begin; such as: (1) preparing and sending out holidays cards to family, friends, colleagues and business associates.  [Yippy, that task on my “To Do List” is complete, and with less time on my hands this year…soooo amazing!]  (2) The pulling together of our homes…and doing the necessary touch ups to make our living space/surroundings and even business/s bright and beautiful for this lovely holiday season.  (3) The different menus we must pull together, and the preparation of a variety of foods for the holidays.  (4) What family we will be helping, or charity and/or toy drive we would be donating to this year.  And most importantly (5) the many lovely treasures we feel we must purchase for our friends and family for Christmas.  Forgetting that this is the wonderful time of year where the most joyous thing is when friends and family come together to celebrate their faith, their blessings; and most importantly share their blessings and good will with others.  Despite it all, I hope you are enjoying the festivities, shopping, and the simple---but lovely spirit of the season.

Recently over dinner my husband Todd indicated to me he has found a family we will be donating to this year for the holidays, and I am in the process of pulling together and purchasing the things they need.  Even though the kids have asked for some designer stuff, we’ll find a way to get them; so that their Christmas is awesome.  As for my own family in Trinidad, I have gotten the barrel and have begun to pack it, I am hoping to ship it very soon, so the little nieces, and recently embraced young 10 year old boy my mom has brought into her life (my new brother…she says) could have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  My head is also focused on our close family members residing in Arizona and California.

I stated above our helping/providing for a family here locally; and you too can find a family, charity shelter, etc. to help over this season.  So please look into:

  • Agencies who are sponsoring Toy Drives for Children and provide what they need.

  • Local food banks and help with those who have requests that far exceed their capacity

  • Homeless Shelters (especially now that the temperature have dropped.)  Quite often they are scrambling to find blankets, warm clothes, and even food for the homeless.

  • Also, keep in mind there are many women, children, and men as well; who fall victim to domestic abuse (violence) and who are seeking safety.  Please focus on their silent needs!  Oftentimes, they leave the abusive relationship and homes running for safety; and they leave with very little.  Look into those agencies and help with providing what they may need (normally they need basic necessities.)

Anything you can do to help someone...a child...a family during this holiday season will surely be appreciated.




As we proceed with the excitement of this holiday season, there is an important event taking place this weekend I must share with you.  One of the veteran Caribbean Radio Personality in Washington DC is celebrating 32 years of broadcasting Caribbean music and information. 

Tony_Carr_2011.2.JPG (17993 bytes)Mr. S. Tony Carr is one of the foundation members of the Caribbean Community here in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  He is a leader, smart, knowledgeable, and dedicated to sharing and preserving Caribbean Music and culture.  Throughout the years he has been doing a great job promoting everything Caribbean. 

There was a time long before the Internet, Smart Phones and Satellite Radio, the only way to get a taste of your home was through the local Caribbean music and information programs, and Tony Carr was one of those who helped fill the void of home sickness.  In addition to exposing new artists and new music from Reggae to Soca, Calypso, Zouk, Brazilian and African; he has been a DJ playing at various clubs and parties in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.  He has also operated record stores in our community as well.

Tony has also been a member of the DC Caribbean Carnival Advisory board.  Officially, he has been an essential part of the “Jamaican Nationals Association of Washington DC”.  He also worked in promotions at the legendary Crossroads Entertainment Complex for a number of years, where he coordinated and hosted many of the major concerts that came through the entertainment complex.  As well as at the many other concerts that came through town.

Todd&Susan&Tony-CEC.jpg (30036 bytes)Tony Carr indeed helped lay the foundation to a strong and vibrant Caribbean Community in Washington DC; which is still thriving and growing to this day.  Todd and I both strongly feel without people like Tony Carr there would probably NOT be a market for Caribbean Music in this area.

Tony_Carr-6.07.JPG (21967 bytes)As I reflect over the years on Tony Carr; the good memories and not so good memories are flooding to my mind.  He is absolutely one of a kind (stated in the most loving way.)  His knowledge of the music and the business is indispensable and very fascinating.  We can listen for hours to the stories of the birth of Reggae music, and his extensive experiences with Reggae artist throughout the years.

He is truly a leader, and a dedicated man who is very frank, and at times stern.  I have found if I need a direct and honest answer or opinion about something or someone; I could turn to Tony Carr for his advise and opinion.

Tony_Carr&Susan_Mangatal.JPG (19075 bytes)Our relationship began many years ago (17 to be exact) when he and my husband Todd worked together in promotions at the Crossroads.  And I must say, Todd has some stories…LOL!  However, Todd has always respected this man, and appreciated his knowledge and professionalism.  Tony_Carr_Birthday+Friends.JPG (20782 bytes)In the early days while building our relationship/friendship, I recall Todd and I attending many of his events.  Oh dear, all his annual Byron Lee and the Dragonaires Concerts were awesome! [LOL, he always made sure we got a room at the hotel the event was held.]  He introduced us to Brazilian music, and oh boy~~~to the delicious Brazilian mixed drink “Caipirinha” (which I love to this day.)  I remember so clearly sitting listening to him entertain his fans at the many Brazilian parties that was held all over the Washington metropolitan area.  Gosh, I even remember on quite a few occasions celebrating his birthday.  Which was always interesting and fun.

Love_Within_Music_Festival-TCarr&Susan&Friend-8.11.JPG (60015 bytes)I can go on and on about Mr. Carr; because I have so much memories pilled in my head.  Indeed lots of good, and a few bad; but with every relationship there will always be ups and downs.  As I stated above Mr. Carr is one of a kind, and a very brilliant and lovely gentleman; who loves his music and culture.  His contribution to our community is so very precious, and he absolutely deserves to be recognized and celebrated. 

Therefore, I expect many of you to come out and celebrate Mr. S. Tony Carr on his 32 years in the broadcasting business.  It will take place this Saturday, December 17th @ Crossroads Entertainment Complex, 4103 Baltimore Avenue, Downtown Bladensburg, Maryland

ASC_32_Yrs-L.jpg (116605 bytes)

Mr. Carr can be heard currently on WPFW 89.9 FM on his show “This is Reggae Music” from 12:00 am Monday mornings until 2:00 am.  Additionally, Mr. Carr has his own Internet Radio Station, where you can hear some of the best Reggae Music.  You can log in to listen through his website: www.dccaribbeanconnection.com.  Finally, if you need a fantastic host for your upcoming show, definitely get in touch with Mr. Carr, he will do an excellent job…[His signature statement “ARE YOU READY” always WOWS a crowd.]  Additionally, he is one of the best Stage Managers in this area…he will certainly make sure your show is run smoothly and on time; due to his “No Nonsense” attitude and high level of professionalism.

Mr. Carr: Please continue sharing and preserving Caribbean Music,  Culture and information; and keep in mind you are loved, respected, appreciated; and most importantly deserve the best! 



As I close out I want to share briefly my experience at a Reggae Show recently.  This show had a nice line up: Reggae Star “Richie Spice” and the overly talented “Morgan Heritage”; and I couldn’t wait to attend.  But…gees was I disappointed with this show!!  

First of all it was a costly show, and from the promotions it seemed a live band would be backing up the artists.  Welllll~~~if you know anything about “Morgan Heritage” you will know they are a band. and are excellent musicians and singers; therefore, it is obvious to expected them to play their instruments.  As for Richie Spice, he is a performer who always performs with his band.  Unfortunately, none of this occurred; which was awful for me.  [Let me remind you this NO Band thing was not expressed in the promotions.]  Can you just imagine how awful it was to see Richie Spice and Morgan Heritage performing to tracks...UGGGHHH!

Well immediately, I became disgusted and angry!  And the drinks were not even helping me enjoy the night, or the show.  So we had to leave the venue…[Hum, us leaving a show before it ends is unheard of.]

Overall, as I discussed this with my husband (who accepted this a lot calmer than I did) I was able to look at many sides of the situation.  I really couldn’t blame the artist, because lately “it’s all about money”; even though they love the music “it’s about getting paid.”  However, lots of blame must be laid on the promoters!  How, could they have brought such great Reggae artist, and not arrange for a band to back them up, or insist they bring their own band?  Moreover, why was this not shared throughout their promotions.  My only logical answer is maybe they don’t love and respect Reggae music!

Looking at the situation through the Fans point of view, I felt this was "freaking" disrespectful to the people who attended.  More importantly, the entire madness as very---very disrespectful to reggae lovers, and the music on a whole.  I truly felt it was an injustice to all Reggae lovers; as well as the music! 

I wonder how this music will be kept alive, since lately there are very little quality shows taking place in this area. 

As I shared my feelings among my Facebook friends; from the responses---apparently all the shows in our area lately has had some problem or another.  Which is in my/our opinion killing the music; and I feel this is crazy, and truly unacceptable!  Anyway, please share your thoughts with me on this situation; if you are experiencing this same problem in your area. smangatal@gmail.com or susan@ariousentertainment.us


Finally, I am truly happy that so many of our beloved soldiers have returned home to their families.  Indeed, President Barack Obama has been true to his word regarding our soldiers being brought home in time for the holidays.  Oh, the joy this brings to my heart is amazing.  I know many families are extremely happy in America today.  As for the many who remained behind, especially in Aghanistan; may God Bless them and keep them safe. I pray they too are returned home soon.


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A very happy birthday to Kelly; Belinda; DJ Sprang International and Milly!

As for friends, family and associates in our circle who are celebrating birthdays this week, we hope you have a wonderful time; and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  


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