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Greetings Dearest Online Family and Friends:  How are things with you?  I  hope you are doing great; and everything, plus everyone in your lives are extremely fantastic.  It's been a few weeks since I really had a chance to write and vibe with you; so I am very happy to be able to do so this week.

Recently, we had a week of rest and relaxation, and still I feel I haven’t had enough!  We were shut off from the world, and we didn’t even care…NO PHONES…NO INTERNET…NO NOTHING…WE BARELY EVEN TURNED ON THE TV.  We let absolutely nothing came in our way to distract us from getting the rest we needed so badly.  Hum, I am more committed NOW to finding a way to live this perfect kind of life PERMANENTLY!

Sunset_On_Cruise-In Bahamas.JPG (29377 bytes)Sunset_On_Cruise-Day1-3.JPG (44187 bytes)It was absolutely heavenly sailing on the seas of the Caribbean; eating some of the most delectable and exciting 3 & 4 course meals; loving and enjoying uninterrupted sleep, plus adoring the naps throughout the day; and taking long walks during the early hours of the morning (when the air is the freshest, along with the best views of the beautiful sky and ocean.) The walks during sunset was superb as well!   Most importantly, being catered to constantly was super awesome! 

What I will remember most about this trip was the night skies, which was OHHHH so breathtaking.  Honestly, as I gazed upon the skies above me and focused on the millions of twinkling bright stars that lit up the dark night sky; I found myself wishing not only on the falling stars, but just wishing in general that my life stays stress free (as I was currently feeling.)  And the glorious days and nights WILL last forever.  Oh yeah, I became more determined to do everything in my power to make sure that all the dreams and plans we have physically and mentally been working hard towards will absolutely come true; so we could live this perfect kind of life.

Let me share a little of the adventure we experienced while away.  First off, I have always loved Jamaica; however, I was never blessed to visit all of Jamaica.  This time thought we visited the city of Falmouth; and it was really nice.  Thanks to the beautiful young people at Peppers Jerk Center for their courtesy and wonderful treatment. Their great drinks, great jerk chicken and great atmosphere really did a world of good for my husband Todd and I. 

I must mention~~~having a perfect Jamaican Breakfast at Club Naz Restaurant and Bar was fantastic...Breakfast_In_Falmouth.JPG (27700 bytes)it was the yummiest I have had in a very long time.  Yaad_Swag_Rum.JPG (32079 bytes)Especially since it was accompanied with the new Yaad Swag Rum both red and white [Endorsed/owned by Reggae Super Star Beenie Man] and Red Stripe Beers for chasers.  Needless to say, by midday we were beyond tipsy.  Ha…Ha…Ha…it was truly funny "high stepping" on the roads of Falmouth, walking through strange but beautiful neighborhoods; as we headed back to our gigantic hotel on the sea to our room. CMC-Day_3-JA_10.24.11 083.jpg (147097 bytes) You can just imagine it was not easy trying to capture pictures of everything, and corresponding to the many “warm” individuals who wanted us to just come over to their store, stalls, etc. to view and purchase their products.  It was all so funny then, and even as I look back NOW it’s hilarious.   Yup, I/we had a wonderful time, and ooohhhwee the experiences were extremely pleasurable in Falmouth, Jamaica; which will forever stay in my mind…IT WAS TRULY AWESOME!!!  As Todd keeps saying, and which I wholeheartedly agree with “Jamaicaaaaa Niceeeeee!” 

The other island (Grand Cayman) we were really looking forward to exploring was scrapped due to Hurricane Rina; but the Bahamas made up for it.  Due to visiting the Bahamas a couple of times in the past; we had no interest in doing anything there.  In_Bahamas-Atlantis-2011-1.JPG (53593 bytes)However, once we docked we began walking…and walking…and walking; and before we knew it (after a couple of miles walking;) we found ourselves entering the magnificent and famous Atlantis Resort, on Paradise Island.  If you have been there before, then you will agree the architecture and beauty is truly grand.  We spent quite a bit of time exploring many acres of the property; as well as resorts/hotels, etc., and admiring its unique beauty.  We are not gamblers, but we watched as many people had tons of fun playing slots and betting on the high rollers table.  Undeniably, our Bahamas exploration turned out to be quite interesting and very lovely.

In_Bahamas-Atlantis&Resort-2011.JPG (58020 bytes)     In_Bahamas-Atlantis&Resort-2011-1.JPG (35072 bytes)      In_Bahamas-Susan_Costume-2011.JPG (75994 bytes)    In_Bahamas-Hotel-2011-1.JPG (71756 bytes)     In_Bahamas-Starfish-2011.JPG (56794 bytes)     In_Bahamas-Susan-2011-1.JPG (43787 bytes)


Overall I’m kind of happy that we decided to cancel our holiday to my homeland due to their State of Emergency.  Of course, it absolutely hurt my heart making that decision, because I really…really needed to see my family.  However, I must say our decision on embarking on a cruise was a good one.  In fact, it was the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY!!!

Coming back to the real world was hard though, I found myself being a little depressed once we headed to the Miami Airport so that we could travel home; but I knew we had to get back…we had to pick up what we had started with the upcoming event we are hosting in a little over a week; along with the Caribbean Cooperative.  Plus, I was missing the pet badly…LOL!  It's truly fantastic to be home!

I'm certain by now you must be aware that in a little over a week we will be hosting an event in Maryland.  Umm...hum; for some time now our colleagues of the Caribbean Cooperative have been engaging us in interesting conversations regarding doing something different…something nice, worry free, classy, sexy, and full of vibes!  Indeed our feelings were similar; and doing this would give us the opportunity to focus on one of our passions “the exposure of the positive music we love so much.”  After several sessions, and seeing the seriousness of the group (LOL...after they had informed us they made initial steps to making this happen); we wholeheartedly agreed to move forward, and full steam ahead with working together. 

Grown_&_Sexy_Night-11.12.2011-F-XLg.JPG (121795 bytes)The first event with us, and the Caribbean Cooperative is entitled: “A Special Grown and Sexy Night To Remember~~~Long Time We Nah Fete Like This;” and it will be taking place next Saturday, November 12, 2011.  This event will take place where many of you our friends and family [local or even out of town] have met and dated your wives/husbands; have celebrated special occasions; have danced the night away; have seen some of the most awesome concerts;  and LOL, at times drank so much that you can’t remember how you got home on those particular crazy nights [we can certainly attest to this last example.]  Most importantly, at a place where some of us have the nicest memories~~~YUP, it's  “The Crossroads Entertainment Complex in downtown Bladensburg, Maryland, 4103 Baltimore Avenue, Bladensburg Maryland.

We at Arious, and all our colleagues/partners of the Caribbean Cooperative cordially invite you to join us for some good music, good food, real good vibes, and a night of feting and dancing to some of our favorite music.  Positively, it will be a night full of fun to remember!  Tickets in advance only cost $15.00,  and you can get yours buy clicking the below button or calling us, or any one of the committed Caribbean Cooperative family, friends and fans.  [Andy: 240-441-2600; Sherwin: (240) 701-3111; Arious Entertainment: 443-422-1361; Thomas (202) 570-1069; John: (301) 346-0794; Crown Bakery in Washington DC 202-291-3009; and Cheryl: 240-463-2224.]  


I mentioned my homeland above, and I really can’t say much about Trinidad and Tobago’s State of Emergency (“SOE”) [today,] because we tuned out of everything while we were away.  I really needed to clear my head on that situation because it is very shameful and worrisome for me.  Absorbing all that has been taking place was not easy.  Moreover, worrying about the solutions was even more difficult.  The “Powers that Be” seem to be unreasonable, and clearly lost (along the way) why they were in power; and who put them in power.  As a matter of fact, they stopped serving the people!  Instead it was clear that the “Powers That Be” were/are the ultimate masters; and the people they were SUPPOSE to be serving was less than zero.  They felt nothing in their hearts for the people who placed them in office. 

I suppose to can further explain this as: the “Powers That be” were/are “The Parents,” and was beating and/or punishing their children (the people;) by taking away all their rights, and being heartless to their cries, etc.

Oh yes, many are still stating this SOE made a huge improvement in the country, and it was successful.  How could things be an improvement when a very high percentage of the “so called” criminals that was arrested have been released?  On a daily basis for some time now these same “so called” criminals the “Powers that Be” are so proud of arresting has been released due to NO EVIDENCE being provided.  WoW, I listened from time to time as the police officials quote their numbers of arrests in all the different categories; but they always fail to share with the world how many were released due to their blunder (NOT providing any kind of evidence.)  This makes no sense to me, and in my humble opinion is nothing to be proud of, and the entire madness was pointless!!! 

You take away the people’s rights; harass them; disrespect them; severely abuse them; arrest them for nonsense…petty bull (that normal successful policing could have handled;) treat them like bad children ~~~ [these same people who put you in office;] and yet you have really nothing to show for the drastic, stupid decision of implementing a State of Emergency.  Such a miserable failure, and truly so pointless! 

All in all it seems this all boils down to the rich thinking it was cool; and the poor suffering, dying, being harassed, being oppressed and crying out for justice and help.

I don’t even see how the country could be restored to a level of safety, now that the “so called” NOW FREE criminals have been "pissed off;" as well as the law abiding citizens.

I received some E-mails from quite a few of our on-line family members who feel the words I wrote regarding this entire SOE madness was heard.  If my words were heard...then that's great; but  I beg to differ because some associates and even colleagues have never "felt me," nor "felt" my concerns.  However, even though feeling alone and very overwhelmed at times; I had to press on with the sharing of what I was privy to...I had to follow my heart and press on with sharing of the stories of the many citizens who were suffering in some form or another.  And YES, I had to press on with sharing the cries coming out of the voices of many during this SOE.    Indeed, I/we at Arious have always focused on the people…the poor people, and we have never had a problem with voicing their concerns and cries.  And this is what we did, and we are truly happy to have a vehicle to do so (our Arious Grapevine and even our loyal Arious Family.)

On a positive note, my mom called and informed me that there are a lot of talks taking place in the county about the SOE being removed.  Folks are just fed up, with the bogusness of the entire situation, and they are finally making their voice heard.  I will spend some time in the next few weeks tuning in so I can share with you what’s up.  Join me as I pray that this State of Emergency is re-evaluated by the Powers that Be, and is removed very soon...IN FACT NOW!



I pray that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are given the strength to overcome the hardships they are experiencing during this devastating time.  That they become each other’s keeper.  That they work hand in hand in peace, love and harmony with their fellow men!



As I close, I am hopeful everyone had a fantastic Halloween!  We chilled as usual!  However, 2 days before Halloween (Saturday, October 29th), we had a nice time listening to the LIVE VOICES of some Legends of Reggae Music.  It was indeed a real pleasure being able to attend the live performance of  Sister Nancy [Her Myspace address is: http://www.myspace.com/originalsisternancy); The Cables; and the Legendary Mighty Diamonds.  WHICH WAS CERTAINLY A REAL TREAT!


Observing these foundation reggae artists perform had me smiling inside and out.  I found myself engulfed in a world of positive reggae music, beautiful harmonic voices, with a nice mix of the early and positive dancehall Dj-ing performed by the skillful Sister Nancy.  The band too was awesome, who clearly had a wonderful time on stage during their performance.  Hearing such positive music was truly gratifying, and I was transported to a place that was full of love, peace, and niceness all around me.   If you happen to hear this show will be coming into your town; don't hesitate to attend...you'll definitely be entertained from beginning to end...IT WILL BE A SPECIAL TREAT.


Remember time falls back to Standard Time this weekend, specifically during the early hours of Sunday morning – November 6th (@ 2:00 am.  So go ahead and set your clocks back one (1) hour before going to bed on Saturday night.


Please know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   Thank you for your feedback, and your loyalty.   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.

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