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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter-The Arious Grapevine – 11.18.2011: Our Heartfelt Thanks | Special Holiday Season Begins | SOE in T&T | De Haps | More


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Greetings Dearest Online Family and Friends:  How are you and your family?  I hope you are good and you are gearing up for the upcoming

First and foremost, I extend a sincere and special “THANK YOU” to all of you our On-line Friends and Family who came out and supported our (Caribbean Cooperative and Arious Entertainment Group) Event that took place in Maryland last Saturday, November 12, 2011    Special Grown and Sexy Night To Remember…Long Time We Nah Fete Like This.

It was a very exquisite night with fantastic vibes, great music, a festive atmosphere, delectable foods, and most importantly beautiful people.  Yes, so many warm beautiful people were in attendance; with smiling faces, and lots of love illuminating from each and every one of them! Which made it absolutely clear to me that they were happy to support`~~~happy to be spending the evening with us~~~and happy to make sure that our event was a great success.  And indeed it was! 

In fact, it was everything we expected it to be and more.  One fascinating and joyous thing we experienced was observing the comradery between the lovely people.  It was truly a joy watching them chatting happily, drinking and toasting each other, laughing heartily; and most importantly dancing in warm embraces [Gentlemen asking ladies to dance, and the ladies graciously accepting.]    It was awesome seeing them submerge in the vibes, each other, the music and the glorious atmosphere.

We thank all of you - who supported the event, and pray that we delivered all you expected.  Thanks to all the DJs, who did great (DJ Moe, DJ Barry and DJ Smally).  [Unfortunately, there was one glitch; but it worked itself out nicely.]  Most importantly, we are extremely happy and pleased that DJ Smally understood, portrayed and delivered; as well as relayed our concept to all. 

Thanks to Mommy Ramano for holding things down, and greeting all our guests at the door; as well as Ms. Marilyn.  You both did a fantastic job!  Thanks to the Management and staff of Crossroads.  We particularly extend a special thanks to Management…”YOU TRULY OUTDID YOURSELF…SIR” (which, honestly I had no doubt about.)  After all, that is the result of knowing and understanding someone for quite a bit of years…and knowing exactly how one expect things should be/done!  Glad that you knew how our concept needed to be presented, and made sure it was projected professionally, classy and absolutely sophisticated.  Please know that we appreciate the love!

Finally, before I close out on sharing with you the success of our event; I must thank a few special people.

I thank lovely Sheila who traveled from Miami, Florida to spend the evening with us.  After being pleasantly surprised seeing her, my words to her was:  are you serious…you traveled all the way from Miami to attend our event?  She stated: “YES of course.  I received your e-mail and decided I would attend…called my girlfriend in Maryland and told her I will be traveling up for the event…  And her friend Angie V. confirmed her traveling to Maryland for our event.  THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEILA!  You too Angie! 

Mr. Anthony D. thanks for coming out and chilling with us; and thanks for seeking me out so we could officially meet each other. 

Ms. Bev (LOL BeBe)…you too made my night.  Because it was truly wonderful seeing you, having a drink with you, and chatting, laughing and getting caught up on our lives. 

To Thomas and Cheryl who celebrated their birthdays…we love and appreciate them greatly…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU and to Charlene (who celebrated her birthday with us as well.)  I must also thank all the other beautiful people who celebrated their birthdays…their special day/night with us. 

Thanks to all the Radio Personalities who helped with getting the word out to the masses; as well as the internet marketers who were gracious enough to share the details of the event with their members.  In fact, I must thank the many friends and family who was kind enough to share the information with their own friends and extended family members.

Gosh…once again we (Arious Entertainment Group and the Caribbean Cooperative) thank all of you.  And we feel it is important to let you know our hearts are overflowing with delight due to your tremendous support, and we absolutely appreciate each and every one of you.  THANKS FOR MAKING OUR “SPECIAL GROWN AND SEXY NIGHT TO REMEMBER” super awesome; truly successful, extra special, and one that we will remember for some time to come!  Indeed, Long Time We Nah Fete like that!!!  Please look out for our next “Special Grown and Sexy” event that is being worked on as I write.  We will inform you of all the details once they are finalized.


Only a week away from one of America’s special Holiday, and so many of us are excited.  Undeniably, this month [November] is a very special one; that has special importance.  Not only because of the spectacular changes in the season; but because the time is here to truly give THANKS!  Such a delightful and emotional time of year…don’t you think?  Now that it is vastly approaching, I can just imagine how much all of you are insanely busy preparing for the holidays…planning the thanksgiving menu, contemplating the numerous shopping outings, and anxiously anticipating decorating our homes and surrounds.


Personally though, I don’t think Thanksgiving will ever be a festive one for me…never…ever again!  After experiencing such heartache on Thanksgiving Day 2010 (November 25, 2010), I know this holiday will always be different.  Hum, the loss of my baby brother was traumatic for me, my Mom, my brother, my husband Todd, and for our entire small family; and it will never be erased from my mind.  But instead the sorrow will be re-lived on this Thanksgiving Day and on every Thanksgiving Day for years to come.  Even though I know death is inevitable and life goes on; when one loses someone who they love dearly [unexpectedly] it tears at ones heart, mind and soul.  However, I will be positive and say maybe “down the road…waaaayyyy down the road” I will heal fully; but until then Thanksgiving Day will not be the same for me.


On a happier note…Surely...tis the season to give thanks, to share, to express our love and appreciation, and to spend time with family and good friends.  Naturally, during this holiday season I can’t help but express my concern for the many families who may be unable to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal (for some reason or another,) or may have nothing to eat at all.  Oh dear…my heart breaks for those families, and for anyone who may not have anything on their table this year.  Absolutely no one should be without food!!!  Therefore, I ask you to follow me as I give from my heart.  Yes, let’s do a few things to help anyone in need during this Thanksgiving holiday. 


1) First off check around your area and even your church to find out who is collecting donations for food baskets.  

(2) Go ahead and prepare a basket with ingredients and items for a traditional Thanksgiving meal (such as turkey or ham, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, dessert mix, etc.) and give it to a social service agency or civic group that can make sure the basket is delivered to a family who is in need.  

(3) You can also buy a gift certificate to a local supermarket for an organization to give to a family to select their own Thanksgiving Food.  

(4) Volunteer to deliver a hot meal to a family in which the parents are unable to get out and about due to illness or an accident; and even to an elderly person who may be unable to get around.  

(5) Donate money to a religious or community civic group who will be hosting a community-wide dinner for people who have nowhere to go.  

And/or (6) Volunteer your time in a food/soup kitchen, homeless shelter or a similar facility in or out of your community on Thanksgiving day.   Truly, any of these little things will make someone, or a family’s Thanksgiving a special one. 

May those who have nothing be blessed with food, love, a comfortable place, plus shear blissfulness and joy during this Special Thanksgiving Holiday Season!!!


I promised last week I would update and share with you the “happenings” in Trinidad and Tobago regarding the imposed “State of Emergency” (SOE).  As we say it in Trinidad: ”bacchanal too bad..yes.” 

You must know the curfew was removed, but the SOE still remains.  You must also know that folks were celebrating the removal of the curfew like crazy.  Well, a few days ago the former Prime Minister – The Honorable Patrick Manning of the PNM Party & San Fernando East Member of Parliament had a Press Conference regarding the SOE.  Which was informative, interesting and thought provoking.  In fact, I understand this is his 3rd Press Conference regarding the SOE. 

Mr. Manning shared his concerns about the SOE, and the important plans and programs he had implemented before being voted out of office some years ago after calling “snap” general elections.  He talked about the increase in crime (under this SOE).  He discussed briefly details about his Anti-Crime plan, and shared with the Press some of the things he had in place to fight crime; as well as the drug problem.  He also strongly stated the SOE has failed and he felt the present Government used their “ultimate weapon” and “fired their best shot,” by implementing the SOE to fight crime.  However, the desired effect was not accomplished!  He stated: The curfew HAD to be removed in a hurry because the business community made it clear that the economy was already under significant strain.  And was being put under further pressure because many businesses had to close early during a curfew.  He pointed out also; it was not removed for the Citizens, but basically for the business community.  He talked about many skilled people who were operating sophisticated surveillance systems set up to counteract the drug trade being fired by the present government and replaced with people who has no training in operating these special equipment.  Finally, he mentioned there have been no cocaine bust during this SOE; and pointed out that the huge problem in Trinidad and Tobago IS NOT much Marijuana, but is a cocaine trans-shipment location between the “producing countries of the south and the consuming countries of the North.”  All in all he was displeased with the state of Trinidad and Tobago, and clearly stated “The People’s Partnership Government must call a General Election because the State of Emergency has failed”

I must state though, personally I don’t trust any politician.  The Honorable Patrick Manning has had his problems, and many…many people have shared with me some cruddy and illegal things he has been involved in and done.  [Politicians are so busy lining their own pockets, that they lose the fact that they serve the people, and must lead the country on a successful pathin many instances they are corrupt!  It is a fact that during Patrick Manning’s regime, the infrastructure and economic growth has been phenomenal; as well as the industrial expansions.  Which has allowed the country to really grow in all aspects including trade.  Yes, without a doubt he has done some great things. 

As for the current Government, me being a woman; I am extremely thrilled that a woman is the Prime Minister.  It’s a great and historical accomplishment…YES the Honorable Kamla Persad Bissessar in her current position convinces me that I can continue to reach for my goals, and because of her I am absolutely certain I WILL achieve them. 

However, this SOE is baffling to me (which I have stated on numerous occations;) and it cannot be used as a crime initiative!!!  I question her leadership because: (1) ONE SIMPLY CANNOT TAKE AWAY THE CITIZENS FUNDAMENTAL CIVIL RIGHTS; (2) that somewhere along her path she forgot who voted for her to be in her position/office; and she is not doing what she must do: SERVE THE PEOPLE.  Further, I question (3) how could one (a mother…grand mother…a woman) sleep at night and instruct their police officials to pick up citizens for no reason (per the high percentage of those arrested and who has RELEASED due to no evidence,) throw them in jail, and have them remain there for lengthy amounts of time (without their family knowing there whereabouts, and those arrested not being allowed to contact their family in a timely manner.)  (4) That your citizens are being abused and harassed by your police force (in any which way possible.)  (5) That the citizens who love and trusted you so much, and believed that you would implement changes for the country and govern effectively…that you closed your eyes and ears to their cries regarding: (a) how the curfew has been effecting their way of life…that they are unable to work to put food on the tables for their families.  Gees, I can go on and on.  However, I have shared my concerns in several past e-newsletters.

I found it interesting though that during Mr. Manning’s Press Conference he echoed and shared my observation of the Prime Minister…behaving as though the citizens of her country are mere children (clear disrespect and hate being exhibited;) and is punishing and beating them harshly without thinking about their well being, and how this SOE will effect them; and MOST IMPORTANTLY THAT SHE SERVES THEM!  I have stated this some time ago in a few of my comments.  Hum,  I AM TRULY DISGUSTED WITH THE SITUATION IN MY PLACE OF BIRTH!  Anyway, I will cut this off now and move on because it just frustrates me...I simply "cannot hot up my head" over this madness.

Well, the bacchanal and fiasco continues in my beloved country of birth Trinidad and Tobago with this State of Emergency, which I hope comes to an end soon. 

Kindly continue praying with me for the people of Trinidad and Tobago; so that they are given strength to overcome the hardships they are experiencing during this devastating time.  That they become each other’s keeper.  That they work hand in hand in peace, love and harmony with their fellow men!



My baby brother would have been 42 years old some days ago.  Happy Birthday Mark, and may you rest in peace.

A very happy birthday to Claudia Carter, Cheryl, Thomas, Charlene.  

I want to say a special belated birthday to Aunt Maureen, Cousin Kim, Radio Personality Neil Mattei, Sidrach Franklin, Cita, My friend Bobby and Jimmy Thom.

As for friends, family and associates in our circle who are celebrating birthdays this week, we hope you have a wonderful time; and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  



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Please do take some time to check out all the events we endorse that are listed in our “Featured Events” section below.



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A Fun Bus Trip to Harrington Raceway and Casino in Delaware

November 20, 2011

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