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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter-The Arious Grapevine – 1.6.2012: A Very Special Wish To You For A Blessed + Prosperous + Joyful New Year - 2012 

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Dearest On-Line Family and Friends: I hope all of you had a splendid holiday, and are doing absolutely fantastic.

As 2012 dawns, I find it most appropriate to express our sincere gratitude for your love and undying support.  THANKS to each and every one of you for genuinely embracing us, being intrigued with our topics/issues, allowing us to share our thoughts…[more importantly] hearing our thoughts, respecting our opinions and contributing to our discussions.  It is truly a pleasure having you our online family and friends in our diverse circle; and your understanding of us, as well as you allowing us to be ourselves through the words we write [as we connect with you on a weekly basis] means the world to us.  We thank you earnestly; and wish you a blessed, prosperous, and joyful New Year - 2012!

As I take a few moments to reflect on the past year (2011,) I find myself smiling gloriously; because in summary it was an incredible year [personally]. Truly some amazing things happened!  Ahh yes, every endeavor we took on FEARLESSLY and “HEAD ON” was positive and extremely successful. I can happily say many of our goals were met. Of course for us, and many of you it haven’t been a smooth road; but one filled with quite a bit of ups and downs, defeats and setbacks.  But nonetheless we all triumphed, and now are able to look back, analyze, and most importantly learn from the experiences.

As I reflect further, my mind races over the unfortunate “man’s inhumanity to man”…the horrors of crime and not knowing how to find a solution; and essentially defeat it.   The disasters/crisis that has happened throughout the year; which at times have left us in pain and very troubled!  Mainly…the many catastrophic hurricanes, and disastrous tornadoes that destroyed our homes; surroundings; and way of life.  Plus the flooding that occurred in many parts of the United States, as well as the fires out West.  And of course one cannot forget the dreadful shocking earthquake and aftershocks that rumbled through the North East region of the United States (where rarely earthquakes of that magnitude occur;) as well as the Tsunami in Japan that sparked the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima.  Surprisingly and unfortunately my little country of birth (Trinidad) underwent its own  share of problems: a State of Emergency was issued by the Government and a Curfew implemented all for the sake of crime (per the Government's explanations). [The SOE stayed in effect for quite a few months.]  Terribly, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago Constitutional rights were stripped; and they were: (1) constantly mistreated by Powers that be [harassed excessively, disrespected, and physically abused;] (2) detained and jailed for enormous amounts of time; (3) Their life and livelihood turned upside down due to the curfew; causing them TO NOT be able to work and provide a normal and proper life for them and their families.  Hum, not to mention the constant rise in unemployment; the intolerable injustice many have suffered; the senseless wars that are being fought in foreign lands basically for control [and quite franklyTO IMPLEMENT DEMOCRACY;] and even the obsceneness of racism.   Additionally, we have witnessed some important leaders/heads of countries/nations assassinated in the most brutal way; and the fall of some important governments.

Without a doubt, for another year the social media “thing” has been amazingly outstanding.  People who have adamantly stated they will not conform to/[“get with”] social media; has joined in with many around the world and is now “Facebooking,” “Tweeting,” and building their communities via their own social networking websites.

Meanwhile throughout the year, President Barack Obama has been fighting quite hard to live up to some of his promises. Wow, the long and dragged out fights with the “Grand Old Party…the Republicans,” and even some of his colleagues in his own party have been difficult; but for the most part successful.  Most importantly, President Obama has lived up to his word of bringing the troops who were fighting in Iraq back home to the United States to their loved ones…Yippy!

INDEED THIS HAS BEEN AN EXTREMELY NOTABLE AND THRILLING YEAR-2011!  Don't you agree???  In fact, an unforgettable year…a year where so much love was shared (unconditionally), as well as the contentment and joy we experienced with every accomplishment; even the laughs and some tears.  It has truly been an incredible journey, and the memories…ohhh...the many memories will forever stay in our minds, which I know many of you will cherish!!!

Hum…if you are like me, then you are anxiously looking forward to the exciting months ahead and smiling...and thinking about what this New Year 2012 will bring.  Surely, it offers us the opportunity for both reflecting on what has gone, and the anticipation of the future; as well as NEW ASPIRATIONS, NEW HOPES, NEW JOYS, NEW RESOLUTIONS; AND A WHOLE A NEW BEGINNING.  Uhm…hum...yup, I’m sure the thoughts and dreams of all the things we plan to achieve is fresh and clear in our minds; and we know what we HAVE TO DO AND MUST DO.  

Below are a few important things to keep in mind as we move ahead in 2012.  And I have continued with my yearly tradition of listing some New Year’s Resolutions; which you are free to use as guidelines for helping to fulfill your dreams for 2012. 

Most of us want to improve relationships with friends, improve oneself, improve our health, or even travel to parts of the world one wishes to see, but whatever it may be; remember it's all possible “if YOU want it to be."

One must try very hard to keep the optimism, motivation, excitement and hope, and WE must reflect positivity, and use positive tones such as: "I can do this", or "I believe I can accomplish this".  

One must not get caught up with the excuses for not pursuing their goals; such as: not having enough time, being too tired, procrastinating or even encountering adversities.  One absolutely must stay focused on the goals he/she has written down, focus on what inspires them  to work through any adversity, maintain a positive attitude, focus on their  passions and inner peace; be confident and follow the path THEY created to achieve their goals.  

One must be up for whatever the challenge may be; and must be ready and strong.  I AM SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO OVERCOME EACH ONE OF THEM THIS YEAR. 

One must practice smiling more, rejecting conflicts, not being judgmental of oneself and others, worrying less, enjoy every living moment, extend love and learn to help and work with others.  Most importantly, one must be filled with hopeful gratitude

We at Arious take this special opportunity to give thanks to you for your business and support throughout this past year-2011, and we look forward to more in the New Year-2012.  We also celebrate this past year for the wonderful relationships that helped our business grow.  We look forward to continuing our progress TOGETHER WITH YOU…!!!  

As we have stated in the past, our love for the Community has been embedded in our souls for as long as we can remember; so it is a blessing to have received the wonderful gift of having the means to write and share our thoughts, express our feelings, and collaborate with such a diverse group of people - YOU OUR ON-LINE FAMILY.   It's truly an incredible and unique feeling!  Many of you we certainly do not know personally, but we share a special and beloved relationship with each one of you.  We know we are in good company, and we thank you for your light, guidance, and most importantly SUPPORT.  Yes...indeed, it’s wonderful to have learned so much this past year, and throughout these years; and we are so very thankful that overall and through it all, everything has been truly superb!

Gelukkige nuwe jaar - Xin Nian Kuai Le - RUHUS HADUSH AMET - Bonne Annee - Feliz Ano ~Nuevo!!! OUR BELOVED ON-LINE FRIENDS AND FAMILY

As I stated above, [and as I have done every year] below is a list of some important factors that we all must follow and keep in our hearts and minds of this New Year.

Make sure this year is better than all the others, and do everything in your power to accomplish all your resolutions.  Actually, make this year THE ONE that you accomplish all your goals!

    Pledge to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time or the funds.

  Seriously STOP with the HATING and begin LOVING and SUPPORTING unconditionally.

  Drop an old grudge!!!  Call that friend you have had that old grudge with and let them know that you will let "bygones be bygones", and you hope they will do the same.  Replace that grudge with the pleasant memories you built with that friend.

  Stop rivaling your associates.  Be self-determining in working toward and pursuing your aspirations...YOUR OWN ASPIRATIONS!  Moreover, devise what you are working towards "a work of genius!"

   Be comfortable "in your skin".  Love yourself...Love who you are...Love what you are and what you do.  Don't be troubled about what others may think of you, only worry about you - because "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU" and all about the positive things you do.

    In these difficult and troubled times focus on keeping your head up.  It may be complex for you to do so, but you must remember "life is like a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs."  Therefore, you must hold on during all the twists, turns, and downs, and be mindful that the ups are forthcoming.

    Vow not to make promises you don't think you can keep.

    Express your feelings freely and openly, and don't be afraid to say the sweetest words "I LOVE YOU" more often.

    Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, even with just a smile.

   As you did in the past 4 years, make this year "The year of Change"!  Continue with what was driving  many of us during the 2008 and most historical elections ...Change, an overall change in every aspect of our life.

    Vow to take someone else along with you once you have accomplished your goals.  Give them a helping hand...boost them up so they can become as successful as you have become.

I leave you with the few words that is coming from deep within me and my husband Todd's heart.  We at Arious Entertainment Group are truly blessed and filled with gratitude, and we pray you receive the same kind of gifts throughout this New Year we have.  Additionally, once again we say, “Thank you"…Thank you all our on-line family, friends and readers. Thank you for visiting and reading and commenting and for just being. Here's to whatever comes next, and I beg you to continue with achieving your goals [successful overall and financially,] virtual prosperity, progressive, amazing/mind-blowing, fun filled, glorious and victorious for 2012 and beyond.

We wish for you joy, peace, happiness and gratitude in response to all things.   Additionally, we wish you good Health, wealth, Love of friends and family, and Blessings for this New Year-2012.   Yes, we wish you the best of everything... that you so well deserve.

May this New Year-2012 open up for you new horizons,  fill your heart with new hopes and bring for you Promises of brighter tomorrows!  Here’s wishing you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!”



As I close out for this week; I must take a little time to acknowledge some important successes.

CONGRATULATIONS to Portia Simpson Miller and her People’s National Party (PNP) for successfully defeating the Portia_Simpson_Miller-1.1.2012.jpg (20033 bytes)Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) in last week’s General Elections held in Jamaica; and victoriously becoming the Honorable Prime Minister of Jamaica [once again.]  It was truly an outstanding victory because the citizens came out and voted for PNP allowing them to capture 42 seats in the country's 63-seat Parliament.  Mrs. Simpson Miller is a very strong woman, and an outstanding leader; and without a doubt WILL lead Jamaica back on a more positive and successful path.  Click here to read more!


CONGRATULATIONS  to the Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Ambassador January1st2012-Photos_NewYears 034.jpg (149111 bytes)Neil Parsan - along with his team, and the Diaspora for the very successful event they produced on December 31, 2011 “An Old Year’s Night Masquerade Ball – A Night of Mysterious Fantasy.  This was their first of a series of events leading up to the Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Independence. 

We are extremely proud of the turnout, and observing the love and loyalty of the Nationals were awe aspiring.  We are also very thankful for being acknowledged in such a heartfelt way; and most importantly we are very proud to be official sponsors of the Embassy and their events. 

So much have been planned for the 50th celebration of Independence, so we ask you to stay tuned to Arious for the details, and for all the Embassy’s upcoming events. You can CLICK HERE to log on to the Embassy's website

CONGRATULATIONS to a lovely young Business Woman in our area who is celebrating 7 years in business.  We wish Lisa Waddell Rose continued success with her flourishing Jamaican Restaurant – “Jerk Pit”, located at 9078 Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Maryland 20740.  Even though there are tough days/nights in every business; Lisa’s smile, her kindness and the love she exhibits to her customers and friends are genuine; which absolutely reflects her sincere appreciation and gratitude for the support and love she receives from the community.

Lisa and her team will be celebrating their 7th Anniversary tonight (Jan. 6, 2012) at her restaurant “Jerk Pit” with a Masquerade Party.  Music will be provided by the “VibesMaster” G-Nice.  Click the flyer on the RIGHT to view the details or scroll down to our “Featured Events” for more information.


Do take some time to check out all the events we endorse that are listed in our “Featured Events” section below, or you can log into our  "Events" page.   Keep in mind January this year---so far has been unusually slow for events.

Please know that we absolutely appreciate you being a part of our on-line family; and you taking the time to read and correspond to our writings ~~~ we sincerely appreciate it!   Thank you for your feedback, and your loyalty.   

Always feel free to comment regarding THIS commentary or any of my past E-Newsletter commentaries from our  “Arious Grapevine;”  and I thank you for all the intriguing and thought provoking comments you send me on a regular basis.   Please know that I am eager to hear your thoughts on all I have written above, and even in the past; so I look forward to having you share them with me via my e-mail address:  susan@ariousentertainment.us.

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January 6, 2012

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