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Hello On-line friends and family!  I hope you are fantastic and everything's going smoothly for you.  If you reside on the East Coast, as I do; I hope you are getting prepared for Hurricane Sandy.  

We are back in Maryland, and are thankful to be here at home; and with the Pet who seemed to have missed us tremendously. 


It was one where we experienced a miracle; had lots of laughs with folks we didn’t know, but after the 1st night of dining together it seemed we were old friends.  Became disappointed due to the cancellations of the places we were scheduled to visit; and regrettably experiencing the roughest waters and strongest winds we have ever experienced in our life due to powerful…vicious HURRICANE “SANDY.

As you may know in the early stages of our vacation, a young woman (from all accounts was 29 years old) decided to jump approx. 70-100 feet off our ship from her room balcony due to a having a problem [fight] with her boyfriend; and alcohol played a part in her decision to jump as well.  This young lady hit her head on a lifeboat as she fell, and was in the water for almost 2 hours [1850 feet deep waters.]  The captain of our ship decided to turn the ship around and head back to the spot where he, and the rest in her party believed she had jumped.  With the ship's spotlights searching the waters, lifeboats were lowered into the water; and unbelievably, but thankfully this young woman was found and was rescued by the ship's crew; and WAS ALIVE (still alive today we believe!)

I must share with you a bizarre thing that had taken place before and during this incredible incident and rescue.  Previous to this woman jumping we found it strange that many birds were flying along with the boat, specifically on the side of the boat the woman had jumped from; a few even landed on the bridge of the ship above our balcony.  It was so weird that Todd made it a point to call me on the balcony so that I could witness what was going on.  Soon after witnessing those strange white birds; approximately 10 minutes after midnight, the disturbing announcement was made over the ships’ intercom by our Captain: “Bravo, Bravo Starboard side!” 

What we found even more odd; was after the Captain came back on the intercom [about 15 minutes later after his first announcement] and informed us that an individual had gone overboard.  He stated he was turning the ship around so that he could find the person.  Of course both our hearts sunk immediately, and in an instant we were back outside; and planted ourselves on our balcony (since the person had jumped off their room balcony, which was located on our side of the ship, but one floor above.) Abnormally though, we found those strange white birds were flying around in circles, and back and forth in a peculiar formation in the darkness.  [Due to having the spotlight moving from left to right on the waters; it was clear the birds were hitting the water and coming back up too; and it was taking place in a certain area in the water not so far away from the ship.  And around the rescue boats that was lowered into the water.]

This bizarreness continued because some time had passed with no luck finding this person.  So with the following facts in mind (which we were discussing repeatedly): (1) the person fell 70-100 feet from their balcony; (2) was already in the water for over 75 minutes (1 hour, 15 minutes) [although calm waters…we imagined it might have been kinda cold,]  (3) the water’s depth per the ship’s TV channel was 1850 feet; (4) And most importantly, dangerous creatures such as sharks must have been lurking in the water (the person had hit their head falling, and it may have been bleeding; which undoubtedly WOULD HAVE attracted sharks.)  WITH THESE IMPORTANT FACTORS IN MIND, THERE WAS NO WAY THIS PERSON COULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE…ABSOLUTELY NO WAY…RIGHT????

But by the grace of a higher power, unbelievably and miraculously we heard a voice shouting in the darkness “help”… “help”… “help”!  We couldn’t see the person, but we heard the voice quite clear, and so did many others on the ship.  AMAZINGLY AND FORTUNATELY THIS PERSON WAS ALIVE, AND WAS NOT FAR AWAY FROM THE SHIP!  Needless to say the joy we felt was expressed loudly; as we, and many other passengers erupted in screams…shouting: “the person is out there and they’re alive!”  INCREDIBLY, THE PERSON WAS ALIVE!  

We watched intensely as the lifeboats did their circling in a certain area in the deep waters, and obviously got the person into 1 (one) of the boats.  They signaled each other, as well as the ship of their success with rescuing this person.  A short time later [which was a total of 2 hours after this ordeal began,] the captain with relief in his voice came on the intercom and informed the entire ship that this person (a young woman) was found ~~~ and was brought back to the ship ~~~ and was being cared for by the medical team.  At the time, the captain felt we could continue on to our destinations. 

Bermuda_Triangle-2.jpg (5373 bytes)IMPORTANT NOTE:  When we got home we decided to plot our course to see specifically where in the deep seas this woman jumped and landed.  Astonishingly, we discovered we were located within the Bermuda Triangle, not way in the Triangle; but kinda close to the edge (per the pictures on the internet).  Nonetheless we were within the Triangle!  Weird huh?

Some hours later, very early the next day; the captain felt he needed to take the woman to Key West for further medical attention.  So he canceled our time in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and informed us; he then turned the ship around and headed to Key West.  Once there we watched as the “jumper” covered in white sheets, except for her face; was taken out on a stretcher by Key West EMS Workers to their Ambulance that was waiting on the dock for her.  We continued watching as the Ambulance drove away to the hospital.  The rest of her party also departed the ship.  You will see we have added 3 pictures below.  The woman’s face is not clear; but you can see a bit of her.  Of course you can see the rest in her party. If this was the boyfriend he made it a point to keep his back to the ship...he never turned around.  

BoatJumper_and_Time_at_Key_West-10.21.2012_106.jpg (138843 bytes)     BoatJumper_and_Time_at_Key_West-10.21.2012_107.jpg (137875 bytes)     BoatJumper_and_Time_at_Key_West-10.21.2012_111.jpg (133128 bytes)

As I stated in my last e-Newsletter, our short time in Key West was fun and interesting.  And after several drinks we were back on the ship; and were on our way -  heading to our next scheduled stop – Grand Cayman.

From here on out instead of the vacation being calm and relaxing; it began to be nerve racking; to say the least.  Hum, during the middle of the 2nd day after the unbelievable jumping incident; the captain informed us that a hurricane (in fact 3 major tropical disturbances) were forming on the Caribbean seas; and therefore he had to cancel our time in Grand Cayman; but instead he will be taking us to Cozumel, Mexico.  Needless to say, a large number of the ship’s passengers were disappointed.  However, personally we thought perhaps it was all for a good reason; and vowed to begin trying to have fun, although we were aware of the hurricanes getting stronger! 

Blissfully we arrived in Cozumel worry free, and optimistic.  We had a great time sipping on delicious Margaritas, eating authentic…scrumptious Mexican food, and drinking (shooting) some of the most flavorful tequilas.  We were convinced nothing else would upset our vacation even though we were tuned into the news channel on the ship and was following the pathway of the hurricanes.  Anyway, as soon as we began our journey back to the United States my stomach tightened and never really loosened up until the end of the trip. 

Oh dear…dear…dear, the trip began to become real worrisome; because strong Hurricane “Sandy” was located to the right of the ship; and she certainly made her presence known (we estimated she must have been approximately 200 to 300 miles away - to the right of our ship).  Due to her extremely high winds (approx. 45-55 mile hour winds) and rough waters with large waves 8-12 feet high; our ship was rocking like mad.  And needless to say; the night leaving Mexico was the most restless and nauseating for us, not to mention having to function with alcohol in our systems…LOL…NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Naturally, sleeping was difficult; because the rocking was agonizing and the overly upset feeling in our stomachs were unbearable throughout the entire night.  The next day was no improvement with the severe rocking of the ship; because the winds from the effects of Hurricane Sandy were more powerful, and was not only whistling but roaring loudly through every crack in our room.  It was difficult opening our balcony door, and sitting on the balcony was unwise; but we had to make the best of this vacation and spent most of the day on our balcony watching the rough waters and high waves; and feeling Sandy’s strong wind/breeze that was blowing ferociously and consistently around us.  By the way, while talking and laughing about how much we couldn’t wait to start this vacation; and how our time away was crazy, plus making plans; we witnessed several low flying coast guard planes soaring past our balcony and made sharp RIGHT turns toward the location of hurricane Sandy.  We watched as they disappeared into the low clouds.  Clearly, they were checking things out, not only with us; but with Sandy as well.

By dinnertime, even though we didn’t think we could keep anything down [in our stomachs;] we had to attend dinner because we had promised our dining friends that we would attend so we all could celebrate our last night of this interesting vacation with champagne and expensive wine before our ship was scheduled to dock at the Miami Port.  Thankfully, all through the vicious rocking we managed to really enjoy ourselves!  Our table was full of chatter and laughter, as we toasted each other, and to all the madness ~~~ from the first night of our vacation to this last night sailing together.  We had some serious discipline regarding the consumption of drinks though; because we certainly couldn’t bear the rocking of the ship.  However, that didn’t help because the night was the most terrifying I have ever had on sea. 

Hurricane Sandy was noticeably getting worst; and we were thoroughly feeling the effects, and how treacherous she was.  The winds never let up, only got stronger; and the rough waters had the ship completely unsteady.  Walking down the ship's hallways was difficult; in fact the hallway seem to be tilted...constantly.  Along with the fierce rocking, as well as bands of heavy rains; there were also loud bangs throughout the ship, and with each loud bang there was a vibration that shook our bed intensely.  I was so thankful when I finally fell asleep; but it was not restful, because I was awaken frequently from the loud bangs and shaking.  You could just imagine how ecstatic I was waking up to NO rocking and sheer calmness! 

Yeah…Yeah, we were back in Miami and was docking at the port.  I silently said a little Prayer for our safe return!  Debarking was fast and pleasant!  And flying home was awesome, because we were placed on an earlier flight. 

As soon as we got to our home and began settling in; we realized per the TV news reports that Fierce Hurricane Sandy was on the move, and heading in our way.  NOT GOOD NEWS AT ALL!  She was predicted to move up the Eastern Seaboard heading up to our area (and possibly move inland somewhere between Washington DC/Maryland, or as far as in the New Jersey area!  WOW, SHE WAS FOLLOWING US!!!  Anyway, they predicted she WOULD become extremely strong and overly vicious as she collides/merge with cold artic air moving in from the west; and a weird jet stream.  By now you must know they are calling her “The Perfect Storm” or “Frankenstorm,” and many other interesting names.  LOL, but I’m seriously wondering why Hurricane Sandy is following us?

Yesterday (Saturday, October 27th), we decided to squeeze in another day of relaxation close to home; so we decided to pack up the pet, and head to Ocean City. Maryland for a calm day of walking on the beach, playing with the pet, and just chilling worry free.  Hah, that was only a good idea; because the water was extremely rough with high waves.  And oh boy the winds were awfully strong [Sandy was approximately 700 miles away.]  We tried to enjoy the day; but it was difficult.  Indeed Hurricane “Sandy” is on her way, and she is massive and powerful!

Saturday_October_27_2012-Our_Day_at_Home_and_OC_046.jpg (144485 bytes)     Saturday_October_27_2012-Our_Day_at_Home_and_OC_047.jpg (144825 bytes)     Saturday_October_27_2012-Our_Day_at_Home_and_OC_078.jpg (132012 bytes)     Saturday_October_27_2012-Our_Day_at_Home_and_OC_065.jpg (136009 bytes)


Now friends and family; heed my words and “batten down the hatches,” (if you are in Hurricane Sandy’s path) because Sandy is NO JOKE!  We have felt her wrath and strength on the waters; and she is absolutely strong, destructive and treacherous!  Many are homeless in Cuba due to the collapsing of thousands of houses.  She has destroyed quite a bit in the Bahamas; left many families without a home in Jamaica.  And sadly, she has taken several lives along her destructive path, particularly in Haiti.  Dominican Republic was hit hard as well.  Yup, HURRICANE SANDY totally distressed me on water, and strangely I don’t have a good feeling about her.  SO I BEG YOU TO STAY SAFE MY FRIENDS!  

As I close for this week; I want to thank you for reaching out and sending me your thoughts about my last week’s e-Newsletter.  Please know I am always delighted to receive them.

And finally, I must share with you that I felt the last Presidential debate was awesome!  I am a little baffled about the “flip-flopping” I witnessed again with Governor Romney; plus him fully agreeing with President Obama’s Foreign Policies?  Nah, that was not the case a week prior to this final debate.  Hum, that makes me truly wonder about Gov. Romney’s character!  What was most annoying to me was watching how programmed he was to dealing with his non-factual...unintelligent "talking points."  He seemed to have had no respect, patience; and felt he needed to dominate and speak over Obama and the Moderator.   Clearly, this man is incapable of following the program, as well as listening.  It was quite obvious that he has no concern with people of my status; and is unable to hear others.  Truly...he is absolutely incapable of listening; but then again that is not surprising because a man of his wealth and status obviously cannot relate to a large portion of America.

Our President Barack Obama held his own though, and I felt he did a good job clarifying and explaining his stand and facts on many issues!

Well, folks, the big voting day is a little over a week (9 days away,) SO PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE!  IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO IT EARLY, GO AHEAD AND GET IT OVER WITH…JUST VOTE!


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October 28, 2012


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