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Hello Dear Friends and Family!  Just stopping in to say HELLO to all of you, and to make sure you are doing good!  I do hope you and yours are enjoying life to the fullest.  I must admit I absolutely had no idea my work would take me away from connecting with you as regularly as I had in past years.  However, I believe everything happens for a reason; and therefore I simply go along with the flow and let things run its course.  Perhaps BIG THINGS are in store for me.

Oh yeah, Nippy NOVEMBER is here, and we are certainly experiencing the first hint of winter with the frosty mornings and super chilly evenings/nights. Need I remind you that it’s also the beginning of the holiday season!  Soooooo, are you ready for the celebrations???? 

Wow, the “Fall” foliage season is fabulous (as it always is;) and the autumn leaves that temporarily adorn the trees are in their full splendor…awe inspiring and simply gorgeous!   My…My…My...the yellow, orange, brown, burgundy, and purple leaves that are rapidly falling off the trees mesmerizes me every year.  Customarily, my husband Todd and I, as well as the Pet travel to Skyline Drive in Virginia to observe the beautiful colors of the “fall foliage”…changing of the leaves; but this year we looked around our surroundings and realized that we really didn’t need to drive to the mountains of Virginia; since the changes that are taking place around us are exceptionally beautiful this year.  Therefore, as we drive in and out of our neighborhood; we can’t help but absorb the magnificent-ness that surrounds us [in the neighborhood we reside.]  Sadly though, the leaves are falling of the trees in a rapid pace; so I hope you get an opportunity to observe the beauty I have spoken about above.

Honestly, I am in disbelief that November is here already [approximately 18 days before Thanksgiving; 45 days before Christmas; and 52 days before the beginning of a new year…WOW!!!  Are you ready for this year to end? I certainly am!  It’s been one of these crazy years that will forever be lodged in my mind…the most worrisome, persistently challenging, incredibly full of adjustments, and one that has truly been a complete and utter whirlwind!  LOL, Trinidad's TV Host and Political Candidate Ian Alleyne always uses his popular catch-phrase throughout his show "Crime Watch Live": “doh hot up yuh head”; but as much, and as hard as I tried---I have been unable to practice what Mr. Alleyne preaches.  My head seem to have been hot constantly [worrying about everything] over this entire year…LOL!!!!

As I reflect over the 1 month and 3 days I did not have an opportunity to write and share my thoughts with you.  I realize so much occurred, that are worthy to mention and document. 

October certainly was a month of bringing awareness to many important issues.  They all are undeniably important and meaningful; but a few have touched my life in some way or another.  And therefore I am compelled to share some important facts with you.

Hum, a friend of ours (Todd and I) shared with us her plight with this deadly disease; and it breaks our heart to see and hear her go through so much pain and struggle.  She has undergone many surgeries, and the battle still continues.  I am happy that she is trying hard to live, not only for herself but for her children; and that she is laughing, loving and even partying as hard as she can.  Candace…hang in there my darling; and keep fighting and living like there is NO TOMORROW.  

I strongly urge you my friends and family to be aware of this important disease throughout the year.  Continue raising funds to find a cure by partaking in walks and runs in your area.  Log on to: http://www.nbcam.org/; where you will find lots of information on this dreadful disease, and you will also find other resources to learn about the disease; as well as obtain answers to all the questions you may have.

Domestic violence affects people of every age, gender, sexual orientation, race, retaliation, income and education.  Nearly 1 in 4 women and 11.4% of men have reported at least one episode of domestic violence in their lifetime.  

Help is available by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or log on to www.thehotline.org.  Please log on to the National Coalition Against Violence website for more detailed information, and to learn how to help STOP the violence, as well as sexual assaults - http://www.ncadv.org/.

Moving ahead with my dialogue of Nippy November and its significance --- THIS MONDAY, November 11th is VETERANS DAY, and we at Arious Entertainment Group pay tribute to all Veterans.  

To those who have served and still serves (past and present), whether Active Duty Military, National Guard, or Reserve (the entire spectrum of the Armed Forces)...YOU ARE SINCERELY HONORED.  Please know how much you are appreciated and admired for your strength; as well as your dedication and loyalty to this country and the American People.  You are applauded for your bravery in the pursuit for our safety and freedom; for your patriotism, for your love of country, and your willingness to sacrifice everything to keep our country safe; and just for the common good.  Indeed, we continue with our tradition saluting you our 23 million+ Military U.S. veterans, including the millions currently serving we absolutely honor, respect and appreciate you for your courage, commitment and for sacrificing so much to guard our freedom and this country; as well as advancing peace to many here and abroad.  Thank you for all you have done over these long years while serving in the uniforms of this great nation.  HonoringAllWhoServed.jpg (15574 bytes)I end our little tribute by saying a little prayer for each and every one of you: 

“Lord hold our Veteran’s and even our active members of the various military branches/organizations [armed forces] in your loving hands Protect them as they have protected us.  Bless them & their families for the selfless acts they have performed for us in our time of need.”

To Read the entire history of Veteran's Day - PLEASE CLICK HERE! AND YOU CAN ALSO CLICK HERE!!!

Please keep in mind this month is also used to bring awareness to Diabetes:-) November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  Over 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes; and dreadfully it is the 7th leading cause of death.  This disease is so common lately, that it seems everyone I speak with indicate they know someone who has this disease; either a friend or family member.  This disease---Diabetes is when the body is unable to produce insulin, or does not properly use insulin.  [Insulin: a hormone that your body needs to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy.]  Those who suffer from diabetes also have an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, or blindness.  Unfortuantely, there is no known cure for diabetes; but THERE ARE TREATMENT!!!.  

Some of the signs can include excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased tiredness, increased irritability and blurry vision.  Oftentimes family history plays a part in someone developing the disease.  And being over weight or lack of exercise appear to play a role as well.  Please note diet, exercise and new medicines can prevent or delay much of the illness and complications of diabetes.  Personally, I was surprised to learn how much damage it does to the eyes...your vision.  For some health tips (if you suffer from this disease) PLEASE CLICK HERE to read information provided by the Center of Disease Control and prevention!  You will also find quite a bit of details on the disease at: www.diabetes.org http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/?loc=GlobalNavDB

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  And for us this year it will be very different, because our home will be filled with family; which is something we have not experienced in many…many years. Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to giving thanks with my extended family.  If, for some reason I do not get an opportunity to pop in before Thanksgiving. Do enjoy it, your family, and all the holiday festivities.

After pausing and reviewing what I've written above; clearly I have shared a lot...don't you agree! Hehehehe! Therefore, it's time for me to close and bid all of you adieu.  And as I close I say Happy Fall y'all!!!!  And take good care.

Have a very nice week everyone!  

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November 10, 2013

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