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Arious Entertainment Group E-Newsletter “The Arious Grapevine” - 1.21.2011: Mourning and Grief-Why So Much Loss | Dialogue and Updates | Buju B Historical Concert | De Happenings | More

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Dearest Online Family and Friends: How are you doing?  We hope you are great and have been having a nice week!



Lately so much sorrow has been taking place in, and around many of us.  I say this because recently I have found while traveling via Amtrak (on a daily basis) I’ve been overhearing quite a number of people sharing with friends, co-workers, business associates, and even with folks via their phone conversations about enormous pain, grief and sorrow they are enduring due to losing a family member, friend and/or loved one.  Indeed this is baffling and distressing to me [why at this time must I be exposed to conversations regarding the lost of someone, especially since I am having a difficult time healing from my own loss/grief].  Of course, I have been wondering what is truly going on…is 2012 really all it has been predicted to be?

Unfortunately, in my circle I am finding quite regularly many people are leaving us and moving on to the afterlife; which is absolutely heartrending for me.  The most recent just happened a few days ago and the loss is overwhelming.  Our friend and an upstanding member of our community Mr. Wayne Cuffy lost his adorable 15 year old son due to a tragic accident.  Oh dear, my heart crumbled when I got the news; and utterly broke when Mr. Cuffy shared his pain with me.  Oh boy, how I ache for the loss of this young man; in fact the entire community is mourning this loss.

Young Wayne Channin Cuffy, we have known since he was 5 years old.  He was respectful, gracious, helpful, loving and just an absolute joy to have around.  Actually he was, as well as his older brother truly wonderful young men.  It would be rather strange if we saw one without the other; and those times were very few.  Moreover, they were always “hanging” with their dad.  

My husband Todd and I would find ourselves saying every year to each other “hum, we can’t wait for summer to arrive,” because that’s the time we would see a lot of Wayne Channin, as well as his older brother. [They were always hanging out with their dad on Sundays at our favorite outdoor spot in Maryland.  Their Mom would accompany them on many occasions.]

Gee, witnessing from afar Wayne Channin’s growth, as well as his brother was pleasantly fascinating.  He was the younger brother, but every summer he would get taller and taller surpassing his older brother, and even his Dad and Mom.  It was interesting witnessing how his, as well as his older brother’s mannerism changed as they grew; LOL…hahaha even their voices.  One thing I will always remember about Wayne Channin (and even his older brother;) like their dad they seemed very interested in becoming audio technicians, and every time they had an opportunity to work the sound at a concert or for a local band; they were in heaven.

Umm...Umm...Umm, we will miss Wayne Channin so very much, I personally will miss his loving greetings filled with hugs and kisses every time we saw each other.  Many of our friends in the community stated the exact same thing.  Yes, indeed his hugs, kisses, warm greeting and beautiful smile we all will miss dearly.  We are thankful to have such wonderful memories of Wayne Channin, and to have shared some good times with him while he was with us [for this short time.]

Our heart goes out to the entire Cuffy family, and we pray that in time love and strength will heal their hearts and elevate the pain they are enduring.  May God bless them and be with them during this very difficult time.  Wayne Channin will be sorely and greatly missed, because he was a beautiful young man.  I am certain he will be their angel watching over his entire family. 

For folks who are unaware of the funeral arrangements for Wayne Channin Cuffy, please note he will be laid to rest on Monday, January 24th; and beginning at 10:30 am the viewing and funeral will be held at St. Mary’s Church, located at 7301 Annapolis Road, Landover, Maryland 20784.  He will be buried directly thereafter at Ft. Lincoln cemetery, 3401 Bladensburg, Brentwood Maryland. (301-864-5090).


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Vonda,P.Acty.JPG (23578 bytes)Continuing with this sad topic ~~~ I shared with you a week or so ago the passing of our friend Vonda Acty.  

I got news from the loved ones of Vonda, who requested that we let you know services will be held for her this Monday, January 24th – 6:00 pm at St. Stephen and Incarnation Episcopal Church, located at 16th and Newton Streets.  The physical address is: 1525 Newton Street, NW, Washington DC (202-232-0900).  The Repast will follow thereafter. 



As I follow the progress of Congress Woman Giffords, I am amazed with her strength, her will to live, and her stunning remarkable recovery.  I understand she is smiling, sitting up, standing, scrolling through her Ipad, and just steadily healing and progressing after being shot through the head on January 8th.  [Amazing huh???]  Her doctors are optimistic that she will make a full recover, and I am confident she will because she is certainly a fighter.  Actually, she is scheduled to leave the hospital today (Friday, January 21st); she is being transferred to a Rehabilitation facility/center in Houston Texas.  Her husband and family are convinced she will be returning home soon and will be back at work.  I pray she continues recovering and healing fully and rapidly.

I must ask what is up with the exiled "Baby Doc" Jean-Claude Duvalier returning to Haiti?  Very disturbing and crazy, huh?.  "

Jean-Claude-Baby-Doc.jpg (34142 bytes)Baby Doc" the former President and brutal dictator of Haiti has been exiled (from Haiti] and have been living in France since 1986.  Surprisingly, recently he returned to Haiti.  I understand though his assets and bank accounts were unfrozen in 2010.  

It's being reported that he was taken into custody by authorities and was questioned, but was later freed.  "Duvalier" stated he intend to stay in Haiti, and will fight to clear his name.  However, I feel he simply saw the turmoil still taking place in Haiti, especially after a year of pure heartache and struggles due to the massive earthquake.  He also saw how most of the citizens are troubled, and are still on their knees trying hard to recover and live from this devastating earthquake.  He further saw the confusion, the corruption, the failed elections and just the absolute travesty taking place in the country.  And he came to the conclusion that this is the perfect time...the perfect opportunity to slip back into the country - his country to "get his" and overall take back what he feels is his rightful place.

What do you think????  Please share your thoughts with me on this issue!



Reggae Star "Buju Banton" (Mark Myrie) Historical Concert


BujuBanton-January2011.jpg (5277 bytes)Mega Reggae icon “Buju Banton” (Mark Anthony Myrie) made history this past weekend.  Yes, he did…Mr. Myrie held the concert of all time in Miami, Florida.  A concert that was very well organized, very well attended, and performances that were passionate and all for the love of Mr. Myrie. 

As you are aware “Buju Banton” was incarcerated in a Tampa jail from December 2009 to November 2010; awaiting his trial for charges brought against him by the U.S. Government specifically for Conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine and aiding two others in possessing a firearm during the course of cocaine distribution.  His trial took place a few months ago in late September 2010, and it resulted in a “hung jury”.  Buju B’s” attorney David Oscar Markus sought bail for the star, and it was granted.  Therefore, “Buju B” was released in November 2010, with restrictions and limited privileges; in fact he was placed on house arrest. 

Buju B’s” second trial is scheduled for February, and in order for him to pay his legal expenses (for this 2nd trial;) his lawyer Mr. Markus filed for permission from the U.S. Federal Court for “Buju B” to hold a concert to raise funds to cover his legal fees.  The court granted permission and “Buju B” along with his “Gargamel Music” held an unforgettable and historical concert this past weekend.

Approximately 10,000 people were in attendance at the Bay front Park Amphitheatre in Downtown Miami Florida this past Sunday; and from all accounts the concert was super awesome.  Every performer was outstanding and includes: his long time friend Wayne Wonder; Legendary musicians and producers Sly and Robbie; super star Shaggy, along with his pal Rayvon; Members of the Marley Family; Everton Blender; super star Sean Paul; Gramps Morgan; Spragga Benz; Michael Rose; Veteran reggae star Freddie McGregor; Nadine Sutherland; Tarrus Riley; and a few Hop Hop artists: DJ Khaleed and Busta Rhymes.

I understand “Buju B” was escorted into the venue by Federal Agents, and when he entered the stage the adoring crowd erupted. “Buju B” who was well dressed delivered approximately 2 hours of pure vibes and at times he was very spiritual.  He sang some of his old songs, and did some new ones from his latest album “Before The Dawn”.  Folks were mesmerized, and “Buju B” seemed to have been transformed to another world as he sang and sang and sang.  His performance was extremely exceptional from all accounts; and the concert overall was very successful, and quite entertaining.  "Buju B" indeed raised quite a bit of funds for his legal fees.  I was told he introduced his attorney to the crowd and thanked him for all his hard work defending him in his devastating case. 

Some of the media folks shared with me their disappointment about only being allowed to film/capture/cover the first song of each artists' performance.  Other than that the evening in lovely and warm Miami was divine, entertaining, successful and exceptional.  May “Buju B” continue to succeed; INDEED THERE IS AN ANGEL WATCHING OVER HIM!!!


As I close, I would like all of you/all of us to keep in our thoughts, and say a prayer for the people of Brazil who are suffering from devastating floods and the loss of many lives.

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Have a great weekend! 

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